1 Trump supporter vs. 400 feminists at Women’s (anti-Trump) March, London, Ontario

UPDATED: On January 21/17 I took an official Trump/Pence lawn sign to the London, Ontario version of the ‘Women’s March’ and stood across the street from 400 feminists. The sign was the last of 4 I picked up at a GOP office in Detroit, 3 of which were stolen off my front lawn on Nov 8 by a tolerant liberal.

161107-london-cda-trumpsigns1My goal was to create media opportunites to expose the hypocrisy of the left’s criticism of Trump while completely ignoring Clinton’s acceptance of money from countries like Saudi Arabia that treat women like dogs.

Success! I did 4 interviews by London radio, newspaper and TV reporters. In addition to the usual name calling, one of the more tolerant, liberal feminists actually grabbed and stole my sign during his TV interview! So, not only did I expose the hypocrisy of the left, I exposed their intimidation tactics that no true conservative would use.

The lesson: Just one person can make a difference. You don’t have to have hundreds or even dozens of people to take on the alt-left haters. Just do something. Whatever you can afford to do with what you have. Let us be silent no longer!

Nothing says, ‘Respect me as a woman like wearing a pink ‘pussy’ hat… 


…or a huge vagina!

You’ll notice women (there were men, too!) wearing pink ‘pussy’ hats; their term not mine. At the Washington, DC march, some women were wearing huge vaginas. Really. You just can’t make this stuff up; the lefties are getting nuttier and nuttier, and that’s a big reason they lost the last U.S. election: people are fed up with their ridiculous antics.

Feminists may not respect their own dignity, but they really respect the environment

When they were done smearing Trump and talking about blowing up the Whitehouse, these tolerant liberal feminists left their garbage for others to clean after them. The left-wing ‘fact’ checker Snopes shows the garbage, then goes on to put it ‘in context’ for us: “The signs in the picture weren’t just tossed willy-nilly onto the ground; they were deliberately abandoned at that location–outside one of the entrances to the Trump International Hotel in Washington — as part of the protest.

Oh, well then. I guess that’s OK. As long as the garbage was placed deliberately as part of a protest. To think that this liberal apologist outfit is being used by Facebook to police ‘fake news!’


  • London Free Press, Dale Carruthers, Jan 21/17: London demonstration: Hundreds attend women’s rights rally in Victoria Park “A self-described Trump supporter carrying a campaign sign debated with some of the demonstrators. While the man was speaking to a television reporter, someone snatched his sign.” Notice, of course, that the fake news media didn’t convey my point about the hypocrisy of the rally.
  • CTV News London, Jan 21/17: Big turnout for womens march in downtown London Video shows my Trump sign being snatched from my hand, but doesn’t show my remarks about the hypocrisy of protesting Trump after remaining silent about Clinton’s Islamo-dollars. Article says only, “There was also a Trump supporter in the crowd, who was carrying a Trump/Pence campaign sign. Somebody pulled it from his hands.

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas, Editor
VoiceofCanada  info@voiceofcanada.ca


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