SUN TV: ‘The Caledonia Crusader’ talks about racist Supreme Court decision; then heads to Israel Consulate to stand with Jewish Defence League

120330 McHale-Weinstein-Kinrade JDL Israel Consulate GM2J - MarkV

120330 Gary McHale (CANACE) - Meir Weinstein (Jewish Defence League)- Merlyn Kinrade (CANACE), JDL protest at Israel Consulate v. GM2J

Gary McHale – ‘The Caledonia Crusader’ – appeared on the Brian Lilley Show yesterday with David Menzies to talk about the racist decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to devalue the lives of victims of crime – native and non-Native –  when they and their communities are victimized by repeat native offenders.

After taping the show earlier in the day at the SUN studio in Toronto Gary and Christine McHale, along with Caledonia hero Merlyn Kinrade (all of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality – CANACE); Mark Vandermaas (Israel Truth Week/Caledonia Victims Project); Al Gretzky & Mary Lou Ambrogio (International Free Press Society); and members of the Hamilton-based Never Again Group spent the rest of the day at the Israel Consulate on Bloor Street to support the Jewish Defence League’s call to rally against planned protests by anti-Semitic forces  in connection with the so-called, ‘Global March to Jerusalem.’

If you’d like to know some basic facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict without all the hype, please visit this page:

I think you will be shocked at what the anti-Israel crowd isn’t telling you.


Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project
Founder, Israel Truth Week



One response to “SUN TV: ‘The Caledonia Crusader’ talks about racist Supreme Court decision; then heads to Israel Consulate to stand with Jewish Defence League

  1. Sun News is a Godsend in breaking the politically correct censorship inherent in Canadian media. Gary made some very important things public. I have stated here and elsewhere many times that the reason Caledonia has race based policing is because since 1982 we have had a codified multi-tier justice system. This is the result of Charter section 15 which provides courts with a puzzle wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Section 15 (1) states all are equal before the law, section 15(2) says – except these enumerated minorities defined by race, ethnicity, sex etc. Taken together section 15(1+2) presents a glaring conflict of logic and morality – we are all equal except these enumerated minorities who need extra court/government help because they are inherently wretched due to their race/ethnicity/gender etc. Not only is this a conflict in logic and legal reason but it is overtly racist/bigoted (the bigotry of lowered expectation).

    We can rail against the unjust inequity of the courts and the inherent race based justice they dispense, but nothing will change until parliament, our politicians and the nattering classes are made to realize the grotesque injustice and bigotry Charter section 15 represents – and change it.

    Gary is quite correct that the reasoning that cobbled out section 15 is quite illogical – it is – it is illogical to assume people are too handicapped by their race or ethnicity to compete on an equal footing with everyone else, that they are so wretched we can’t expect them to be responsible for their own actions and choices – this is illogical – bigotry is illogical. Bigotry and racism engaged in for the best of intentions is still an abomination of the law. Our nation’ rule of law is abominable and it is evident to anyone with a moral compass and any sense of justice. The law, as Blackstone said , is the great “leveler” the thing that makes us all equal. To unbalance the scales of justice with unreasoning biases is to pervert justice. Justice corrupted is justice denied. Time to remove illogic from legal thinking.