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Caledonia photos 

Let us all come together as Canadians to affirm the Rule of Law and equality before that law and do whatever is necessary so that no town in Ontario or Canada will ever have to live through this again…

110327 OPP watch monument destroyed 6N flags inserted      Sachem-Dring Randy Fleming May24-09  jeffparkinson-dec01-07.jpg  gary_hospital-dec01-07-small.jpg  attackmchale_dec01-07.jpg  t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpg  usflag_on_home1.jpegsam-gualtieri-stirling-assault0001.jpg  samgualtieri-sm.jpg  caledoniaaug10-07_kkkanada_not-terrorists.jpg  garbag11.jpe  nov207.jpg ch-news-jan10-07-native-throwing-canadian-flag-on-ground-owned-by-chris-syrie.JPG warrior2.jpg patrol1.jpe openroad.jpg nazi.jpe burning.jpe blockade_april20-06.jpegcaledonia-palestinian-flag.jpeg puppets-with-badges.jpg picture-worth-a-thousand-words.jpg march-for-freedom-caledonia-dec-16-06-001.jpg march-for-freedom-caledonia-dec-16-06-005.jpg march-for-freedom-caledonia-dec-16-06-002.jpg caledonia_stirilingst-bridge_april20-06.jpeg march_for_freedom_oct15-06-048.jpg caledonia_cdn-flag.jpeg aftercar.jpg barricade1.jpg bridge-fire2.JPG bridge-fire3.JPG bridge-fire4.jpg bridge-fire5.jpg car.jpg fire1.JPG fire3.jpg fire5.jpg fire-bridge.jpg firehydro.jpg flag1.JPG ipperwash.JPG opp.jpg flagdestroy2.JPG power2.jpg power4.jpg raodfire2.jpg road-barr4.jpg road-barr6.jpg road-dug-up.jpg roadblocked.jpg roadbarr1.jpg roadbarr2.jpg roadbarr3.jpg roadfire1.jpg sxnbarricade.jpg they_want_war.jpg warrior.jpg warrior31.jpg warrior4.jpg caledonia_may22-06_transformer2.gif bring_in_army_sign.jpeg dianewhere.jpeg dummies_2tierpolicing.jpeg nativeracism2.jpeg brantford_oct05-06-002.jpg 

7 responses to “Caledonia Photos

  1. This is absolutely disgusting. To think, half the people responsible for the above actions are walking free with the rest of us. Very childish behavior. So typical though.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Dane! It is disgusting, isn’t it? What’s even more disgusting is the supporters of the Douglas Creek criminals who try to justify it. As I said in my ‘Blue Beret’ speech on Sunday, Jan 20/07, “It seems a most peculiar argument to me that one can try to rectify injustice by bringing it upon others.”

    The most disgusting thing of all is that OPP officers who were supposed to protect the people of both Ipperwash and Caledonia stood by and watched. I don’t even have photos of the day that the old people were swarmed in their car and the CHTV camera crew was assaulted while officers stood by, but you can read about it in the Class Action Statement of Claim (link at top of page).

    Just for laughs, enlarge (click on it) the photo of the guy throwing a pallet from a bridge onto the roadway below (top, left). Sure looks like an OPP cruiser at the end of the bridge to me. What’s very interesting about this photo and some of the others is that they were very clearly taken with the permission of the criminals who were obviously very proud of their crimes and wanted to have souvenirs. Sick, but lucky for us.

    You don’t even have to enlarge the photo of the 15 or so OPP cruisers lined up while the criminals dug up the road after they had already blocked it. Where were they? In Tim Hortons?

    But…let me tell you the most disgusting thing of all! While we were peacefully protesting last Sunday, OPP Commissioner Fantino was meeting with these criminals and/or their supporters on the stolen Douglas Creek Estates telling them how he was going to protect them from US!

    “Fantino, who met with Six Nations residents at the occupation site Saturday and assured them police would handle the demonstration, reserved his harshest words for the out-of-town activists who descended on Caledonia.

    “We’re prepared to deal with these people in a way that we will preserve public safety . . . and officer safety,” Fantino said from an old schoolhouse on the outskirts of town that serves as a police command centre.

    “All of this is so counterproductive . . . we wish they would just stay home.”

    There can be no more Caledonias or Ipperwash’s. Done. Finished. End of story. Thanks for the comment, Dane. Regards, Mark

  2. Absolute goons. Just wait till all of Canada realizes what has gone on here. It’s utterly mind boggling. There is going to be such a backlash against the natives which is unfortunate for the peaceful ones who actually care about Mother Earth. Fires are great for that.

    Great website if it wasn’t for you and the others many Canadians would not know what is going on because we sure aren’t getting anything from the MSM.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Disgusted. First time writer I think? One of the most discouraging lessons I’ve learned is how utterly bad the Mainstream Media is at getting basic facts correct, and in understanding the ‘real’ story. I grew up believing that the media was supposed to the watchdogs of democracy. I can’t tell you how disillusioned I am. Having said that I really do need to say a kind word about the small town reporters who have covered our struggle. They get it right most often and I am absolutely blown away by how professional they are compared to MSM. Better questions. Better coverage. Better access.

