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The National Post editorial board has issued a notable commentary on the Brown-Chatwell settlement and the cowardice of the McGuinty government in refusing to enforce the law:

The government cannot decline to enforce the law and protect its citizens simply because it might anger a certain segment of society or create an uncomfortable political situation. (…) Men and women who lack the stomach to enforce the law, always and equitably, have no business holding public office. That’s the real lesson of Caledonia.

National Post editorial board, Jan 02/09: It’s simple, really. Enforce the law.  PDF

See also this VoC post dated Jan 04/10: National Post: McGuinty gov’t ‘deserves stern rebuke from highest court available’


The National Post was the first national media outlet that tried to systematically speak out on difficult and sensitive issues related to landclaim lawlessness. Our combined readership is approximately 25,000 households across Canada. Our sole goal has been to get the truth about Caledonia and Ipperwash out to all Canadians, so we were pleased that the National Post asked us in early 2008 to promote a special offer for their newspaper, an offer which expired at the end of June 2008.

Read the Post’s groundbreaking ‘RETHINKING THE RESERVE’ series

The Post speaks out for Caledonians 

One response to “Friends of National Post

  1. It’s unfortunate the true ignorance not only of native rights issues, but of plain land issues in general. Without the knowledge of process that must and should take place regarding all development let alone the umpteen zoning meetings and such, that the everyday citizen might actual come to realize how misinformed they are.

    It’s important even though these land claim issues are specifically Native, that the broader picture come to light and that the abuses and lack of proprietary on the part of all levels of Government come to light.

    Fight the good fight!!! Peacefully with dignity and if need be to educate all the people or what rights should exist for all.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing, Lily. You know, I don’t have a real problem with people using acts of non-violent civil disobedience so long as they don’t victimize others or infringe greatly their rights. The courts recognize that it is a legitimate use of protest so long as you are willing to pay whatever price society demands to protect the rule of law.

    Native extremists could learn a lot from Dr. King. He said that when one breaks the law in order to arouse the conscience of the nation, one must do it lovingly and be willing to accept the consequences. Never with the thought of using violence.

    Yes, indeed, let’s all fight peacefully, with dignity. When that begins to happen, I can get back to my ‘other’ life. Regards, Mark

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