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A Canadian Perspective on President Elect Trump and ‘THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS’

trump-portrait-for-facebook-w-sealUPDATE: As if on cue, one day after first publishing a version of this story on Facebook, Canada’s National Post has teamed up with the Washington Post (check out the byline in the NP story linked to below) to smear Donald Trump and his supporters as KKK white supremacists on Remembrance Day:

Dear NP/WP: I’m a Trump supporter, and I’m also a (Canadian) veteran, as are hundreds of thousands of others so…many thanks to you biased hacks for your filthy accusation of being white supremacists on ‘our’ day. Much appreciated because it proves what we’ve been saying from day one: Mainstream Media have abandoned all pretence at telling truths.

Don’t tell me you were just ‘reporting a story’: your goal was to get ‘Trump’ and ‘KKK’ into a headline to link the two where was no link. Been there, been victimized by that before, so I know your sleazy tactics. (It took 4 separate lawsuits from four of us to get an apology and two 1000 word op-eds in two editions of the Six Nations’ Tekawanake News for doing something very similar to us.)

For readers tempted to believe the attempts by these two ‘news’ outlets to link Trump and the KKK, you should know–as the writers of the piece undoubtedly do, too–that the KKK was a ‘Democratic’ Party creation, the same party that fought bitterly against the new abolitionist Republican Party created to end slavery. I highly recommend you either watch Dinesh D’Souza’s stunning documentary, Hillary’s America or review the extensive evidence found on his website:

You could watch this to start with:

Again, I thank the National Post and Washington Post for showing just how low liberal ‘reporting’ can go: lower than rats eating garbage at the bottom of a landfill. And you wonder why we hate you. Well, let me tell you just how much…

A Canadian Perspective on President Elect Trump and THE ‘LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS’

I said from the beginning that Trump’s greatest contribution to freedom may well be the forcing of today’s lying, racist, elitist, bigoted, liberal, colluding hacks masking as ‘reporters’ to once again embrace the noble profession of ‘journalism.’ And I was right. The ‘mainstream’ media’s greatest gift to us during the past year has been the pleasure of watching them destroy much of their dwindling credibility in spectacular fashion. Heck, the idiots at Newsweek even had a commemorative issue for Clinton’s ‘win’ printed and distributed in advance. Really.

For a year I listened to our lying Canadian media who obviously got their lies from American lying media. I can’t recall a single time when I heard a positive story about Trump. Canadian media simply repeated the discredited and biased stories from their lying American counterparts. I doubt that even one of them had actually listened to any of Trump’s speeches such as the one he gave before members of a black Detroit church honoured him by placing a very special Jewish prayer shawl on his shoulders:

Or the moving call to justice and action given by the Republican V.P. of the MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) Society at a Texas rally for Trump:

Even the usually even-keeled and fair Andy Oudman on AM1290 London (Ontario, Canada) suffered from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). It was sad to listen to him tell how every day he got up and watched the CNN liars who colluded with the most evil candidate in US presidential history so he would know what to tell us. Well, of course, he didn’t tell us the collusion part…because he didn’t know that part because he was trusting THE LIARS FORMERLY KNOWN AS JOURNALISTS. And he, of all people, should know better. That was Andy’s source: liars proven by WikiLeaks to be in the bag for another liar and crook who got 4 brave people killed in Libya because she wouldn’t protect them before, during or after the slaughter: despicably lying to the families of the dead. That was Andy’s source, and it was bloody sad, bloody frustrating, and bloody scary because I was raised to believe that journalists were the ‘watchdogs’ of democracy.’ Watchdogs? Lapdogs…with very, very few exceptions like Sean Hannity of Fox News in the U.S. and Rebel Media in Canada.

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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Native occupier threatens non-native woman in Caledonia’s ‘no-go zone’

UPDATE: VIDEO: The Caledonia Eight Arrested

CANACE’s videographer Jeff Parkinson caught a threat made against Bonnie Stephens by a native occupier while she was waiting for police to arrest her during our Saturday protest in Caledonia where eight of us were arrested for ‘trespassing’ on a Haldimand County road. The man can be heard clearly saying, “Come again and the cops won’t be here to protect you.”

  • CANACE video, Dec 03/11: If you come again, the cops won’t be here to protect you [VIDEO, 0.03]

VoC Comment

Even after 5 years of work in Caledonia, even after I and my associates were smeared and assaulted (several put in the hospital) and our property stolen and destroyed by Six Nations militants who ripped apart the community I must confess to still being surprized at just how much violence permeates the attitudes of some of the occupiers. Imagine – threatening a non-native woman for simply daring to stand on a county road! A road that has been declared off-limits to non-natives (and police!) by violent racists whose delusions are backed up by our province’s police force and the Ontario government.  

