A Canadian Perspective on President Elect Trump and ‘THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS’

trump-portrait-for-facebook-w-sealUPDATE: As if on cue, one day after first publishing a version of this story on Facebook, Canada’s National Post has teamed up with the Washington Post (check out the byline in the NP story linked to below) to smear Donald Trump and his supporters as KKK white supremacists on Remembrance Day:

Dear NP/WP: I’m a Trump supporter, and I’m also a (Canadian) veteran, as are hundreds of thousands of others so…many thanks to you biased hacks for your filthy accusation of being white supremacists on ‘our’ day. Much appreciated because it proves what we’ve been saying from day one: Mainstream Media have abandoned all pretence at telling truths.

Don’t tell me you were just ‘reporting a story’: your goal was to get ‘Trump’ and ‘KKK’ into a headline to link the two where was no link. Been there, been victimized by that before, so I know your sleazy tactics. (It took 4 separate lawsuits from four of us to get an apology and two 1000 word op-eds in two editions of the Six Nations’ Tekawanake News for doing something very similar to us.)

For readers tempted to believe the attempts by these two ‘news’ outlets to link Trump and the KKK, you should know–as the writers of the piece undoubtedly do, too–that the KKK was a ‘Democratic’ Party creation, the same party that fought bitterly against the new abolitionist Republican Party created to end slavery. I highly recommend you either watch Dinesh D’Souza’s stunning documentary, Hillary’s America or review the extensive evidence found on his website:

You could watch this to start with:

Again, I thank the National Post and Washington Post for showing just how low liberal ‘reporting’ can go: lower than rats eating garbage at the bottom of a landfill. And you wonder why we hate you. Well, let me tell you just how much…

A Canadian Perspective on President Elect Trump and THE ‘LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS’

I said from the beginning that Trump’s greatest contribution to freedom may well be the forcing of today’s lying, racist, elitist, bigoted, liberal, colluding hacks masking as ‘reporters’ to once again embrace the noble profession of ‘journalism.’ And I was right. The ‘mainstream’ media’s greatest gift to us during the past year has been the pleasure of watching them destroy much of their dwindling credibility in spectacular fashion. Heck, the idiots at Newsweek even had a commemorative issue for Clinton’s ‘win’ printed and distributed in advance. Really.

For a year I listened to our lying Canadian media who obviously got their lies from American lying media. I can’t recall a single time when I heard a positive story about Trump. Canadian media simply repeated the discredited and biased stories from their lying American counterparts. I doubt that even one of them had actually listened to any of Trump’s speeches such as the one he gave before members of a black Detroit church honoured him by placing a very special Jewish prayer shawl on his shoulders:

Or the moving call to justice and action given by the Republican V.P. of the MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) Society at a Texas rally for Trump:

Even the usually even-keeled and fair Andy Oudman on AM1290 London (Ontario, Canada) suffered from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). It was sad to listen to him tell how every day he got up and watched the CNN liars who colluded with the most evil candidate in US presidential history so he would know what to tell us. Well, of course, he didn’t tell us the collusion part…because he didn’t know that part because he was trusting THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS. And he, of all people, should know better. That was Andy’s source: liars proven by WikiLeaks to be in the bag for another liar and crook who got 4 brave people killed in Libya because she wouldn’t protect them before, during or after the slaughter: despicably lying to the families of the dead. That was Andy’s source, and it was bloody sad, bloody frustrating, and bloody scary because I was raised to believe that journalists were the ‘watchdogs’ of democracy.’ Watchdogs? Lapdogs…with very, very few exceptions like Sean Hannity of Fox News in the U.S. and Rebel Media in Canada.

If I sound cynical, it’s because I am. When the government of Ontario, Canada allowed the Ontario Provincial Police to replace the Police Services Act, the Human Rights Code and the Charter of Rights with an illegal ‘peacekeeping’ mission in Caledonia, not one single Canadian hack masquerading as a journalist bothered to ask: Why do Canadians need a peacekeeping mission, and who has the legal authority to replace our rights with one, especially in peacetime? When we went to the Queen’s Park Media Studio to expose the Ipperwash Inquiry as a racist fraud by releasing the 400 pages of documents from our Ipperwash Papers project that never made it into the inquiry, not one of the LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS bothered to write about it. (Years later, Andy Oudman would have me in studio to do several hours on his call-in show on the subject, which is why I was so disappointed in his treatment of Trump.)

