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CCLA: NO to Caledonia civil rights abuses, YES to Muslim veils in Ontario courts

After reading about how the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) recently refused – again to even consider the possibility of defending Caledonia citizens against the civil rights abuses suffered at the hands of the OPP and Ontario government, a friend informed me that the CCLA was an intervenor in the outrageous Ontario Court of Appeal decision that not only allows Muslim women to testify while their faces are covered, but states that veiled women can ask the court to remove all men from the court! 

The CCLA makes silly excuses about why it won’t even meet with us to talk about the systemic, years-long civil rights abuses during an illegal peacekeeping mission on Canadian soil used to subvert the Charter and Ontario’s Police Services Act, but it worked to deny an accused the right to face his accuser simply because the accuser was a Muslim woman and, in the process, normalized what Ezra Levant calls ‘gender apartheid,’ AKA: sharia law: 

From Ezra Levant…

It is illegal for a woman wearing a face-obscuring veil to board a plane in Canada. But a unanimous ruling last week by the Ontario Court of Appeal says it’s just fine for that same woman to give testimony in court with her face covered.

There’s more. Ontario’s highest court says veiled women can ask for an order to clear men out of the courtroom — any men in the public gallery, any male court staff, even her opponent’s lawyer, even the judge himself — in return for taking off her veil. It’s paragraph 85 of the ruling.

Shariah law has come to Canada.

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Canadian Civil Liberties Association closes door on Caledonia civil rights abuses

UPDATE: TorSun founder Peter Worthington comments re CCLA lack of interest in Caledonia abuses in ‘Why is G20 outrageous and Caledonia is not?

Crying -  ashamedIn reply to a joint request by CANACE and the Caledonia Victims Project, the Canadian Civil Liberties (CCLA) has, once again, refused to even consider meeting to discuss the civil rights abuses in Caledonia, and has made it clear it has no intention of addressing the issue at all.

Here are our most recent communications with the CCLA, followed by a complete list of references of our unsuccessful attempts to persuade the CCLA to assist Caledonia’s victims…

1. CANACE/CVP LETTER TO CCLA, Mar 01/11 (via email & fax) [PDF]

March 01, 2011 BY FAX & EMAIL

Canadian Civil Liberties Association
506-360 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1X1
t: 416.363.0321 f: 416.861.1291

Dear CCLA:

Beginning in early 2007 I contacted your office on a number of occasions seeking your assistance with the civil rights abuses in Caledonia associated with racial policing practices of the OPP, but you were, unfortunately, unable to assist us at that time.

As you undoubtedly know, award-winning author Christie Blatchford’s 2010 book, Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All of Us, has completely vindicated allegations that the Ontario Provincial Police were following orders not to enforce the rule of law in Caledonia and were, indeed, conducting policing by race to the utter detriment of non-native citizens with no lawful authority.

You may not be aware, however, that a significant amount of the evidence and background for the book was provided by us, and that Mr. McHale and his wife received an acknowledgement in the book for their assistance to the author.

Blatchford’s February 28, 2011 article in Globe, ‘For sheer abuse of state power nothing touches Caledonia,’ [LINK] opens with some frank criticism of the CCLA’s deafening silence on Caledonia’s police abuses:

How fitting that the report of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on the policing of the G20 should be released on the fifth anniversary of the native occupation in Caledonia, Ont.

The same organization now screaming for a full-scale public inquiry into alleged abuses – particularly, the troubling breach-of-the-peace arrest authority used over that June weekend – was and continues to be absolutely silent about similar and worse abuses that occurred in the small town just south of Hamilton, just a few klicks from the Six Nations reserve.

We have worked alone, on a full time volunteer basis, with no financial or public support from NGOs for nearly 5 years – exposing and opposing the terrible race-based policing that caused so much misery in Caledonia, and we would be grateful for your interest now that you have additional resources available of the type you were able to mobilize for the G20, a very worthwhile endeavour indeed.

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Canadian Civil Liberties Association hypocrisy astounding re G20 vs. Caledonia

The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations: abuses of civil rights ignored by Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

“Not Found
Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

Message returned by Canadian Civil Liberties Association search engine for ‘Caledonia’

Canadian Civil Liberties Association re Caledonia

I first began begging the Canadian Civil Liberties Association for help on behalf of Caledonia’s victims in early 2007 beginning with a phone call and email after we were arrested for trying to raise a Canadian flag in December 2006. Sadly, they simply refused to respond to my requests, even after I drove from London to Toronto to personally deliver a draft copy of The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations report which detailed the horrors of racial policing and the violence aided and abetted by OPP officers who refused to act against native rioters.

