Victimizing Native People

'TWO TIER JUSTICE VICTIMIZES NATIVE PEOPLE TOO!' CANACE's Caledonia liaison Merlyn Kinrade - flanked by Jeff Parkinson (L) and Jim Anderson (R w/flag) holds sign during protest against illegal smoke shack built on public property, Caledonia, Dec 01/07 - before smokeshack supporters from Six Nations swarmed and attacked Gary McHale, sending him to hospital along w/Parkinson who suffered a brain injury. Click to enlarge.

UPDATE June 01/10: VoiceofCanada editor/Caledonia Victims Project founder Mark Vandermaas speaks out for native victims of landclaim lawlessness at 2010 ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum, Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, May 05/10. Presentation w/slides & extensive reference citations.

UPDATE July 15/09: Six Nations Councillor Helen Miller says the individuals and ad hoc groups like the HDI, Warriors, HMF and Steve ‘Boots’ Powless do NOT speak for the people of Six Nations who are “fed up” with their protests and illegal smokeshacks on Highway 6. Her comments echoes the very message that CANACE founders have been trying to share with media, the public, the police, government officials and the people of Six Nations for nearly three years. 

UPDATE April 29/09: VoiceofCanada book review for ‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry.‘ Includes link to Toronto Star article by authors explaining how the “self-serving industry” thrives on “the continuation of aboriginal dependency and social deprivation.” The book shows how native people themselves are victimized by the impact – in large part – of people making money from exploiting aboriginal issues.

UPDATE Oct 21/08: Smoke shack shooter who shot man after threatening woman and child on DCE had 43 previous firearm-related convictions, sentenced to 4.5 years. See Hamilton Spectator, Oct 21/08: Shack shooter gets 4 1/2 years [PDF] [REPRINT].  

UPDATE Feb 03/08: See VoC story, National Post exposes role of corruption, mismanagement, incompetence in reserve misery. Also, National Post feature: Rethinking the Reserve.

UPDATE: CANACE speeches at ‘Remember Us’ March, Oct 08/07: 


This page was originally published as an article posted May 26/07 as ‘OPP Two Tier Justice policies victimize native people.‘ It is a reminder that native people are also being victimized by the willingness of the OPP and the Ontario government to make deals with criminals not to enforce the law.  

UPDATE 2234 EST Aug 17/07: Six Nations Chief David General reveals that at least two rapes have occurred on the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia. See VoiceofCanada article, DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgBack in January, I had a very interesting exchange with an Iroquois man by the name of Terry Jamieson Jr. which lead to creation of a post called, Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No. The post was created to show the futility of trying to negotiate with criminals, and the dangers posed to native youth by self-serving thugs:

evil.jpgIn every society, there are those who would use evil methods to get power and money for themselves no matter what the cost to their communities. They want what they want because they want it, irrespective of the damage it causes to those around them. These sociopaths cannot be reasoned with and they cannot be appeased. Native communities are not immune from these thugs who prey on the young attracted by visions of glory – not understanding that ‘no rules’ means their own lives have no value to the demagogues they seek to emulate.

“It should be patently obvious that trying to negotiate or mediate anything with sociopaths is an exercise in futility, yet our government would have you believe otherwise.”

At the time I wrote those words I had no idea that they would be proven true so convincingly and so dramatically as they were during the past week.

Occupiers of Douglas Creek Estates now afraid of the monster they created

raodfire2.jpgAccording to the Turtle Island News, a group of uncontrollable youths have virtually “taken over the [Douglas Creek Estates] site.” On May 14th some of them set fire to bales of hay near residents’ homes because the OPP “were looking at them.” Here are some quotes from ‘Turmoil at Reclamation site, fight, fires break out” article published May 16/07:

“Monday’s fire is just one in a series of incidents that have caused long time adult supporters to leave as clanmothers are unable to control youth at the site.”

“One site supporter said the young men set the bales on fire because, “the OPP were looking at us.”

“In addition to the fire, a young man is recovering from neck injuries after he was struck with a crowbar…”

“A 19 year old man, Kenny Mitchell, has been kicked off the site for two weeks for striking the other youth…after first throwing a brick through the window of the…home he was staying in.”

“That same man also lit up a joint in front of a Turtle Island News reporter…”

“A number of long-term supporters have left the site, citing concerns for their safety.”

“Reclamation spokesperson Hazel Hill rarely attends the site, and another long-term supporter…who wants to remain anonymous, doesn’t feel “comfortable” there anymore.”

“Janie Jamieson could not be reached for comment.”

Woman/child threatened, native man shot in Caledonia while OPP pretend violent DCE occupation played no part

On May 17th a madman threatened a woman and child with a rifle on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates before leaving to shoot another native man at an illegal smoke shop on Highway Six. Nearby Notre Dame School was locked down. Nearby OPP did not attempt to intervene, but instead called for help from Six Nations Police miles away. The OPP press release did not mention the DCE incident.

UPDATE: See Hamilton Spectator, Oct 21/08: Shack shooter gets 4 1/2 years [PDF] [REPRINT].  

Psychopaths on DCE prepared to shoot police officers and residents

shotgun_barrel.jpgAlso on May 17th, we released details about audio recordings of OPP & DCE radio traffic that reveal just how dangerous the DCE occupiers are in a VoiceofCanada post called, Audio recordings reveal OPP hid dangers from public. Just 6 days after breaking our story, Turtle Island News reported that Janie Jamieson, one of the spokespeople for the DCE criminals, admitted they had weapons on the site.