    I can tell you that we’ve already been contacted by native media who want to work with us. Many native people are concerned about the criminality in their midst, and want their lives to be governed by law and not by violence. I think if there’s one thing we’ve accomplished so far it that we’re making it – almost – politically possible to discuss and address the issue of organized native crime and Landclaim Terror. We’re not quite there, yet, but we’re getting there.

    Politicians and MSM need to wake up and realize that Landclaim Terrorists do not speak for native people, and that we dishonour them when we tolerate lawlessness. Also, we need to make the case that Two Tier Justice is the ultimate expression of racism by our government and police force because it sends that message that we expect natives to be criminals and that we will reward them for it. How can native parents teach their children the difference between right and wrong when government and police reward bad behaviour?

    Thanks for writing! Regards, Mark

  3. Thanks for your response Mark. Yes I am new!

    I recently had my Metis friend over last weekend who told me that she wishes she could contract the same disease that Michael Jackson has. She is ashamed and worried over the backlash, I have known her for 35 years and it is the first time I ever saw her cry. I guess we have to realize that the true Aboriginal culture is peaceful and respectful towards nature and we have to take people on an individual level.

    I have to tell you even though I am much further North, there are so many people here who have no idea what is happening down there, thank God for the internet! We can look at both sides and make a decision from there. The only time we really hear anything is through the Hamilton news and I do realize now that there are many papers like you were talking about who are standing up for all Canadian citizens. Kudos and much appreciation.

    I no longer feel safe in my own province anymore. I now know that my government will not protect me or my community in cases such as this. It’s a horrible feeling, this vulnerability. I just can’t believe this is happening in Canada.

    If we have no security, no law, political correctness does not mean a thing. I notice now that I have some information that a lot of left wing political forums are not covering this but there is a lot of backlash on the more right wing boards. Having a bleeding heart is great but it’s useless when anarchy is allowed to rule, regardless of who is doing it.

    Many thanks and take care. My heart is with the residents of Caledonia who had no control over this or fault and for the peaceful natives who must be just sick over this.

    VoC REPLY: I really felt compelled to get your comment up as soon as I could. It’s just a coincidence, but during our January 20/07 March for Freedom in Caledonia I met a woman who was Metis who was prepared to go to jail with us to defend our Constitutional right to place Canadian flags on the flagpoles. There were also native people waving at us – not many, but enough to give me hope – as we stood there on the side of the road with our flags.

    Tell your friend this – we have already been contacted by at least one aboriginal media outlet who understands that our fight against Two Tier Justice is a fight for their people, too. That is because Two Tier Justice is the ultimate in racist government policy since it assumes that native people are expected to break the law, that native people are somehow violent and depraved by nature. I do not believe this. I believe that native people want their children to grow up in a country where people are respected, and injustice is not rectified by bringing injustice on other human beings. When police forces and governments treat native criminals differently under the law, or negotiate with them as if they represent all native people, then I say the government and the police are acting in a systemically-racist manner that is an insult to honourable native people everywhere.

    Your friend need not be ashamed of who she is, but we could certainly use her voice in this struggle. She needs to replace undeserved shame with anger – towards the police, the government and those in her community that would allow these sociopaths in their midst to seduce their children with deluded visions of greed and power fueled by hate. We need your friend to write to mainstream media outlets (and send us a copy!), to speak out in a strong voice to her people in a way that only she can. Perhaps she could start a blog for native people who reject Landclaim Terror against innocent people, and link to us.

    When one sees the ugliness that the government, the OPP and Ipperwash Inquiry wanted to cover up I, too, am grateful for the Internet.

    I had a London police officer in my home yesterday to report the threat I received from ‘Justin’. She advised me to let the OPP know if I was travelling to Ipperwash in the future. I told her that if I go anywhere outside London the OPP will be the last to know. I could never have imagined that in my lifetime I would have to say such words, that the OPP would be an organization to fear, perhaps even more than the criminals who have destroyed so many lives in Ipperwash and Caledonia. I served 6 months in a Third World country to do my small part in bringing peace to the Middle East only to find everything I believe in under attack by people who damn well ought to know better.

    The left wingers don’t realize that where there is no Rule of Law, there isn’t a whole lot of free expression going on. Their wilful blindness is creating the evil they say they oppose. I love your quote: Having a bleeding heart is great, but it’s useless when anarchy rules. Yes, and especially when there’s no one left to defend their right to say stupid things!

    Thanks for the thoughts. Raise your voices LOUDLY. You may be far away, but you and your Metis friend can still reach out to a politician, a newspaper, a TV station – ask them why they are ignoring The Ipperwash Papers. Ask them why they are not defending the constitutional rights of Canadians. Would you believe that the Hamilton Spectator ran a story about Gary McHale recently and felt compelled to include the fact that he’d worn the same shirt a couple of times! Where have all the journalists gone!

