ANNOUNCING: 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference – ‘ISRAEL: THE CASE FOR THE DEFENCE,’ London ON, March 21st.

Israel Truth Week logoMany of you followed my 26-day ‘Blue Beret’ vigil during last summer’s ‘Boat to Gaza’ flotilla fiasco.
After reading about the recent intimidation of Jewish students at Western University here in London (Jewish Tribune, Feb 09/12, ‘UWO Students Disrupt Jewish Event’) I – with help from other friends of Israel – have organized a direct response to this outrage via the first ‘Israel Truth Week Conference’ to be held in London on March 21st. to show Jewish students and families that they are not alone, that non-Jews are prepared to stand with them against the incitement and vilification directed towards them, particularly during the so-called ‘Israel Apartheid Week.’
The theme of the conference is…
(PDF) 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference flyer - COLOURA colour e-brochure and a B&W version for printing can be downloaded at the website.
In additon to a field of great presenters, including Rabbi Jonathan Hausman; Dr. Salim Mansur (author of ‘Delectable Lie: A liberal repudiation of multiculturalism); and Rev. Joe Campbell I will be discussing the evidence showing the involvement of anti-Israel groups in supporting the lawlessness during the Caledonia crisis in the context of explaining how our work there led me to begin this project.
Gary McHale will be the keynote speaker for the afternoon session; his talk with be all about how to apply our lessons learned in Caledonia about applying Dr. King’s methods to confronting anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. The Never Again Group’s Stuart Laughton (who spoke at our ‘Caledonia Act’ news conference at Queen’s Park) will also appear.
Sponsors include the International Free Press Society (Canada); and David B. Strutt Photography — operated by the world-class artist who donated his time to create the inspiring Israel Truth Week logo. (Both have come to stand with us in Caledonia.)  The Jewish Defence League of Canada will be providing security services for the event.
Can you help a good friend of Israel?
Our venue is Royal View Church in London, and we are trying to raise $10K to repair the church’s leaking roof. Even if you cannot attend I hope you will consider making a donation of any size to the Royal View roof fund (click on ‘DONATE’ in the upper right corner). Instructions and links are contained in the e-brochure on the website.
Thank you so much for your assistance.
Mark Vandermaas
Why should Caledonians care about Israel?
Why should Jews care about Caledonia?
Mark Vandermaas, 'Blue Beret Vigil,' Day 9, London, Ontario, Canada, July 02/11Aside from the obvious fact that racial policing really should be an obvious ‘common ground’ between Jews and Caledonian,  all you really need to know is that all of the various extremist organizations involved in egging on native militants in Caledonia have one thing in common: they all hate Israel. 
Caledonia is the front line in the struggle against the extreme left who use Palestinian militants as pawns for their own anti-capitalist agenda just as they use Six Nations’ extremists. Yes, that’s a Palestinian flag flying underneath the Mohawk Warrior flag. It was put there May 03/06 by the Niagara Palestinian Association under the watchful eye of Jamila Ghaddar, the McMaster University ‘Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights’ club who would later talk about how, when they were tired they would look up at the flags and think “the wind will carry our colours from Jerusalem to the Grand River”:
Ghaddar would later speak at a Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid event in Toronto — the same nice folks who attended the 2007 Cairo Conference where they met w/Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, to name a few.
So…that’s why we should all care about one another (in case you’re wondering).
If you’d like to know more:
  • ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares’ event, Ottawa, March 22/11: Mark Vandermaas presentation, Part 2 – Caledonia Myths & Policy Issues: Vexatious Land Claims‘ and Caledonia: a National Security Issue [VIDEO #2, 14:50] [PDF, 36p w/citations] (includes info re support fornative militants by radical unionists, anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-Israel groups and terror group supporters)
  • Israel Truth Week feature: About – Mark Vandermaas
Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada (

3 responses to “ANNOUNCING: 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference – ‘ISRAEL: THE CASE FOR THE DEFENCE,’ London ON, March 21st.

  1. As a Jew, I need to say Toda Rabba (Thank you very much)! I’ve family in Israel, I’ve also lost family due to the bombings in Sderot. You are blessed! Torah, in Genesis 12 teaches that HaShem will bless those who bless us. I’ve also many Palestinian friends who have left Palestine because of their own government.
    I’ve tears of pride in because of you, my fellow Canadians standing up for what’s right! Your support of my people, and my homeland (I’m a Canadian born Jew, but my historical and ancestral ties are to the land), is beyond words, Thank you all!

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the kind words and the blessings. I think I need all I can get. :). I’m sorry about your family members. The justification of the use of violence against innocent people as a political tool is a most despicable one indeed, and is a cornerstone of the IAW movement, just as it is when they ‘justify’ the native militants’ violence against the people of Caledonia.

    Now that we’ve commiserated…go out and do something. Organize an anti-IAW event and let’s get it listed at If you’re in the Toronto-London region, plan to come to the Israel Truth Week Conference. Or why don’t you see if your shul will invite me in to speak about ITW? I always like to hear compliments, but the real music to my ears is learning about what others are doing to take a stand. The hour is late and the voices are still too few. This is not a time to be silent. Timid salespeople have skinny kids!

    I understand the love for Israel. I felt it when I was there. It truly is a magical place. If I could live in Canada I think I would love to live in Israel. Can’t wait to go back.

    Shalom. L’Chaim. Tel Hai! Mark

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  3. Stephen Shepherd

    Thanx for do’n what REAL Christians should do, by supporting GOD’S chosen people + GOD’S chosen land! ISRAEL means; GOD’S Fighter! Thanx for bringing forth the TRUTH about the Jewish people+Israel. You are truly a soldier of the GOD of ISRAEL. Shalom, Stephen Shepherd, Windsor,On.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the compliments, but I’m no one special, just a guy who got mad at the lies being used to justify violence against innocent people. Regards, Mark