“In her press release Jamieson admits weapons were on the reclamation site.”

Turtle Island News, May 23/07: “Six Nations man charged with attempted murder in drive-by shooting”

Natives threaten to burn Baptist church

On May 18th, just one day after the shooting, the DCE criminals blocked the driveway of the adjacent Baptist Church to prevent them from paving their driveway. According to one witness the natives threatened to burn the paving equipment and the church if paving continued. They claimed that the church, which is not part of the occupied land, did not ask permission to install a culvert on church property. The OPP did nothing.

Occupation via native intimidation arrives in Hagarsville

On Wednesday, May 23rd, another occupation by native criminals began in Hagarsville at another construction site on Highway 6. Despite one officer inadvertently admitting the occupation was illegal (that was funny!), the OPP abandoned all pretext at being anything other than taxpayer-funded security guards for the criminals by assisting them in putting up a barricade, and threatening one of our field reporters with a lawsuit after he asked an officer if he could put up a Canadian flag.

The OPP played their usual role as enablers to criminals by doing nothing to remove the tresspassers. Be sure to read this eyewitness acount of the day’s events by former Haldimand Council candidate, Donna Pitcher.

Dudley George was a victim of Two Tier Justice

The investigation that eventually became The Ipperwash Papers taught us a number of important lessons. One of them is that Two Tier Justice was the cause of Dudley George’s death, and not the result. In March 1996, the Town of Bosanquet (formerly Lambton Shores) wrote a victim impact statement to Justice Robert Reid that contained two startling revelations:

“DND [Department of National Defence], through its failure to remove illegal occupiers, failure to permit the law to be upheld, failure to protect its boundaries…created a situation that led to the death of at least one individual, the takeover and destruction of public property, terrorizing of a municipality, destruction of property values, and the tearing apart of a community and it’s way of life.”

In other words, Dudley George died and Ipperwash was terrorized because of a failure to enforce the law. The town also makes another statement that foretold the violence of the past week in Caledonia:

“Repeatedly, over the two years preceding the fatal shooting of Dudley George, Town officials advised provincial and federal government cabinet ministers, politicians and bureaucrats of the real potential for injury and death in the area. Unfortunately, unless real progress towards a solution commences immediately, we feel that more injuries and deaths will occur.”

Other documents reveal that OPP Two Tier Justice policies also had a role in encouraging the lawlessness in Ipperwash before and after Mr. George’s death. Here is a sampling of such documents that can be found at The Ipperwash Papers website: documents A-1 (a must read!), H-1, J-2, K-4, M-1, N-1]

Caledonia and Ipperwash were victims of Two Tier Justice

Can there be any doubt that Caledonia was terrorized because the criminals in Ipperwash proved that native lawbreakers could get away with almost anything? And that Deseronto and Hagarsville resulted from Caledonia?

OPP Two Tier Justice policies also victimize native people

Two things are clear: first, the criminal element within native communities has been emboldened by the lack of police response to their activities. Second, native people themselves are being victimized by these same criminals and by the OPP’s willingness to accommodate their lawlessness.

I believe that if the OPP and the Department of National Defence had strictly enforced the law prior to 1995 it is quite likely that Dudley George would still be alive today, another native man would not have had a hole blown through his arm this week in Caledonia, and many innocent Ontario residents would not have suffered through years of agony due to OPP-approved lawlessness at the hands of native criminals.

OPP Two Tier Justice policies are based on the false premise that native people have no self-control, that they are incapable of obeying the law, that they and their children are willing to live in a lawless world ruled by criminals who take what they want, when they want. For more than 15 years the OPP has been sacrificing the well-being of law-abiding people – both native and non-native – for the benefit of sociopaths and demagogues.

What does it say to honourable native parents who try to raise their children to have respect for the rights and property of other citizens when the OPP so eagerly reward the sociopaths in native communities for their violence and criminality? How many native youth have been turned away from productive lives by well-meaning, but destructive racial policing policies?

The struggle against this evil continues, but the mainstream media and political leaders have finally heard our voices. They are slowly beginning to stand with us in demanding that our country be defined by its respect for the Rule of Law and equality before that law.

stephane-dion.jpg“I call on the leaders of the Six Nations to not use unlawful means to negotiate. It will not be helpful for their cause.”

Stephane Dion, Leader
Federal Liberal Party
May 25/07 in Hamilton, Ontario

Two Tier Justice – the ultimate expression of racism 

Two Tier Justice is the ultimate expression of racism by the Ontario Provincial Police towards honourable native people.The time has come for all of us – native and non-native – to join together to end this most shameful period in Ontario’s history for the benefit of all Canadians. This is what I said to Terry Jamieson Jr., the Iroquois man who inspired Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No. and who was kind enough to share more of his thoughts with me. We eventually ended our discussion with him wishing me, “Live long and prosper” This is part of my reply: 

dove.jpg“My hope is that one day people will come to Caledonia, not to study the destruction caused by those who would do evil to other human beings for their own selfish purposes, but to learn about your culture, about the damage that was done to it, and how Caledonians – native and non-native – came together as one in the dark days to peacefully proclaim Six Nations and the rest of Haldimand County as a sanctuary from that evil.

Live long and prosper yourself Terry Jamieson Jr.”

VoiceofCanada, Jan 12/07: “Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.”


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