    After we had filmed ‘Dancer‘ and she had left with her family, Christine McHale observed wisely that if the DCE Landclaim Terror campaign had produced young people with the courage of Dancer, then maybe – just maybe – some good will yet come of this. Your friend’s tears give me hope, too. We have a lot in common.

    Thanks for writing – again. I really appreciate it. Regards, Mark

  4. Can I collect from the gov't too?

    Dispicable. When will they bring in the military to clean up this mess?

    What a waste of time these extremists are.

    VoC REPLY: Waste of time. Waste of money. Waste of stress. Waste of words. Waste of energy. All to appease a bunch of Landclaim Terrorists who pretend to speak for honourable native people. Mark

  5. No use bringing in the Military, if they’re too scared to hang around their base at Ipperwash…There’s no way they’ll hang around Caledonia or the DCE.

    Canada is scared, Mark and Can I collect…Scared of the Native’s and scared of the labels a few angry protesters will give them.

    VoC REPLY: First time commenter I believe? Thanks for writing. My very credible sources tell me that the military was at Hamilton Airport once upon a time just waiting for the order that never came. As for labels, you ain’t anybody in Caledonia until someone’s called you a racist. Even the DCE Landclaim Terror deniers have given up on trying to hang that one on us. Thanks for writing. Mark

  6. I’ve been labaled a racist…I’ve spoken out about the protest, and had an entire Reserve come after me–well, threatened anyway, they never came–but they were ready to take this “racist” down.

  7. Bryce SL; Tsosdina t'o


    I have got to say that often the media is not the unbiased watchdog that everyone makes them out to be. And for the record, these people that are protesting may not be the criminals that everyone makes them out as.

    How much media attention was paid to the non-native protestors at Oka whose assaults were aimed at a 70 year old Native woman (who later died) and a 14 year old native kid that were just trying to leave the area? Who was arrested for that, or do we mark that down as ‘mob mentality’, the typical cop out? Ask yourselves who is despicable. At least these protestors are taking responsibility for their actions.

    The media hasn’t shown the fact that issues like Oka and Caledonia are a build-up of frustration from over 50 years of double crossing and evasion. No one ever tries to inform themselves of both sides of the argument. No one ever asks the question of ‘if these Natives are so prone to violence, then why has there only been a handful of incidents that have reached this proportion?’

    I can almost guarantee that EVERY Nation has at least a handful of grievances created by Canada, government or Canadian Society. There are over 600 Nations within Canada, and yet there have been only a handful of these incidents. We are the ones that feel the constant sting of racism, and yet you expect us to ‘brush it off’ and not react?

    Don’t get me wrong. I feel for those people that legitimately purchased those lands, or felt that the land issue was settled. I do not want anyone in any of these incidents to ever be hurt. However, how else are we expected to open up the eyes of Canadians, and point out that there are serious deficiencies within the Canadian system.

    The only reason that people can claim that there is nothing wrong with Canada is because they tend to agree with the version that is sold to them by popular media. Research the Oka incident, and ask yourself if you were in the same position if you would react the same way. Remember, it is easier to criticize than to empathize.

    I don’t agree with inflicting harm for no reason. However, ask yourself, if you do not believe in law breaking, then why is it that you support the laws that were established by Canada, even though they contradicted the laws that were established by First Nations prior to contact? How was the US western movement achieved, if not through the murder of numerous First Nations. And before you even think it, you asked us to sign peace treaties, so we were not conquered. Canada just hasn’t lived up to your end of the treaties.

    The only difference in the use of violence against another is the perspective you look at it from. I see Canada’s actions as being unjust, where you do not. I see the First Nations within Caledonia as bringing light to a subject; you see them as disturbing the peace. Maybe the peace that you have established within Canada has been done at the expense of others.

    It must be nice to be able to make light of our attempt at finding justice by referring to these people as ‘landclaim terrorists’. It must be nice to have a system that constantly validates your point of view at the cost of ours. There have been countless times when the Canadian Courts have ruled perfectly legitimate evidence as being inadmissable. The only reason that I can see for this occurring is that the Courts are trying to maintain the system at the cost of our legitimate arguments.

    If you want to talk about a 2 tier justice system, then look at how these land claims must pass through one of the most difficult and time and money consuming processes present within Canada. Does any other Canadian have to go through this system? Does any other Canadian have to go outside of his or her own legal and governance system to try to defend his/her point of view? Yet we have to on a regular basis.

    Do not try to consider yourselves the defender of the just if you cannot prove unequivocally that your system is just to everyone. Make sure that you are not hiding behind the guise of justice when it is most likely anger and frustration that brings you to the other side of the picket line (funny how both you and the Indians might actually share that in common). It is just as easy for us to invalidate your claim to justice as it has been for you to invalidate our claim.

    For the record, while I am not comparing these Natives with either of these two examples, Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi were both considered criminals, even though they did not engage in violent activity. Often the cause of lawlessness is that the laws themselves are unjust.

    p.s. It must be nice to be able to wish to hide being of Native heritage. I display mine proudly, despite the consequences and what is associated with that heritage. It could be that this lady’s “friends” are the ones making her feel ashamed for who she is or who she is associated with.