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UPDATED 1251 EST July 31/08


Re: Ryerson Review of Journalism recognizes WordPress blogger for land claim occupation coverage

Just thought you’d like to know that the founders of CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality were recently recognized by the prestigious Ryerson Review of Journalism (Cdn journalism school) for our role in providing news coverage when the media failed to cover the Caledonia land claim crisis in Southern Ontario up here in the Great White North.

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Mark’s Subversive Dictionary: “teamwork”

teamwork, 1. a process whereby higher-paid employees destroy morale and create mediocre results by forcing creative, forward-thinking subordinates to submit to a group’s need for consensus. 2. a corporate culture whereby workers are discouraged from drawing attention to and/or correcting the mistakes of favoured co-workers no matter how obvious those mistakes may be. 3. Euphemism for mediocrity. (see also, team-player)

lazy_teammember.jpegteam-player, 1. an employee, generally of lower rank or popularity who, despite their ability to produce superior results, reluctantly allows others to degrade their ideas in order to avoid employment-threatening conflict. 2. an employee who, having taken on an excessive work burden in order to compensate for lazy, incompetent and disinterested project co-workers, is forced to share credit for the project’s results with those same employees. (see also, teamwork)

Origins: I have mixed feelings about these definitions. Too often – in my life, at least – the word, ‘teamwork,’ represented frustration and mediocrity. Yet, one of the great successes in my life resulted from assembling a volunteer team of the best real estate experts I could find in order to create a step-by-step, quality assurance system for first time home buyers. I am now turning this ‘unique process’ into a program that I can sell to other real estate pros. Teamwork is the foundation of that program.

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Mark’s Subversive Dictionary: “micro-management”


UPDATED March 19/10

micro-management, 1. the art of destroying the morale and initiative of one’s employees through the unnecessary interference in the performance of their duties; generally accompanied by a disingenuous wonderment at the organization’s  inability to retain highly motivated employees.  (see also, micro-manager)

micro-manager, 1. a generally well-meaning person afflicted with the inability to effectively communicate clear priorities when providing direction to subordinates; and/or 2.  a person who, having communicated clear priorities, retards their employees’ effectiveness at every opportunity by overturning the decisions of those employees without offering the courtesy of consultation. (see also, micro-management.)

Origin: I wrote this definition in absolute frustration while working down in the U.S. for a large defence contractor. My rental vehicle broke down on the road and the company hadn’t provided a contact number I could call for a tow. I used my own CAA to get the SUV towed to a hotel because the dealer was in a bad area of Tacoma, Washington and kept their gates locked at night.

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VoC tests blog platforms: decides to stay at

I’ve been testing Blogger (beta) as a possible replacement home for Voice of Canada. I also tested TypePad, SquareSpace and Iuplog, but none of them worked out. I thought you might be interested in knowing why I thought about switching, and why I decided to stick with You never know, you might you might want to create your own blog someday.

Why I decided to test Blogger, and what happened when I did…
big_bad_wolf_cartoon.jpeg1. I was thinking of adding Google word ads to VoC as a way to keep the wolf from the door, even though I really didn’t like the idea of mucking up my beautiful site with ugly advertising.

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Supporters of Caledonia criminals rip off VoC for pennies

In the “Here’s me thinking I could leave Caledonia alone for awhile…” Department: thief_hands_up.jpeg

I just discovered a NY Crimewatch ‘spoof’ site with the tag line, “Supporting Caledonians, Six Nations in their resistance to outside interference by outside agendas.” It’s been started in support of the Caledonia criminals, and if  stealing $20,000,000 of land wasn’t enough for them, they’re now ripping off my work, and trying to earn Google ad revenue off it.

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VoC Business Service Award Winner #1 –  (
Domain Registrar

voc_award.jpegThis story is an absolute pleasure to write because I get to tell you about an amazing company called that sets a whole new standard in customer service. They actually inspired me to create the VoC Business Service Award to recognize businesses who rise above the mediocrity that pervades the marketplace. They are the first recipients of the award, and I congratulate them.  Here’s why…

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