After a 14 year old girl who had to take meds and go to counselling in order to cope with the terrorization of her town told her story at one of our rallies, she ran crying into my arms while THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS rushed over…to completely ignore her to instead crowd around the native ringleader of the town’s lawlessness to ask him what he thought. Heartbreaking, but typical. Political correctness at its sickest. They didn’t give a damn about a young white girl and her victimization; they wanted to give air time to the native guy who helped terrorize her and the town.

The heroes of this US election were the citizen journalists like James O’Keefe of Project Veritas whose complex, year-long undercover work exposed the illegal connections between the DNC and ‘Democratic’ black ops groups who committed voter fraud and paid homeless people, agitators and the mentally ill to bring violence to Donald J. Trump rallies so he could be blamed.

And so Trump was blamed for the violence…not only by THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS, but by other candidates within his own party who cowered instead of standing with him against the evil Marxist horde of ‘Democratic’ Party thugs, paid (yes, paid!) to attack police and innocents (Cruz’s cowardice and opportunism in joining the media liars in condemning Trump was the moment he disqualified himself as presidential material for me and many others).

The most pathetic thing I saw during the election were THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS, lacking any sense of self-awareness, whining about people booing them at Trump rallies. I was at one of those rallies in Sterling Heights, Michigan on Nov 06/16 with 8,999 other racist white supremacist irredeemable deplorable kitten-eating monsters, and I was one of those yelling, ‘CNN SUCKS!’ Because they do, and they deserve to be called out for it.

Make no mistake about it: Our job is to finish the fine work of THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS and destroy the rest of the tatters of their credibility. Boycott their advertisers. Ridicule them on and off line. Refuse to talk to them unless it’s live or a written response. Look for alternative media like Breitbart.com. The best tweet I’ve seen on the subject was by Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars.com who said to his 340,000 followers, ‘I rejected 3 interviews with big mainstream networks to make this video [mocking shocked Hillary supporters] instead. Because f**k the mainstream media.’

Trump’s win and the defence of America against the radical Marxists/Alinskyites who came THIS close to taking her down was only possible because ‘ordinary’ heroes like Watson and —millions of others—did what THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS refused to do. They dug through the Wikileaks emails and operated hidden cameras and did real, honest fact-checking to expose the lies. They made videos and stunning documentaries like Clinton Cash that shocked the conscience against the Clintons and their pay-to-play corruption. Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America reminded the world that the ‘Democratic’ Party is the Party of Slavery and the Ku Klux Klan, that the Republican Party was formed to fight slavery, and that it was the party of Abraham Lincoln who freed blacks from their chains. The party of the next president.

In the end, America was saved because one imperfect man named Donald John Trump  stood against the hurricane of lies and corruption of Clinton and her greatest allies—THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS—and inspired tens of millions to believe in him and his vision of freedom. THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS weren’t part of the problem. They were–and are–the problem. And they are going to get someone killed if they don’t stop feeding the frenzy of anti-Trump hysteria. People are already getting hurt, like this poor little kid abused by his tolerant liberal Clinton-voting mother, and this white Trump supporter beaten by a gang of blacks (won’t see it on CNN; only if the victim was black and the thugs were white Trumpers).

Can THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS reform their pathetic profession? Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it. CNN really does suck, and they, and their lying, biased compatriots should have no place in the White House until they do. America, hell, the world…deserves to have truthtellers—not colluding hacks—on the grounds of the seat of world freedom: patriots like Ann CoulterJames O’Keefe, Bill Mitchell, Linda Suhler, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo YiannopolousSean Hannity and everyone else who fought back, not only against THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS, but also Facebook, Twitter and Google’s scheming manipulations in favour of Crooked Hillary.

Long live the citizen journalist—the true Watchdog of Democracy. My dear American cousins: your forefathers would be so proud of you patriots. I know I am.

UPDATE: The New York Times has apologized for their coverage of Donald Trump…sort of. Way too little, way too late for me.

UPDATE: Michael Moore, darling of the leftists blows up the ‘Trump supporters are racists’ narrative: ‘They’re NOT racists.‘ He also predicted the Trump victory in dramatic and vulgar fashion:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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