Dear Caledonia residents – about Tom Keefer & tomorrow’s takeover of Caledonia’s streets by Marxists, radical unionists, anarchists, terror group sympathizers and anti-Israel groups

100328 Tom Keefer, CUPE 3903 disrupts CANACE Anti-Racism Rally

100328 Tom Keefer, CUPE 3903 disrupts CANACE Anti-Racism Rally

Earlier today I sent out the following email to my Caledonia mailing list:


Dear Caledonia residents:

For 5+ years I have been proud to have worked with a small group of people who have done our best to document the crimes committed by both the police and native militants in your town as well as help you understand the role of the non-native radicals who have used native people as proxies for their own anti-capitalist, anarchist agenda. Tomorrow the people who terrorized your town and those who supported them will march in a propaganda effort to convince the victims they created to submit to their twisted logic that you were responsible for the violence against you and your town.
100411 Tom Keefer, CUPE 3903 talks to media in support of illegal smoke shack in Caledonia at Doug Fleming protest We are intimately acquainted with Mr. Keefer and his gang of anarchists, Marxists, radical unionists, and anti-Israel groups who have been supporting the lawlessness in Caledonia since nearly the beginning. They have consistently mounted vicious smear attacks against us for daring to peacefully and lawfully speak out for both the native and non-native victims they helped create, and would prefer to ignore.  
Here are some facts about Mr. Keefer, land claims and the groups he supports:
1. Tom Keefer’s flyer: info re our march onto DCE is WRONG:
I will provide some references below for you to judge Keefer and the validity of the other claims in the flyer he paid to have delivered to your homes, but let me first point out that he can’t even get the most basic facts right about the main ‘reason’ he offers for shutting down Caledonia tomorrow.
He claims that “on February 19, 2012, Gary McHale…marched onto the reclamation site” and the next day a young man tried to commit suicide by driving a car into the house on DCE. In fact, our march onto DCE occurred on Feb 18th, not the 19th. Here is one of the articles I wrote about the day:
Either they don’t even know the date, or they’re lying? Why?  
2. In 2009 Six Nations Councillor Helen Miller condemned the very groups & individuals Tom Keefer supports, saying they don’t speak for Six Nations and, in 2011 she told her community to stop blaming colonization & residential schools: 
3. References re land claims & Tom Keefer’s gang of Marxists, anarchists, radical unionists, Palestinian groups and other anti-Israel groups
  • VIDEO: Mark Vandermaas – Part 2 [VIDEO, 14:50] (‘Vexatious Land Claims‘ & ‘Caledonia: A National Security Issue‘) [NOTES w/citations: PDF]
  • NOTES for Mark Vandermaas speech at 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference – ‘Israel Truth Week: Born of Nazi-occupied Holland and the Caledonia Crisis’) [PDF]
  • VIDEO:  Gary McHale speech at 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference – Dr. King’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’: A Blueprint for Victory Over Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism’  [VIDEO, 39.42; NOTES, 15p] – Gary talks about how the lawyer for the Mohawk Warriors is the lawyer for Hezbollah terror group.
  • VoiceofCanada; Caledonia Players: Tom Keefer & CUPE 3903
4. Real Solutions:
120421 Sign carried by CANACE/Caledonia Victims Project supporters during DCE protest. CLICK FOR PDFThere is only one true path to healing and reconciliation: Truth, Justice and Apologies from Six Nations, the OPP and the Ontario government, a path that I and my associates have been pursuing for 5 years, peacefully and legally, as we have done our imperfect best to apply the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King to the best of our abilities:
Diagram - Reconciliation: the CANACE path, Aug 07-08 800px. Prepared by Mark Vandermaas for presentation to Brantford Council, Sept 2008. Click to enlarge.
  • CANACE diagram, Aug 07/08: Reconciliation: The CANACE Path [PDF]
110327 Truth & Reconciliation monument showing '6N' (SIX NATIONS) APOLOGY
Here is a video of Tom Keefer and his associates at an anarchist conference talking about how they have to find a way to counter our application of Dr. King’s techniques because WE are making THEM look like racists:
  • 2nd North American ANARCHIST Studies Network Conference, Jan 16/11: Anti-Colonial Anarchism & Indigenous Resistance Part 1 [VIDEO, 14:06] 
    110327 Occupiers steal & burn Truth & Reconciliation monument & Cdn flagKate Milley from CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group (very active in Caledonia since approx May 2006) speaks about how we are creating relationships with “pro-Israel” groups, and the importance of countering our application of Dr. King’s lessons to confront native extremists and supporters and portray them as the true racists and victimizers of innocents. She also explains her ‘logic’ that Caledonia victims are the true aggressors because of their “white settler” status. Tom Keefer sits beside her on the right. He also speaks in another video]
I hope these references help you make a decision as to whether the people organizing tomorrow’s protest can be believed when they claim to want peace and reconciliation.
Finally: Please do not be tempted to use violence or angry words against the marchers tomorrow. It has never been the policy of the people I work with to mount ‘counter-protests’ even though Keefer and his native radical associates have constantly done their best to intimidate us and interfere with our rights, so I will not be in Caledonia tomorrow.
Mark Vandermaas




Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project

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  1. I wish I could be there to support you but you will all be in my thoughts. I am well aware of the double standard used by natives and the left to measure reality. I have family who live on reserves and pay many fees for services which they don’t get and are not allowed to use the services that are available to everyone else. In addition,their taxes and ours, pay for the whole place to start with.