Caledonia Players

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(militant native groups & individuals, supporters and/or enablers)

Six Nations groups  and individuals

  • Mohawk Warriors [LINK] [LINK]
  • Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire (HMF)
  • Wes Elliot (HMF)
  • Haudenosaunnee Development Institute (HDI)
  • Floyd & Ruby Montour
  • Brian Skye
  • Steve ‘Boots’ Powless
  • Clyde Powless
  • Camille Powless
  • Linda Powless
  • Terry-Lynn Brant

Outside groups & individuals

  • Tom Keefer & CUPE 3903 [LINK]
  • Kate Milley (CUPE 3903, First Nations Solidarity Working Group, see video below)
  • York Aboriginal Student Association & Melissa Eliott (President)
  • Christian Peacemaker Teams
  • former Black Panther member Robert Seth Hayes
  • Tamil Tiger terror group sympathizers
  • Black Action Defense Committe (Google ‘Toronto Riots 1992’)
  • Freedonia anarchist foundation
  • Anarchist Black Cross Federation (Toronto Chapter) & Sara Falconer (President)
  • Union locals
  • Caledonia Community Friends & Jan Watson
  • Jim Windle & TRUE
  • BASICS Free Community Newsletter & Steve DeSilva
  •  xxxxx, Professor, McMaster University
  • Andy Houston, Professor, University of Waterloo
  • Timothy ‘Timmer’ Sywyk [LINK]


  • 2nd North American ANARCHIST Studies Network Conference, Jan 16/11: Anti-Colonial Anarchism & Indigenous Resistance Part 1 [VIDEO, 14:06] 
    Kate Milley from CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group (very active in Caledonia since approx May 2006) speaks about how we are creating relationships with “pro-Israel” groups, and the importance of countering our application of Dr. King’s lessons to confront native extremists and supporters and portray them as the true racists and victimizers of innocents. She also explains her ‘logic’ that Caledonia victims are the true aggressors because of their “white settler” status. Tom Keefer sits beside her on the right. He also speaks in another video]
  • see also: BridgeheadProduction channel:

Six Nations Media

  • Turtle Island News
  • Tekawennake News

Ontario Provincial Police

  • Julian Fantino, Commissioner
  • Chris Lewis, Deputy Commissioner
  • Ron Gentle, Superintendent
  • xxx Cain, Superintendent
  • John Periversoff, Inspector, Commander Haldimand Detachment
  • John Murray, Detective
  • Bill Renton, xxxx
  • Rick Fraracci, Det. Sgt.
  • Christopher Galeazza, Constable
  • Dan Michaud, Sgt.
  • Gwen Boniface, Commissioner (ret’d)
  • Insp. Dave McLean, Inspector (ret’d), frmr Commander Haldimand Detachment
  • Brian Haggith, Inspector, frmr Commander Haldimand Detachment

Ontario Government

  • Dalton McGuinty, Premier
  • Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services
  • Deborah Newman, Deputy-Minister
  • Monte Kwinter, frmr Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services
  • Brad Duguid, frmr Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
  • Michael Bryant, frmr Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
  • John Nolan, Senior Negotiator 


Ontario Provincial Police

  • Jeffrey Bird, Constable

CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

  • Gary McHale
  • Merlyn Kinrade
  • Jeff Parkinson
  • Mark Vandermaas
  • Mary-Lou LaPratte

Caledonia Residents

  • Doug Fleming
  • John Findlay
  • Pam Dudych
  • Pat Woolley
  • Bo Chausse
  • Mark Watson
  • Lisa Parent

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