I am reminded of Christie Blatchford’s observation:

“…the law in Haldimand County operates as the law in America’s Deep South once worked, where there was one law for the white man, who could break it with impunity, and another for the black man. In Haldimand County, since the occupation began, there has been one law for natives and another for non-natives.“

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Free speech dead in Austria: neo-Dark Ages begin w/Sabaditsche-Wolff conviction unless…


Elisabeth Sabaditsche-Wolff (Click to watch video of Copenhagen speech, Nov 2010)Mary Lou Ambrogio, VP of IFPS-Canada, sent me the following story in the The Brussels Journal about the frightening conviction of Elisabeth Sabaditsche-Wolff for hate speech in Austria.

Mary Lou’s accompanying  remarks:

This is a fascinating summary of what happened in the case against ESW and how the judge was able to introduce a new charge after hearing all the evidence and realizing they couldn’t get her on the original charge. Kangaroo court doesn’t even begin to describe this process.”

The Brussels Journal, Feb 21/11

Convicted for calling Muhammad a ‘paedophile’

In Austria, calling Muhammad a ‘paedophile’ constitutes illegal denigration of “religious teachings”. This is what Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was found guilty of in an Austrian court. Read on for an extensive analysis of the puzzling verdict.

Acquitted and convicted

Crying -  ashamedThere is now a conviction against Austrian citizen Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (ESW), who stood trial on a charge of “incitement to hatred” at a series of seminars educating about political Islam and the challenges we face. The case was closed on February 15th 2011 by judge Bettina Neubauer, who gave the following verdict to ESW, who was also convicted of being a “Repeat offender”, in spite of this conviction being her first:

  • Acquitted on the charge of incitement to hatred
  • Convicted for denigration of the teachings of a legally recognized religion.
  • Punishment: 120 day fines for a total of 480 euros.

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Western Standard: the “one victim Julian Fantino did not have the courage to meet…”

From the Western Standard:

Julian and the Victims

Pam 'Dancer' Dudych shares her pain of living on a street abandoned by the OPP at pre-election Remember Us March, Oct 08/07

“I have never had any tolerance whatsoever for crime, to begin with. And also, I have never been able to overlook the victimization that’s involved.” […]

I don’t know how Julian Fantino sleeps at night. To utter those words, while having been OPP Commissioner during the worst of the Caledonia Crisis, requires a cognitive disconnect that beggars imagination. It’s the sort of double think we expect from politicians, but a police officer? The former head of the second largest force in Canada? […]

Speaking of victims, here is one victim that Julian Fantino did not have the courage to meet, Pam ‘Dancer’ Dudych. Pam is a teenager living in Caledonia whose life became a living hell after the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estate. She described her daily existence in a school project thusly:

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Hamilton Spec re ‘Helpless’: 1st orders to conduct racial policing – April 28, 2006

The Hamilton Spectator has published the first story based on excerpts from Christie Blatchford’s book, Helpless.

(Note that the date of the meeting with Inspector Getty described in paragraph 3 was actually April 28/06, not Feb 28th as shown. The meeting occurred eight days after the disastrous raid of April 20/06):


CALEDONIA It was a bizarre display of self-congratulation for an OPP commander whose elite squad had been publicly humiliated by a group of crudely armed native protesters only eight days before.

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Caught on tape: McGuinty cabinet minister insults Deseronto resident


Liberal MPP Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


It’s my privilege to serve you, my neighbours, in Prince Edward-Hastings as your voice in the provincial Legislature. In order for me to continue to be effective it’s important to keep me apprised of your opinions on the issues that face our province. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I continue to enjoy meeting with active members in our community, witnessing their achievements and listening to their concerns. And in turn, I look forward to attending events where we are able to get together and meet our neighbours.

Liberal MPP Leona Dombrowsky: ‘Welcome to my New Website‘ (as of July 03/09)

Dombrowsky’s nasty words for constituent Cindy Welsh & CANACE

In my post about CANACE’s visit to Deseronto-Picton I mentioned that the area’s MPP Leona Dombrowsky (Prince Edward-Hastings) – McGuinty’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs – unintentionally left a nasty message for Cindy Welsh who had invited CANACE and residents to speak about our suggestions for coping with Race-Based Policing in her community, but was being stonewalled by the OPP, Deseronto and the Elks who reneged on their room rental agreement.

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OPP helps CANACE & Deseronto residents expose Race-Based Policing

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 11

Deseronto resident Cindy Welsh tries unsuccessfully to convince Shawn Brant supporters to give Gary McHale a chance to speak.

UPDATE: VoC, July 03/09: Caught on tape: McGuinty cabinet minister insults Deseronto resident

UPDATE JULY 03/09: Napanee Beaver, July 02/09: Raucus meeting defuses with talk  VoC download

UPDATE 2134 EST July 01/09: See, ‘Video of CANACE in Deseronto‘ by Jeff Parkinson for complete coverage in 7 clips. Note: the event was actually held in a Picton park because the town of Deseronto refused to rent resident Cindy Welsh a room where we could speak and the Elks reneged on their rental deal with her.

