Caledonia Reference Chronology



NOTE TO READERS: Unfortunately this page became too burdensome to maintain given our other activities. It is possible that, when race-based policing has been officially declared dead and buried, that I will be able to complete the chronology for historical purposes.  For now, I highly recommend the comprehensive ‘Race-Based Policing‘ feature page. It contains a ‘Milestones’ section which is more up-to-date. 


Feb 09/07: Mark Vandermaas letter – VoC letter to McMaster University President

Feb 03/07: Blog – The Reformer’s Firebrand – McGuinty’s lawless DCE stand-off bitten by POGG Interesting perspective on precedents where a Lieutenant Governor has dissolved the government of the day for breaching its oath of office, and a suggestion re appealing to a Federal Court judge.

Feb 02/07: TVO, The Agenda, w/Steve Paiken – Sleepless in Caledonia: Are our governments failing us? (32 mins) DIAL-UP. Steve Paiken hosts a discussion with Tim Hudak (MPP for Erie-Lincoln), Dr. Ronald Doering (federal negotiator), Marie Trainer (Mayor of Haldimand County) and Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux (Professor of Aboriginal Studies at U of T). A strong performance by Hudak (“Caledonia is an unmitigated disaster.” “You can’t negotiate across the barricades.” and Trainer (“There is a double-standard.”). Doering says the DCE was surrendered in 1844, and Wesley-Esquimaux shows how out of touch she is with reality by talking about how the terror campaign in Caledonia was a ‘peaceful protest’ and that there is “no double-standard” in Caledonia. (“Someone on the native side needs to be in charge [of the negotiations]. I don’t know who that is.”) She also said that the ‘rabble-rousing‘ should be addressed – I assume she means Gary McHale and me. I left some comments and a question at the discussion page in an attempt to educate the professor.

Jan 25/07: Canada Free Press (, Gary Reid – FantinolandThe message is clear. Canadians beware. In Fantinoland you can wind up in jail without charge and have your heads cracked for standing up for this country.”

Jan 24/07: Blog: The Reformer’s Firebrand – Calls for equal application of the Law called “outsider public mischief’ by Cop Brass

Jan 22/07: VoiceofCanada post – VoC letter to Chief of London Police Service

Jan 22/07: Gary McHale editorial – Fantino enforces Two Tier Justice

Jan 22/07: spectator-jan-20-07-gary-mchale.jpgGary McHale editorial – Outsiders & Interlopers stay away

Jan 22/07: Gary McHale editorial Fantino: The Coward

Jan 20/07: Hamilton Spectator, Gary McHale feature profile, p. A12 – It’s about accountability: McHale

Jan 20/07: Craig Grice, Caledonia Councillor – speaks on the need for action in Caledonia.

Jan 20/07: Video by ‘vidkid1983’ – Caledonia – January 20th 2007 (1.14 mins) An awesome piece that tells the whole story of January 20th in just 1.14 minutes. Listen to the OPP tell Gary McHale that we cannot get past their line to erect Canadian flags. Exerpts from my ‘Blue Beret’ speech, and a clip of Merlin Kinrade, RCN Retired telling Canadians that our “flag means something and should mean everything” to us.

Jan 20/07: Audio Recording by Gary McHale – OPP Unity Rd: ‘Open & Honest Dialogue’ about who will get arrested for putting up Canadian flags? (I almost feel sorry for this officer – almost.)

Jan 20/07: Video of Mark Vandermaas –Mark & OPP sergeant at Unity Road” (1.38 mins) Mark tries to convince OPP sergeant at Unity Road detachment (just North of Caledonia) to find a senior officer to explain why they are violating our Constitutional rights.

Jan 20/07: Video of Gary McHale w/OPP officer: McHale questions OPP Officer #6276 as to why he took his Canadian flag down.

Jan 19/07: A-Channel News – Mark is interviewed by Reporter Sean Irvine regarding the Jan 20/07 March for Freedom DIAL-UP (2.10 mins). Also includes footage of OPP ripping Canadian flag from Mark’s hands, and his subsequent arrest on Dec 16/06.

