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The Day You Dread, by Christine Russell

A retired RCMP officer sent me a link to a heartbreaking letter published in the Toronto Police Association’s magazine, Tour of Duty which was written by the widow of Sgt. Ryan Russell who was killed in the line of duty Jan 12/11. 

The Day You Dread

by Christine Russell

You never think this day would happen. Sometimes I thought about it just before falling asleep, because I was at home safe while he was out working the shifts that leave us all so vulnerable to these worrisome thoughts. But those are just silly thoughts, a last moment to ponder before drifting off.

I honestly never worried about Ryan’s job. I knew he was well trained, I knew he worked in teams, I knew he knew what he was doing out there. I admired him for being a Police Officer. I respected the job. I knew when we got married that I was marrying a cop. Marriage to a cop comes with many days, nights, weekends, holidays, and special occasions spent alone. I knew that, I got that. I also worked shifts, so we both understood the importance of making the most of our time together.

When you think about the “day” it happens, you get this visualization of sorrowful Police Officers knocking on your door to break your heart and deliver the tragic news. Unfortunately it was not that Hollywood moment, it was much worse than anything Hollywood could produce.

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Geert Wilders speech in Amsterdam court today

Geert WildersFrom the International Free Press Society (Canada)…

The trial of Geert Wilders on five charges of discrimination and inciting hatred, which could result in a hefty fine or jail time if he is found guilty, resumed today in a court in Amsterdam.

The Prosecution and Defense both agree that the trial should start over, albeit for different reasons.

From the beginning, the plaintiffs were not pleased that the Dutch prosecutors felt the criminal case against Geert Wilders should not proceed. Remarkably, the Court of Appeal chose to ignore the recommendations of the prosecutors and proceed with the trial.

The trial was suspended in October 2010 as it was determined that the Chief Judge had acted in a manner which could be prejudicial. Subsequently, another instance of interference surfaced. In response to this turn of events, yet another Judge inappropriately made public comments about the suspension of the trial.

The zeal and determination with which the court is pursuing Geert Wilders even in the face of so many opportunities to put a halt to this farce, bespeaks the application of a kind of law that is foreign to western principles of justice. We should all be alarmed that Shariah law appears to have taken hold in our courtrooms and in the social fabric of western nations against the wishes and unbeknownst to the majority of citizens.

It is imperative that the citizens of free nations fully understand the implications of the actions of unelected officials in courtrooms across the Western world and stand with Geert Wilders and other victims of the Thought Police and reject this stealth movement towards removing our fundamental liberties.

Geert Wilders Speech at court in Amsterdam today

The lights are going out all over Europe. All over the continent where our culture flourished and where man created freedom, prosperity and civilization. Everywhere the foundation of the West is under attack.


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VoC Comment


Speaking about free speech, it looks like the British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting the message that ordinary British citizens aren’t going to sit still while the government enables Muslim extremists and silences opposition to their hateful ideology:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

VoC thank you note to Iranian embassy re Iranium movie sell-out

Iranium movie[Fred] Litwin said he’s almost grateful for the Iranian embassy’s intervention because it generated buzz for Iranium the film wouldn’t have otherwise received. “I think I should give them some fine Israeli wine as a gift, Litwin quipped.

  • Sunmedia/The Sault Star, Feb 07/11: Delayed screening takes place in Ottawa
  • Thanks to the interference of the Iranian Embassy and the bureaucrats at Library and Archives Canada who caved in to Iranian pressure to cancel the film showing, which was then followed by a strong defence of Litwin’s right to show the film and a dressing down for the Iranians by Heritage Minister James Moore, the screening of the anti-Iran movie Iranium was sold out last night.  Moore himself, as promised, attended the screening to make sure his message was not lost on the Iranians.

    Demand for tickets was so high, in fact, that Fred Litwin, founder of the Free Thinking Film Society, posted a notice on the organization’s website announcing that people could line up on standby for tickets reserved for people who didn’t show up.

    Some fine Israeli wine for the Iranian embassy?

    Israeli wine, photo from KosherWine.comSunmedia reporter Jessica Murphy’s story included Litwin’s tongue-in-cheek expression of gratitude to the Iranians for helping promote Iranium: “I think I should give them some fine Israeli wine as a gift, ” a comment he made a few weeks ago to me in his response to my email suggesting that he send the Iranian embassy a thank you card for all their help.

    Let’s say thanks to the nice folks at the Iranian embassy!

    Anyone who would like to send the Iranian Embassy a bottle of Israel’s finest can source it at one of these links:

    …and deliver it here:

    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    245 Metcalfe St.
    Ottawa, ON  K2P 2K2

    OR, you can send a thank you note via email here (be polite!) to those helpful embassy folks here.