UPDATE: New story about our visit to Deseronton. See CANACE visits Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, by Jeff Parkinson.

UPDATE: Video added of Mohawks & supporters clapping when Gary McHale talks about attempted murder of police officer in Caledonia. More video clips to follow.

CANACE was invited to speak by Deseronto resident  Cindy Welsh who rented the Elks Hall in Picton for Thursday, June 25 at 6:30 because the Town of Deseronto refused – again – to allow non-natives access to their hall to discuss their rights during a land claim dispute.

Unfortunately, the OPP had earlier convinced the Elks manager to cancel the room rental which forced us to try to speak outside in a remote park with no police presence whatsoever while a large group of Shawn Brant supporters shouted us down and screamed hateful insults.

It seemed as though some – especially one woman in particular wearing a red shirt (photo, below) – were deliberately trying to provoke some kind of fight. Jeff Parkinson filmed the entire event, and clips will be posted when available.

Monsters in Deseronto-Picton?

At one point some of the group actually applauded when Gary McHale tried to talk about how a police officer was nearly murdered in Caledonia!

One resident later said, “Believe it or not, this is a GOOD day!”

CANACE meets with the nice officers of the OPP MELT

We met with 2 MELT (Major Events Liaison Team) members at Cindy’s home prior to the event. We tried to let them know that no one had anything to fear from us. Gary even explained how he was opposed by the Crown when he tried to lay charges for assaults against police officers in Caledonia. 

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Caledonia Militia seeks volunteers to defend Haldimand property owners

Doug-Merlyn post-flagraising May24-09

Caledonia flag raising protest, May 24/09: Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming (white shirt) and Peter Kamerman following their placing of a Canadian flag on a hydro pole near DCE.

UPDATED 1120 EST June 16/09: Caledonia Militia story goes across Canada thanks to Canwest newswire story, ‘Ontario residents eye ‘milita’ as aboriginal dispute drags onPDF, which was picked up by the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Hamilton Spectator and Western Standard. See links in References below.

This announcement from Caledonia resident Doug Fleming was released this evening:

Caledonia Militia

by Doug Fleming
June 14, 2009

Enough is enough! Due to the ongoing reality that the OPP refuses to enforce the Criminal Code with regards to people’s property rights I am forming the Caledonia Militia to ensure that the criminal code is upheld in Haldimand County.

Section 38 – 42 of the Criminal Code outlines the rights of all citizens to lawfully protect their property against trespassers and against those who would steal private property. Parliament has seen fit to allow citizens the right to use reasonable force to remove trespassers from private property.

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BREAKING NEWS: US Marines shut Akwasasne border, Six Nations threatens Caledonia

I am ashamed of my country today.United States government sources have informed CANACE that the U.S. considers the Akwasasne/Cornwall border to be ‘undefended’ now that Canada has abandoned the post due to threats by Mohawk Warriors and, under international law, has sent or is sending United States Marines to stand guard against criminal/terrorist activity.

Background info:

CANACE assists U.S. authorities

When the Canadian government refused to cooperate with U.S. authorities, CANACE founders met with them to provide evidence to aid in the conviction of Trevor Miller for assaulting a U.S. law enforcement agent in Caledonia in 2006.

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OPP lied to Kinrade at Caledonia flag raising

UPDATE 1627 EST June 02/09: see CaledoniaWakeUpCall May 24/09 protest feature page for links, photos, video and text of speeches.

UPDATED 1000 EST June 01/09: Click on photo below to see video footage of Sgt. Carter lying to  protest organizer Merlyn Kinrade as to why non-natives were not allowed to put up Canadian flags. Also includes a short clip from an illegal Hagersville occupation in which Carter threatens to sue CANACE videographer Jeff Parkinson. Carter was present while two OPP officers – later charged with Mischief thanks to Parkinson and Gary McHale – helped natives build a barricade to keep out the legal owner. See, ‘Thank you, Jeff Parkinson!’

“If I feel that way and I think that way, it makes it so.”

Sgt Carter at Cdn_Tire May24-09
Instead of telling Merlyn Kinrade the truth – that native racists threatened to breach the peace if OPP allowed Cdn flags to be raised, Sgt. Carter tells Merlyn Kinrade non-natives can’t put up flags across from DCE in Caledonia because of the arrest of a non-native man who dared to walk onto DCE holding a Canadian flag. (Video link to follow)

In ‘OPP line up to stop Canadian flag raising,’ regarding the May 24/09 protest in Caledonia, I related how Sgt. Carter blamed the lack of a deal allowing us to put up a flag on the arrest of Randy Fleming, a resident who was brutally taken down by the OPP for daring to calmly walk onto the Douglas Creek Estates (provincially-owned land) holding a Canadian flag. Carter blamed Fleming’s actions on Kinrade, and told him the deal he originally offered (that Kinrade would be allowed to put up a flag on another day) was off because of the arrest.