Jan 17/07: Regional News This Week – Merlin Kinrade, RCN Retired – Caledonia under siege – one year later (“As for Gary McHale & Mark Vandermaas they are true Canadians in every sense of the word…”)

Jan 17/07: Elliot Lake News & Views – O.P.P. Commissioner Needs to Explain Himself. A partial reprint of VoC post, Dear Commissioner Fantino: Sir, you owe Canadians an apology.

Jan 14/07: Gary McHale – PowerPoint presentation at Lions Hall, Caledonia Here is the PowerPoint presentation given by McHale to explain why we go to Caledonia, what has been accomplished so far, and where he sees the struggle going.

Jan 14/07: Gary McHale editorial – Gary does what OPP refuse to do: “Open & Honest Dialogue

Jan 14/07: Gary McHale editorial – OPP perform their job impartially today

Jan 14/07: London Free Press – A Londoner likely to be jailed for a protest in Caledonia next Saturday wants others to join him.

Supreme Court Decision, Ramsden v. Peterborough (City), 1993

Jan 12/07: Grand River Sachem, by Katie Dawson – Fantino sending 50 new OPP officers to Haldimand [REPRINT] “Fantino says the biggest misconception that people have about the OPP is that they are two-tiered. He says that when it comes to the Criminal Code of Canada, we are all subject to the same laws. “We have arrested people on both sides. When it comes to raising flags, Fantino says it is legal to put up a flag on public property. “From what I was told the Supreme Court says it is legal.

Jan 11/07: Gary McHale letter – Open Letter to OPP Commissioner Fantino [#2] McHale calls on Fantino to apologize for insulting him in the media, and invites the Commissioner to attend a town hall meeting scheduled for Jan 14/07 in Caledonia so he could explain why putting up a Canadian flag is a ‘Breach of the Peace.’ (Fantino did not show up.)

Jan 11/07: CHTV News – Chris Syrie incident update DIAL-UP (1:38 mins) Also, complaints that negotiations are at a standstill over the flag incidents.

Jan 10/07: CHTV News (late edition) – Chris Syrie incident (2:23 mins) Also has footage of our arrests Dec 16/06. Note: contrary to the announcer’s statements, neither or VoiceofCanada have ever linked a March for Freedom event to ‘supporting Canadian troops.’

Jan 10/07: CHTV News (early edition) – Chris Syrie incident (3:02mins) DIAL-UP

Jan 10/07: Video of Chris Syrie incident – Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers DIAL-UP (8.48 mins) Annotated edition produced from raw footage of complete incident – also available on disk. Watch as OPP refuse to arrest or even identify native who threw Chris’s flag on ground; OPP calls A.R.T. team and waits; native leaves. Chris is later told by the OPP that they can’t identify him. [dial-up click here]

Jan 10/07: The Hamilton Spectator, Interview by Marissa Nelson – Five questions for Julian Fantino. Nelson: “What about Gary McHale’s plan to hold a protest in Caledonia and what are you doing to prepare for Jan. 20?

Fantino: “It is totally unhelpful. It’s agitating the community. It’s creating the potential for confrontation and violence. It’s totally unnecessary and unhelpful and what makes me very suspicious is that it’s done in the shroud of the Canadian flag and support for our men and women in the Canadian military — the whole notion of patriotism …

“People have to see it for what this is — it’s mischief-making and there’s another agenda here. We’ve been the target of this nonsense, just as the community has … The right to demonstrate peace-fully is not a problem. The right to incite a breach of the peace or spew hate and commit offences, that’s not a right, it’s an abuse of your rights … It’s like entering a darkened room where there’s a gas leak and looking for it with a match.”

Jan 09/07: CHTV News – Interview with OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino (8:56 mins) Fantino gets chewed to pieces by Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly as he evades the question as to whether or not his officers would stand around and watch if someone were being assaulted in Caledonia. Pathetic performance by the Commissioner.

