The Tiresome Mr. McHale – by ‘PUBLIUS’

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‘The Tiresome Mr. McHale

by ‘Publius (photos added by VoC)

[…] “More of Gary’s same ol’ s— — at least it keeps him busy!!” Willett’s e-mail says. McHale said he believes the e-mail was in reply to the invitation he had extended to PC Leader Tim Hudak to join him in Caledonia.

[…] The Hudak Tories have been as silent as the tomb on Caledonia. John Tory, whilst party leader, at least attempted to show concern. Being a very cautious and unimaginative pol, Tim Hudak has stayed away from the issue. In fairness to Toby Barrett, he’s stuck his neck out a bit over Caledonia. That’s one of the tragedies of Caledonia. Simple decency is now a brave thing.

Why Caledonia still matters, even six years after the Douglas Creek Estates were occupied, is not what happened that day or in the months that followed. It’s more than the beating of Sam Gualtieri, or the destruction of a hydro transformer. No it’s the response of the authorities, or more correctly the lack thereof. Crime happens, that’s an unavoidable part of life. That’s why we have a justice system. When basic laws are not enforced there is a crime greater than the mere offence in question.

120218 Gary McHale on DCE - Moment of Reflection

Behind all the actions and inactions of the OPP, the media and the courts is this simple idea: racism. From the Premier of Ontario down to the cop on the Caledonia beat, they are all afraid of being called racist. This is the power of ideas, especially bad ideas, in action. A powerful modern government, which does not hesitate to arrest a man for a child’s drawing, cowering in terror before thugs from a racial minority. Leviathan frightened by a politically correct mouse.

That’s why Gary McHale needs to keep up his “ol’ s__t” for the foreseeable future.


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