SUN TV’s Michael Coren re Israel Truth Week vs. IAW: “The resistance has begun!”

120307 SUN TV, 'Israel Truth Week': Michael Coren-Mark Vandermaas-Stuart Laughton

You won’t hear these slogan-soundbites in the video below because SUN TV host Michael Coren was using them as audience teasers during segment breaks on tonight’s show:

“Israel Apartheid Week?
The resistance has begun!”

“Israel Apartheid Week:
Some normal people are saying NO.”

(About Vandermaas & Laughton):
They’re not Jewish. Just fair.”

120307 SUN TV, Michael Coren show: Mark Vandermaas- 'Israel Truth Week'

“In response to ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’, Mark Vandermaas
and Stuart Laughton have responded by promoting ‘Israel Truth Week’.”

SUN News TV, ‘The Arena’ w/Michael Coren, March 07/12:
‘Israel Truth Week’ [VIDEO, 9:33]

HAMILTON ANTI-IAW RESISTANCE BEGINS MARCH 20TH! The Never Again Group is hosting its own anti-IAW resistance event on March 20/12 at McMaster University in Hamilton, the day before the Israel Truth Week Conference in London. Details on both events here.

120307 SUN TV, Michael Coren show: Stuart Laughton

Many thanks to Stuart Laughton and the Never Again Group. Stuart was also one of the speakers at our ‘Caledonia Act’ news conference in the Ontario Queen’s Park Legislature Media Studio:

A SUN hat-trick!

Peter Worthington - TORONTO SUN PHOTOSUN News- Ezra LevantWhile Stuart and I were waiting in makeup to be taken into the studio we were thrilled when Ezra Levant stopped by for a few minutes to chat and thank us for coming. But, the SUN hat-trick was complete when I ran into the legendary Toronto SUN founder Peter Worthington quite by happenstance when I got lost looking for the washroom, and finally got the chance to introduce myself to one of my heroes.

Interestingly, it was Peter Worthington who wrote about the failure of the London Free Press to cover my London-based Blue Beret vigil last year:

  • Toronto Sun (Peter Worthington), July 06/11: Flotilla should stay docked [PDF]

When we stepped outside after it was all over, it felt like Spring as the sun shone on us.

A wonderful day in the SUN indeed.

2012 Israel Truth Week Conference, London ON, March 21/12 References

Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada

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  1. Love you guys & the great work you are doing !
    Avid follower of SUN Media ,Jihad Watch & UN Watch !

    I am also not Jewish but support Israel !

    Thanks again for your great work !