    I took the inexpensive route via this email:

    SUBJECT: Thank you for your assistance

    Dear Iranian Embassy:
    Salam. I would like to thank you very much for helping ensure that the screening of Iranium was sold out last evening.
    Those who seek to stifle free speech in my country will, as you have now seen, only serve to embarrass themselves and help more people understand the dangers posed by Islamic extremists. I am very grateful to you for helping Mr. Litwin aid the rest of us in understanding that danger.
    I will be posting shortly an article at giving readers source information for Israeli wine along with the address of the Iranian embassy in case someone wishes to help acquaint you with that pleasure. You have certainly earned it.
    Thank you again!
    Yours Truly,
    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Fred Litwin, Free Thinking Films
    James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage & Official Languages
    VoC Comment

    Free Thinking Film SocietyCongratulations to Fred Litwin and all his sponsors and volunteers at the Free Thinking Film Society. Thank you Minister James Moore for making it happen and for attending to show support.  Last night was a good night for free speech, and you should all be very proud that the Iranium show was such a success.

    The similarities of the terrific, wholly unintended results of the Iranian intimidation with those arising from the intimidation of Christie Blatchford’s appearance at the University of Waterloo simply warms the heart. Not only did the Blatchford incident result in a near-sellout it spurred sales across Canada to the point that Doubleday had to order a reprint of Helpless:

    You’d think the enemies of free speech would learn from their mistakes, wouldn’t you? Well, one thing I’ve learned over the past five years – you can almost always count on people driven by hate, greed or blind ignorance to do the wrong thing. This of course, creates wonderful opportunities for the rest of us to get our own message out as evidenced by the line up for Iranium last evening. 

    P.S. Speaking about free speech, it looks like the British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting the message that ordinary British citizens aren’t going to sit still while the government enables Muslim extremists and silences opposition to their hateful ideology:



    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

    Hamilton Police officers take on juvenile diabetes with cross-Canada Tour of Triumph

    Tour of Triumph - riding in support for juvenile diabetesCaledonia resident Dave Hartless, who is a member of the Hamilton Police Service (as well as a prominent figure in Christie Blatchford’s Helpless),  was kind enough to let me know about the great work done being done by members of the HPS to fight juvenile diabetes via a planned cross-Canada (Vancouver to Hamilton) bicycle fundraiser they’re calling the Tour of Triumph.

    Three officers  are going to do the actual riding (4,543 kms!), and other officers have donated off-days to make it possible for them to be away from their duties from May 12th – when they leave the Vancouver Police Department – until their June 12th arrival back in Hamilton.

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    Western Standard: the “one victim Julian Fantino did not have the courage to meet…”

    From the Western Standard:

    Julian and the Victims

    Pam 'Dancer' Dudych shares her pain of living on a street abandoned by the OPP at pre-election Remember Us March, Oct 08/07

    “I have never had any tolerance whatsoever for crime, to begin with. And also, I have never been able to overlook the victimization that’s involved.” […]

    I don’t know how Julian Fantino sleeps at night. To utter those words, while having been OPP Commissioner during the worst of the Caledonia Crisis, requires a cognitive disconnect that beggars imagination. It’s the sort of double think we expect from politicians, but a police officer? The former head of the second largest force in Canada? […]

    Speaking of victims, here is one victim that Julian Fantino did not have the courage to meet, Pam ‘Dancer’ Dudych. Pam is a teenager living in Caledonia whose life became a living hell after the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estate. She described her daily existence in a school project thusly:

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    International Free Press Society recognizes Bill Jackson & Regional News for Caledonia coverage

    Bill Jackson of Regional News takes notes during 2010 municipal election, Caledonia Lions Hall, Oct 13/10

    Bill Jackson of Regional News takes notes during 2010 municipal election, Caledonia Lions Hall, Oct 13/10

    The Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society (IFPS-Canada) has become the first to recognize the valuable work of reporter Bill Jackson and his employer – Caledonia’s Regional News – in covering the Caledonia crisis.

    IFPS-Canada – with Bill’s permission – has reprinted his Nov 03/10 editorial ‘Comment’ in the Regional in which he explained his journalistic approach and his feelings about he and his paper being recognized by the founders of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE) with the presentation of a print of Barb Patterson-Tuck’s award-winning painting, Caught in the Middle, at the Cayuga launch party for Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless. Blatchford was also presented with a copy of the print by CANACE.

    IFPS-Canada: Defending democracy’s watchdogs

    Many people do not know that Bill Jackson was assaulted by native protesters after he took photos of them attacking the elderly Gunther and Kathe Golke in their car in the Canadian Tire parking lot on June 09/06. They stole his camera which was eventually returned to him after ‘negotiations’ through an OPP officer – minus the digital chip containing all the evidence of their crime.

