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Why Merlyn’s Anti-Racism rally is rescheduled for this coming Sunday

(UPDATED March 26/10)
1. As of today CUPE 3903 is calling for their supporters to again try to shut down Merlyn Kinrade’s CANACE Anti-Racism Rally this coming Sunday in Caledonia at 2pm.
2. Canada Free Press journalist Bill McIntyre has just published an absolutely scathing critique of the media’s failure to hound the Ontario government over Caledonia in light of the intimidation by Tom Keefer and CUPE 3903:
Merlyn Kinrade and CANACE are re-staging their Anti-Racism Rally this Sunday, 2pm at the Caledonia Lions Hall after they cancelled it on the spot last Sunday after members of CUPE 3903 and native protesters who support the use of criminal behaviour by the Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire showed up to disrupt the event. 

Why last Sunday’s protest was cancelled

Since the OPP refused requests from Merlyn to send officers to separate the two sides, CANACE decided, shortly after 2pm to immediately re-schedule the protest for this coming Sunday, and left the area at 2:23pm. This is why:

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