Vandermaas email to OPP officer re April 21 DCE rally before two ‘breach of peace’ arrests

120421 Sign carried by Mark Vandermaas & other anti-violence/racism protesters onto occupied Douglas Creek Estates, CaledoniaOn April 18/12 an officer from the plain-clothed OPP ‘Provincial Liaison Team’ sent me an email politely inquiring as to what day we would be holding our planned march onto the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia. Gary McHale had refused to disclose the information, and she was hoping I would. I wrote back to her on April 19 explaining why I would not do so. The email is below. But, before we get there…

120421 CANACE/Caledonia Victims Project supporters on Douglas Creek Estates, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

Mark Vandermaas – arrested for being the victim of an assault by a native radical

Keep in mind while reading my message to her that just two days later, on April 21/12, she and her OPP partner (wearing blue/black jackets in photo below) would watch a native occupier (red hat, sunglasses, dark coat) chase after me and assault me by blocking my path and chest-butting me as I carried a sign saying ‘HEALING BEGINS WITH APOLOGIES.’

120421 Mohawk Warrior Ken Greene (red hat, sunglasses, dark coat) starts off after Mark Vandermaas as two OPP officers (blue/black coats) watch, Douglas Creek Estates 'no-go zone,' Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE MCHALE

120421 Mohawk Warrior Ken Greene blocks Mark Vandermaas & chest butts him as two OPP officers (uniformed & plainclothes (blue/black coat)) watch, Douglas Creek Estates 'no-go zone,' Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE MCHALE

They would say nothing while I, the victim, was then arrested for ‘breaching the peace’ and placed in a paddy wagon for two hours without water or a bathroom with my hands cuffed behind my back. You can tell from the expression on my face that even after 5 years of this nonsense I couldn’t believe the OPP made this oh-so-obvious race-based arrest (neither could Al Gretzky of the International Free Press Society who had made the trip to London to support the protest). On my way to the paddy wagon I asked the officers how they could bear to even look at themselves in the mirror in the morning:

120421 Mark Vandermaas is arrested after being assaulted by Mohawk Warrior Ken Greene on Douglas Creek Estates 'no-go zone,' Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE MCHALE

After having arrested his victim, the OPP deal firmly with the man who assaulted me by…allowing him to go back to drinking his coffee:

120421 Mohawk Warrior Ken Greene goes back to drinking coffee after assaulting Mark Vandermaas who has been arrested for 'breach of the peace' on Douglas Creek Estates 'no-go zone,' Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE MCHALE

As a trivia note, the man who assaulted me is the same man tearing apart a Canadian flag in this photo from the earlier days of Caledonia’s shameful history of victimization. Note his Mohawk Warriors hat. He also has a history of violence and intimidation in Caledonia. Is it any wonder the OPP decided to arrest me rather than him?

120421 CANACE videographer Jeff Parkinson is arrested after asking OPP site commander for officers' badge numbers

Jeff Parkinson – arrested for asking how to obtain OPP officers’ badge numbers

CANACE’s videographer Jeff Parkinson was arrested shortly after me for daring to ask the OPP site commander how he could get officers’ badge numbers.

Sadly, I only wish I was making all this up. Watch the videos here:

Ironically, just 2 days later I participated in the candle lighting ceremony at the 2012 National Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony in Ottawa by the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem as an honour for bringing a busload of people to the event:

On April 24/12, 5 days after I sent the email below to this officer, the OPP did something they had not done in a very long time; they charged several of the native occupiers who had assaulted OPP officers on Feb 18/12 during our historic march onto DCE.

This fact will become relevant as you read on…



April 19/12

Dear Officer XXXXX,

120421 OPP arrest Mark Vandermaas, Caledonia Victims ProjectThanks for the inquiry; I appreciate your respectful tone so, in that spirit here are my thoughts. They are not directed at you personally, but rather the OPP. Please keep in mind that I have no fiduciary relationship with Gary so I cannot speak for him:

1. Gary is the primary organizer of the rally and I am cooperating with him. If he wants to share information with you that is up to him.

120421 OPP officer carries Mark Vandermaas's sign, 'HEALING BEGINS WITH APOLOGIES' after he is arrested for 'breach of the peace' after being victim of assault by native occupier2. I reserve the right to walk down the road through DCE unmolested any day and at any time of my choosing without notice to anyone.

3. As a former member of the Cdn Forces who was taught that I have a duty to disobey illegal orders I have been very critical of the willingness of individual officers to continually obey orders to conduct racial policing. I am not unmindful, however, of the fact 120421 flags of Six Nations and Mohawk Warrior organized crime group fly on racially-segregated Douglas Creek Estates, Caledonia, Ontario, Canadathat Karl Walsh, by virtue of his cooperation and candor with Christie Blatchford in confirming its existence, redeemed (in a sense) his officers to a degree. I am not unmindful of the fact that officers did effect an historical arrest on DCE during our last visit when you were present.