Jan 09/07: CHTV News – OPP Commissioner speaks to private Rotary Club gathering [DIAL-UP] in Caledonia, and private session of Haldimand Council. Mayor Marie Trainer: “People…weren’t happy with what they heard. They still feel there’s two rules of law.”

Jan 08/07: CHML AM900 Radio: Jamie West interview w/OPP Commissioner Fantino:

1. “People coming into the community to stir things up are not helpful.”

“We’re trying to keep people from escalating the situation into what some people wish it would become – a violent confrontation.”

2. “We’ve incurred a great deal of added impact on our resources when we have people coming into the community to basically stir things up. That’s very unhelpful. It’s caused a great deal of added anxiety about the potential escalation of the situation while we’re trying to keep things peaceful and allow these people to negotiate.”

Jamie West: “Should anyone be arrested for putting up a Canadian flag?

3. “I don’t want to get into the merits of discretionary authority given to and used by our police officers. They were quite well empowered to prevent a breach of the peace or anything that in fact was escalating potential violence.”

Jan 08/07: Gary McHale editorial – Native Protesters and KKK share ideology

Jan 02/07: Gary McHale letter – Open Letter to OPP Commissioner Fantino McHale advises Fantino about the 1993 Supreme Court of Canada decision giving citizens the right to place flags on utility poles, and calls on him to uphold our Charter of Rights on Jan 20/07 as we attempt – again – to raise flags across from DCE. McHale also offers to cancel Jan 20th if the Commissioner holds a public meeting to explain why Canadian flags are illegal. (Fantino did not respond.)

Jan 01/07: Gary McHale editorial – Christian Extremists = Muslim Extremists = Native Extremists

Dec 26/06: The Georgetown Independent, Editorial by Halton MPP Ted Chudleigh – McGuinty breaks promise to Caledonia. Another toughly worded editorial piece that begins, “Native protesters in Caledonia are destroying the faith of all Canadians in the rule of law which forms the basic social contract of our society.”

Dec 22/06: Ontario Legislature Hansard – John Tory quotes Dec 21/06 Toronto Star editorial in Legislature as he questions the government’s handling of the Caledonia situation. See VoC post, History has been made this week! for reprint.

Dec 21/06: The Toronto Star – Time for a reality check on Caledonia. Almost an identical reprint of St. Catharines Standard editorial of Dec 19/06. The last sentence says it all in both versions: “The rule of law is paramount in Canada’s society and must be upheld.” See also VoC post, History has been made this week!

Dec 19/06: St. Catharines Standard – “A Caledonia reality check is in order” This is one very hard-hitting editorial that gives Ontario Premier McGuinty, and his Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ramsay a good slap upside the head for their Ipperdonia policies of appeasement and politically-correct policing. See VoC post, History has been made this week! for reprint.

Dec 19/06: London Free Press ( – “Protester eyes new party to deal with natives” Actually, I didn’t say that we needed a new political party to deal with natives; I made the “new political party” statement near the end of my ‘speech on the hill‘ during which I said that Canadian values such as democracy, the rule of law and equality were under attack by our police and our politicians. During a radio interview on AM920 (see Dec 18/06 above) I explained my reasons for reconsidering my opinion about the need for a new political party.

Dec 18/06: London Free Press ( “Protesters say house trashed” Gary & I were nowhere near the house that was trashed at approximately 0130 on the morning after we were arrested, but the article mentions us both. If you haven’t already done so, take 2 minutes to review the absolutely shocking CHTV video. The owners came home at 0130 Sunday morning to find their entire house trashed by intruders who wrote the words ‘RACIST GO HOME’ as well as other profanities on the inside walls.

The house borders the occupied Douglas Creek Estates, and although the identity of the intruders is not known, the hostility of the attack and the words used to deface the walls seem remarkably similar to that used by supporters of the Caledonia criminals who heckled Gary McHale in Brantford before the Oct 15/06 March for Freedom – see March for Freedom: the movie for video footage from that night.