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VoC speech: Lessons from Dr. King and the Little Rock Nine


Little Rock Nine, circa 1957-1960 (click on image for citation)


Gary McHale asked Regional News publisher Chris Pickup to publish my speech from last Sunday’s flag raising event  in place of his column in this week’s paper. (Don’t miss reporter Bill Jackson’s coverage of the protest as well):  



by Mark Vandermaas
Caledonia Lions Park, May 24/09 
[Regional News, May 27/09] [PDF] [VIDEO, 9:24] [Dial-up

Why is it so important for us to insist that we be allowed to place a Canadian flag in a place where the OPP do not want it? Are we provoking violence? Are we wrong to oppose the OPP position that we take our protests elsewhere? 

In 1954 the US Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools were unconstitutional. Despite this decision, in 1957 Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus called in the state’s National Guard to stop 9 black students from attending Little Rock Central High. His excuse for ignoring the Supreme Court? He was preventing potential violence threatened by white segregationists. His real reason was to make himself politically popular by appeasing racist voters who supported segregation. 

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Human Rights complaint forces Fantino to tell truth (PART 2)

picture-worth-a-thousand-words.jpgIn Part 1 of ‘Human Rights complaint forces Fantino to tell truth,’ I summarized the background to complaints made by Gary McHale and I to the Ontario Human Rights Commission in July 2007, and showed how the subject officers, Commissioner Fantino included, actually admitted in writing to the OHRC in July 2008 that they made a deliberate decision to stop us from putting up flags and arrest us in order to ‘protect us’ from native ‘extreme elements’ who might choose to use violence against us. 

Here, in Part 2, I have reprinted the conclusion (section 6) and supplementary note (section 7) to the document I sent to the OHRC on Sept 02/08 to counter the OPP position:   

Mark Vandermaas v. Ontario Provincial Police       

OHRC file xxxx-xxxxxx
Complainant’s Response To Respondent’s Submissions Of July 22/08

6. Conclusion

I cannot help the fact that I was born of non-native parents with white skin. Having white skin, however, does not prevent me from recognizing racism when I see or experience it. Nor does white skin prevent me from learning and applying the lessons taught by Dr. King in order to confront injustices.

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Human Rights complaint forces Fantino to tell truth (PART 1)


REVISED Sept 18/08, 1615 EST

OPP makes Canadian flag illegal for non-natives

In 1993 the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Ramsden v. Peterborough that Canadian citizens have the right to place items on public utility poles in accordance with the Charter’s guarantee of Freedom of Expression.

On Dec 02/06 a Caledonia man by the name of Bo Chausse was arrested while trying to exercise his right to place a Canadian flag on a hydro pole across from the occupied Douglas Creek Estates.

On Dec 16/06, at a protest organized by Gary McHale in support of Mr. Chausse, both he and I were arrested to ‘prevent a breach of the peace’ while attempting to do the same thing. Actually, Gary was standing quietly on the side of the road with some OPP officers waiting for a senior officer to come and explain why putting up a Canadian flag was illegal. He had offered to cancel the rest of the protest if he received an explanation. Instead of ‘open and honest dialogue,’ Gary got to wear some handcuffs.

OPP hatch a plan

An OPP document shows that in response to a plan to stop Gary McHale’s protests that apparently was put in motion on Dec 03/06 by Commissioner Fantino, the OPP arrested Gary on Dec 16th; held him in jail overnight; tried to place travel restrictions on him and even suggested to a Crown Attorney that he lay an unwarranted ‘Mischief’ charge against him. All this even though they knew Gary had committed no crime. 

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Canadian Civil Liberties Association replies to our cries for help

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgAfter publishing the story about my numerous attempts to beg the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) for help in defending civil rights in Caledonia (Canadian Civil Liberties Association turns blind eye to Caledonia’s agony), I, along with several readers who also took time to contact them, finally received a response.

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Canadian Civil Liberties Association turns blind eye to Caledonia’s agony

UPDATE 1531 Dec 19/07: The CCLA responds to this article. See Canadian Civil Liberties Association replies to our cries for help

UPDATE 2047 EST Dec 11/07: Nov 09/07 cover letter reprinted

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgThis article is long overdue, but a comment from a regular reader to McHale strikes back at OPP’s “nice little package” drew it out of me as I wrote my reply to him. Thanks WL; this is the perfect time to write it, given the events of the past week.

WL Mackenzie Redux   December 9, 2007 7:41pm

Mark: First I want to thank you and Gary for the burdens you have shouldered in fighting for civil liberties most Canadians are unworthy of having.

Second: Can you clue me as what repugnant denizen of McGuilty’s anus issued a communications ban between 2 co-defendants?? This scum should be removed from the bench/bar.

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