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    Moose & takes a stand as first conservative blog to resign from Blogging Tories over Fantino candidacy

    www.MooseandSquirrel.caUPDATED — Conservative blogger ‘Natasha’ who runs the very conservative and very well-written ‘Moose and Squirrel’ blog ( has become the first blogger to announce her withdrawal of support from the Conservative Party of Canada in a letter to the influential Blogging Tories website in which she terminates her relationship over the party’s decision to appoint former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino as a candidate in the riding of Vaughan.

    As noted in her letter, however, her decision to disassociate herself from the site was premised on a belief that the CPC had failed her with its choice of Julian Fantino as a candidate, and not that the operators of the Blogging Tories had behaved inappropriately in any way (see also, Comment section below).

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    CANACE video – Blatchford on Caledonia and targeting of McHale by “prime minister’s new best friend”

    Christie Blatchford, Chedoke Presbyterian church, Nov 16/10, Hamilton, ON

    Christie Blatchford, Chedoke Presbyterian church, Nov 16/10, Hamilton, ON

    Jeff Parkinson, co-founder of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE), has released a short video containing highlights from Christie Blatchford’s speech to a packed crowd at  Chedoke Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario on Nov 16/10.

    In addition to commenting on the “national disgrace” of  the lawlessness OPP officers refused to stop, she decries the targeting of Gary McHale by Julian Fantino: 

    “Fantino’s extraordinary campaign to hunt down and have arrested a man named Gary McHale – who is here tonight, too – culminated in the OPP boss writing a letter of support for a native man who had assaulted McHale was probably un-precedented and was deeply disturbing. Consider how furious women would be if the justice system reverted to the days of old when a rapist should defend himself by saying, ‘Geez your Honour, she was wearing these high boots and a short skirt.’ Thats the equivalent of what Fantino did. He wrote a letter to the court in support of the man who pleaded guilty of punching McHale and said McHale had been asking for it.

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    The man who exposed the Mohammed al-Dura fraud: IFPS-Canada presents ‘Philippe Karsenty in Canada’

    Philippe Karsenty exposed the fraud behind the allegations Israel troops murdered 12-year old Palestinian Mohammed al-Dura in 2000.The Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society (IFPS-Canada) has announced three appearances in Canada by French journalist Philippe Karsenty who exposed the fraudulent allegations that Israeli soldiers killed a 12-year old Palestinian boy.

    Former London Free Press columnist Rory Leishman will also be a speaker.

    IFPS-Canada has brought speakers such as Ann Coulter and Lars Vilks [ALSO] to Canada in the past.


    Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 1:52 PM
    Subject: IFPS-Canada presents Philippe Karsenty (Tuesday, November 9th 2010)

    Hello Everyone:

    IFPS-Canada Presents Philippe Karsenty in Canada. Click image for details.

    IFPS-Canada Presents Philippe Karsenty in Canada. Click image for details.

    For our next series of events, IFPS-Canada is bringing Philippe Karsenty to Canada for three events:

    Tuesday, November 9th, London – Jewish Community Centre
    Thursday, November 11th, Toronto – Toronto Zionist Centre
    Saturday, November 13th, Ottawa – Library and Archives Canada

    See for further details.

    Philippe Karsenty, internationally known media analyst and founder of Media-Ratings, a media watchdog which monitors the media in France and who exposed the false allegations that Israeli soldiers killed a 12-year old Palestinian, Mohammed al-Dura during a gun battle in Gaza in 2000.Following Mr. Karsenty’s reporting that France 2, a French television network, had broadcast staged footage of the alleged killing, Mr. Karsenty was sued for libel by the network. He succeeded in having a lower court judgment overturned by the Paris Court of Appeal in May 2008.

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    Swedish artist Lars Vilks under death threats, speaks today in Toronto

    Lars Vilks- 'Muhammed in Traffic Circle'

    Lars Vilks- 'Muhammed in Traffic Circle'

    UPDATE: IFPS-Canada, Nov 25/10: How do events get shut down? Let us count the ways…

    Lars Vilks is a Swedish artist who drew a picture of Mohammed on the body of a dog serving as the centre of the world as symbolized by circling traffic.

    For this he has been assaulted by Muslims, his house set on fire, and is under a death threat with a $100,000 bounty with a $50,000 bonus if he’s killed with a knife.

    • Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct 01/10: Swedish artist, his Philadelphia speech on freedom canceled by threat, meets with media [REPRINT]
    • David Horowitz Center, Oct 02/10: Lars Vilks, Artist, Hero of the Free World [REPRINT]
    • Michael Coren Show, Oct 01/10: Lars Vilks & Lars Hedegaard

    Lars Vilks in North America

    Lars Vilks in North AmericaA group of organizations worked to bring Vilks to North America: the Danish Free Press Society; the David Horowitz Freedom Center; Ottawa-based Free Thinking Film Society; and the Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society, IFPS-Canada.