Not true! The REAL reason for not respecting the rights of non-natives, as it turns out, is that the OPP went, cap in hand, to the natives occupying DCE who outright refused to grant us ‘permission’ to exercise our right to put up flags.

Racists make threats against non-natives to OPP!

The DCE occupiers not only refused to ‘allow’ non-natives to raise flags, but went even further by threatening to directly interfere with our rights by breaching the peace should the OPP allow us to do so against their wishes. How do we know?

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Caledonia – Brantford: Is it time to call in the military?


Swastika painted on Jim Smith's Caledonia home.

A reader with native members in his immediate family who has personally suffered at the hands of native lawlessness in Caledonia poses a question that seems to be on a lot of people’s minds after the attacks on Brantford Police and subsequent threats against the city made by Steve Powless when one of his goons was arrested: 

Should we call in the Canadian Forces?

“They’re going to have one hell of a fight now,” said Steve Powless, who spoke on behalf of the protesters. “This is going to be Caledonia Part 2. They don’t understand what they’re in for.”

Is Six Nations going to hire the Mohawk warriors?

If so learn from Oka, Ipperwash & Caledonia call in the ARMY!!!

Jim Smith

VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. I appreciate your sentiments. I think if the police just do their jobs and arrest those committing or encouraging the crimes, the incentive to commit them will disappear. Law abiding native people will also breathe a huge sigh of relief; we’re hearing reports about how embarassed and concerned they are about the sociopaths in their community following the latest attacks on police and threats against Brantford.

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Fantino & McGuinty should apologize for assaults on Brantford Police officers

UPDATE 2140 EST July 15/08:

CD98.9, July 15/08: Six Nations Assault Police  [PDF] – Dwayne Scott Maracle charged with Assault, Resist Arrest, Obstruct Police, Mischief. Police still looking for second man who punched an officer.

Less than one day after CANACE released three hardhitting editorials criticizing the harebrained plan by Brantford developers and their ‘Haldimand Tract Good Neighbours Coalition’ to sell out the rule of law in Canada, the thugs who were to benefit from the scheme demonstrated, for all to see, the mindnumbing folly of the plan to ask municipalities to pay native extortionists with taxpayers’ money.

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Caledonia residents give Fantino a ‘razzy’ for Tim Hortons performance

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgI received two ‘Letters to the Editor’ from Caledonia residents who sent them to media outlets for publication, but have asked us to reprint them. Both women have been very much impacted by the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates and, apparently, didn’t think much of Fantino’s pathetic PR appearance at a Caledonia Tim Horton’s on March 02/08 while we were protesting at his home in Woodbridge.

Mr. Fantino, this is not a game
by Pauline McDougall

To: Christina Blizzard
Subject: Concerned Citizen

Hi Christina,

Just read your article about property in Caledonia. Great article [reprint]. Thanks for keeping our town in the papers. I’m writing to tell you that we are also stuck in the middle of this mess and hostage taking.

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Feeding the crocodiles in Deseronto

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpg“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
Winston Churchill

Source: Belleville Intelligencer
Date: Feb 22, 2008
Title: No charges yet in police assault [reprint]

On Jan. 30, two plainclothes officers with the OPP’s Major Event Liaison Team arrived at the Thurlow Aggregates quarry on Deseronto Road and asked to speak with protest organizers.

They were told to return to the site after dark – around 8 p.m. – for a meeting with “elders”, according to police.

It is believed the officers were pushed to the ground, pelted with snow and their vehicle was damaged by those at the scene. Neither officer, however, was reported to have been injured.

Feeding the crocodiles in Deseronto

Readers will recall that the Belleville Intelligencer once ran an editorial applauding Deseronto town council and the Royal Canadian Legion for refusing to rent rooms to us so that we and Caledonia citizens could inform people there about the realities of Two Tier Justice, and the steps we were taking to peacefully oppose it.

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National Post takes the blinders off MSM

UPDATE 2054 EST Feb 01/07: On Jan 30th, the National Post published a full-page, absolute-must-read, op-ed piece entitled ‘Sacrificial lambs at the alter of Ipperwash’ written by Caledonia lawyer John Findlay, who is also the author of the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit. Don’t miss ‘Lawyer John Findlay blasts Caledonia’s “real interlopers.”

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgjeffparkinson-dec01-07.jpg‘National Post takes the blinders off MSM’ was originally written and published on the blog by fellow civil rights activist and CANACE co-founder, Jeff Parkinson.

Jeff has been laid up for a while due to temporary brain damage caused when an OPP officer threw him to the ground during the attack on Gary McHale in Caledonia on Dec 01/07.

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