Dec 18/06: CKNX AM920 in Wingham, Ontario ( – 20 minute radio interview on the Bryan Allen Talk Show regarding my statement in Caledonia that we need a new political party to stand up for equal justice and the rule of law. Bryan is very supportive of the fight against Two Tier Justice, and I appreciate his interest.

Dec 18/06: The Right Side ( – 20+ minute interview with talk show host, Doug Aldridge. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Doug is a supporter of our fight against Two Tier Justice, and I thank him for his interest and air time.

Dec 18/06: 103.9 FM radio (‘The Hawk’ – short interview on the Jeff McArthur show. Unfortunately, the audio recording is not available. Jeff was very supportive of the fight against Two Tier Justice, and mentioned that all his callers were supporting my/our actions. Thanks, Jeff!

Dec 18/06: National Post ( – “Organizer of rally in Caledonia, Ont. arrested at native occupation site” Nice photo of Gary McHale leading the original March for Freedom, October 15/06.

Dec 17/06: – Ontario – yours to recover Respected journalist, Judi McLeod, opens her article with these words, “Something changed in the Province of Ontario on Saturday. And that something changed Ontario forever.”

Dec 16/06: ( – “OPP arrest Caledonia protest organizer McHale” Nice photo of me going into the paddy wagon.

Dec 16/06: Global National ( – “Organizer of Caledonia rally arrested.”

Dec 16/06: Global News (Ontario) – “Organizer of Caledonia rally arrested.” Similar story to above, but with more details.

Dec 16/06: Video of Mark Vandermaas speech – Gary McHale asked me to hang a Canadian flag upside down as a symbol of the attack on the values it represents. A lady nearby was very distressed, so I gave an impromptu speech to the crowd to explain. In hindsight, I was a little more strident than I would have liked, but the passion is real. I was arrested later in the afternoon. See Jan 19/07 A-Channel News interview above for footage from my arrest.

Dec 12/06: Lawyer’s Letter to OPP on behalf of Quintin ‘Bo’ Chausse On December 02/06 Bo Chausse was the first to be arrested for attempting to attach a Canadian flag to a public utility pole across from the Douglas Creek Estates. The OPP then issued a news release that contained outright lies and misrepresentations as to Mr. Chausse’s actions, character and motivations.

Oct 20/07: Haldimand Review, Karen Best – Rally draws 2,000

Oct 15/06: Text of Speech by Mary-Lou LaPratte at original March for Freedom.

Oct 15/06: Text of Speech by AnneMarie VanSickle at original March for Freedom.

Oct 11/06: Documentary Video by VoiceofCanada – MARCH FOR FREEDOM -The Struggle to Restore Equal Justice in Ontario, Canada (38 mins) HIGH SPEED DIAL-UP . This documentary answers the question as to why an average, overweight, middle-aged Canadian guy got off the couch to join the fight against two-tiered justice in Ontario as the Editor of VoiceofCanada.

March 09/06: Ontario Superior Court of Justice – Order by Justice Marshall making March 03/06 interim order by Justice Matheson permanent.

March 03/06: Superior Court of Justice – ‘Reasons for Ruling‘ – is included at bottom of a reader’s letter, and it shows that the legal owners of the Douglas Creek Estates land, Henco Industries Ltd., stood alone against supporters of the DCE criminals AND Haldimand County!

March 03/06: Ontario Superior Court – Interim order of Justice Matheson against tresspassers occupying the Douglas Creek Estates

2006: POLICE USE OF FORCE IN ONTARIO: An Examination of Data from the Special Investigations Unit. This undated report submitted to the Ipperwash Inquiry attempts to address the lack of Canadian information regarding police use of force incidents and how they relate to race. Although it was commissioned by an African-Canadian organization, data on Aboriginals is included. See also VoC post, Are Aboriginals unfairly treated by our legal system? StatsCan vs. SIU Study.