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    Paying respects to Sgt. James MacNeil on Highway of Heroes

    Canadians pay respects to Sgt. James Patrick MacNeil on Highway of Heroes, June 25/10As my wife and I were driving up to Ottawa along the ‘Highway of Heroes’ portion of the 401 on June 25/10 we noticed people standing on the overpasses with Canadian flags as we moved closer to Trenton. They were waiting to pay respects to Sgt. James MacNeil of the 2 Combat Engineer Regiment (Petawawa) who was killed June 21/10 by an IED while serving with the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group.

    We looked for an exit, but found none, so we pulled over at the next overpass (just before Wooler Road) and climbed up the hill to join the people waiting there.

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    BULLETIN: Ontario Court of Appeal sides with McHale re private prosecutions

    The Court of Appeal for Ontario has just released a unanimous decision upholding Justice Marshall’s decision in McHale v. R., 2009 which was appealed by the Crown after Marshall ruled it did not have the authority to withdraw charges against several government employees before McHale could present the evidence.

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    Video: Christie Blatchford on Afghanistan experience

    Christie Blatchford won the 2008 Governor General’s Literary Award for her book – Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army – about the experience of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

    Today someone sent me a link to a short clip of Blatchford talking about her experience with Canadian soldiers during a firefight. As a former member of the Canadian Forces I was a little emotional watching her describe how she followed a stretcher with a wounded soldier, stepping in his blood on the ground as she went.

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    McHale’s victory is Ontario’s victory

    “The Ontario attorney-general has stopped a bizarre prosecution against Caledonia activist Gary McHale.”

    Christie Blatchford, Globe & Mail, April 21/10


    • Caledonia Victims Project feature: R. v. Gary McHale (Counselling Mischief Not Committed

    UPDATED 1817 April 22/10 — Today, the Crown dropped the charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed against Gary McHale — nearly two and a half years after a pretrial judge told the Attorney General not to bring the case to trial.

    In my last post I outlined some very powerful reasons why the Crown might want to take such an action, including the fact that two of Fantino’s most senior officers have already faced Obstructing Justice charges because of the disclosure given to McHale, and the fact that the Superior Court could very well order the former Deputy Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services to turn over her emails to McHale.

    I suppose the Crown and government finally realized that McHale already had enough evidence to use  in private prosecutions against his persecutors, and that providing even more to open a door into the Minister’s office wasn’t such a good idea.

    Photo above: Gary & Christine McHale stand on John Sopinka Courthouse steps in Hamilton after charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed dropped; by Mark Vandermaas, April 21/10.

    A deluded Crown tries to put lipstick on a pig…

    The Crown read a prepared statement into the record that stated it still believed it could obtain a conviction, but thought it better not to waste Court time due to the “unique circumstances” of the case. McHale then spoke for a minute or so, pointing out that the Crown had neglected to mention some key facts: the Obstructing Justice charges; and the fact that the Deputy Minister had her fingers in the pie along with Fantino’s. He also pointed out that the pre-trial judge warned the Crown not to bring the case to trial.

    …but the media weren’t buying pork today.

    Gary was interviewed in the courtroom hallway afterwards by both the Spectator and Christie Blatchford of the Globe & Mail who got up a post and photo shortly after 11 am. We then paid a visit to CH News who immediately put Gary and his story on live at 12 Noon as breaking news, and ran the story every thirty minutes thereafter:

    The idea that the Crown had a chance of convicting McHale after two senior officers associated with his case were charged with Obstructing Justice (never mind the direct interference by Fantino, and possibly, the DM) was nothing short of laughable. I overheard Christie Blatchford on her phone talking about the charge, presumably with her editor, saying, “…yeah, the charge they made up.”  It was rather amusing.

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    McHale seeks court order for Deputy Minister emails


    BULLETIN: Crown drops charge against McHale

    On Friday April 23/10 Gary McHale and the Crown will schedule a date for a ‘Stinchcombe’ hearing wherein McHale will ask the court to order the Crown to disclose certain evidence required for his defence against the charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed laid by the OPP in December 2007. For those involved in this shameful abuse of power, the implications could be severe.

    STINCHCOMBE/CHARTER Application for Disclosure Hearing – date to be scheduled on April 23

    Key items requested…

    1. DISCLOSURE OF EMAILS TO/FROM DEPUTY MINISTER & OPP: McHale is requesting copies of emails & text messages between OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and the Deputy Minister for  the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Deborah Newman (photo below) as they pertain to the charge against him. 

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