But, I am also mindful that you are still very much enforcing arrest-by-race policies. When faced with the choice of arresting native people who assaulted us and assaulted your officers, you made a wilful choice to arrest an innocent Gary McHale instead of the perpetrators. It was outrageous. Not once in the 5+ years that I have been involved in Caledonia has the OPP arrested a single native person for breach of the peace despite their outrageous behaviour towards us and towards officers. You only arrest non-natives. This is no accident, this can only be the result of illegal, top-down orders.

I don’t think you understand just how distressing it is to this former soldier who once wore my country’s uniform to know that the guardians of the rule of law in my country believe it is acceptable to follow orders that allow a particular race of people to assault them without consequence. No one should be allowed to lay their hands on a police officer. It disgusts me, and it frightens me to think of where your example will lead in the long run if it goes unopposed.

120421 Welts on Mark Vandermaas' wrist after being cuffed w/hands behind his back for 2+ hours in paddy wagonYou have taught us for 5 years that you cannot be trusted to protect us from the radicals. You have taught us that you will make sure the radicals know our plans and will be enabled by you to interfere with our rights.You have taught us that we, as victims, will be arrested despite having committed no crime. You have taught us that police officers can be assaulted and threatened without consequence – so long as the perpetrators have the ‘correct’ DNA in their bloodstream.

You have taught us that the only way for us to freely exercise our right to demand an end to the racist policies you follow is not to tell you our plans.

4. Having said this, if you were to notify me in writing that the OPP are aware of specific threats against our safety that are so serious that the force is incapable of protecting us while we exercise our right to walk down a road, then I would certainly discuss that with Gary and consider notifying the public of the extreme danger posed by the occupiers and their supporters.

120423 Welts on Mark Vandermaas' wrist after being cuffed for 2+ hours in paddy wagon.5. From my perspective these protests will continue and become more frequent until the OPP, the Ontario government and Six Nations make the inevitable decision to help promote truth and reconciliation by admitting what they did in Caledonia was wrong, apologize for it and institute policy changes to prevent it from happening again. Until that happens we are stuck in a dance with an emperor with no clothes: you will continue to pretend you did/are doing nothing wrong and we will continue to go to jail. For as long as it takes. We have no time limits for this struggle. It will continue until racial policing is dead.

6. When you get serious about ending racial policing I’m ready to help any way I can. In the meantime, I regret that I cannot disclose anything about this rally to you. Please feel free to contact Gary to see if he is willing to do so.

Thank you for listening.


Mark Vandermaas


The picture below is of Jeff Parkinson (L) and me after our release from custody on April 21/12:

120421 CANACE co-founder/videographer Jeff Parkinson & Caledonia Victims Project founder Mark Vandermaas following their release from custody at the OPP Haldimand Detachment, Cayuga, Ontario Canada

Not ‘sufficient evidence’ to charge the man who assaulted me

I filed a complaint with the OPP after my release about the assault. Later that night there was a message from the detective who informed me he had interviewed the officers and found there was “insufficient evidence” to lay a charge against my attacker.

OPP make arrests for assaults on officers Feb 18/12

On April 24th, 5 days after I expressed my disgust at their willingness to allow native thugs to assault police officers, the OPP announced the arrest of some of those who had allegedly assaulted them on Feb 18/12.

That day they had released the attackers and then arrested Gary McHale despite him having committed no crime. (They also made an historic arrest of a native woman who attempted to attack Gary McHale with a pipe. Her name is also included in the OPP release even though she was arrested at the time of the crime while on DCE.)

It’s rather amusing, but very illustrative, to read the news release and realize that the OPP deliberately misled the public by not mentioning that the assaults against their officers occurred on the Douglas Creek Estates occupation site.

I am not naive enough to believe that the OPP suddenly made arrests because my email shamed them into it; rather, I suspect that they were timed to send a message to CUPE 3903’s Tom Keefer and native militants about their planned takeover of Caledonia’s streets tomorrow by his Marxist, unionist, anarchist, anti-Israel, anti-capitalist fellow travellers.

So, we move forward two steps, and back one, but the struggle to end racial policing continues forward to its inevitable conclusion.


Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project

One response to “Vandermaas email to OPP officer re April 21 DCE rally before two ‘breach of peace’ arrests

  1. Mark.

    I would like to commend you, Gary and everyone else who has put in such an effort, at great personal risk and cost to keep this situation in the public eye.

    The action of individual OPP officers can not be explained by any oath of office or order they have been given. To obey a lawful order, it first must be lawful. I do not want to promote violence, but the OPP must remember that one of the facts in issue in a assault to resist arrest trial is that the original arrest was lawful in the first place.

    I am of the opinion that (S/Sgt.) Richard ZUPANCIC #6379 was in violation of section 81(1)(b) of the Police Services Act on April 21.2012. I would encourage anyone who was present at that incident and witnessed it to launch an official complaint with OIPRD. At the very least this will force the individual officers to spend the time explaining there actions, and responding to the complaint.

    Until individual officer are held to account for obeying unlawful orders. These acts will continue.

    VoC REPLY: I suspect there will be complaints filed about these arrests and about those of the Caledonia 8 on Dec 03/11. Both my arrest and Jeff’s on the 21st were outrageous. Thanks for writing. Mark