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Fantino testimony at McHale trial: what the media didn’t report


UPDATED 1656 EST Dec 02/08

Yesterday, I spent the entire day in a Hamilton courtroom sitting within arm’s reach of Hamilton Spectator reporter Rachel De Lazzer as we – and a group of Caledonia residents – listened to testimony from OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino that proves he has been misleading the public all along about Gary McHale. I watched as she took copious notes during testimony. Apparently there was a CHTV reporter in the court as well.

Fantino’s testimony – NO evidence against McHale

Before I comment on what these journalists reported to their respective audiences, here are what I consider to be the most important details that were exposed thanks to Fantino’s testimony under oath:

1. McHale went through a list of charges with Fantino asking if they had been laid in Caledonia, and whether or not they had been laid against him. Fantino agreed that charges for Attempted Murder; Aggravated Assault; Assault; property damage; and weapons offences had been laid in Caledonia, but not against Gary McHale. Fantino admitted that they video-record McHale’s protests, and that OPP officers were present at one of his townhall meetings.

Despite Fantino’s public allegations (repeated under oath yesterday) accusing him of committing acts of ‘mischief’ and of ‘inciting violence,’ and of being responsible for injuries to OPP officers, he admitted the OPP have never charged Gary McHale with any crime prior to the Dec 01/07 smokeshack confrontation because they have no evidence to support a charge.

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Fantino home protest video – we will not give up our rights!

CANACE’s Director of Multimedia Production Jeff Parkinson recently put together a short film about our visit to OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino’s home on March 02/08 that eloquently expresses the message we sent that day to the Commissioner. It shows first, Doug Fleming and then, Merlyn Kinrade putting up the flags on hydro poles across the street from Fantino’s home, signifying that Canadians will not be intimidated into abandoning their rights, and that even the most powerful police officer in Ontario couldn’t stop us from exercising those rights even at his own home.

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Carie Walker & Sachem ‘get it right’

Due to some other pressing projects and some sick time I only recently came across a very special news report that resulted from our protest at Fantino’s home in Woodbridge on March 02/08. It is a remarkable bit of journalism written by Carie Walker, a reporter for the Grand River Sachem. ‘Remarkable’ in that Ms. Walker actually invested more than 2 hours with me over the phone after the protest in an effort to understand my motivations, my actions and the evidence we have to back up our position.

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Caledonia residents give Fantino a ‘razzy’ for Tim Hortons performance

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgI received two ‘Letters to the Editor’ from Caledonia residents who sent them to media outlets for publication, but have asked us to reprint them. Both women have been very much impacted by the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates and, apparently, didn’t think much of Fantino’s pathetic PR appearance at a Caledonia Tim Horton’s on March 02/08 while we were protesting at his home in Woodbridge.

Mr. Fantino, this is not a game
by Pauline McDougall

To: Christina Blizzard
Subject: Concerned Citizen

Hi Christina,

Just read your article about property in Caledonia. Great article [reprint]. Thanks for keeping our town in the papers. I’m writing to tell you that we are also stuck in the middle of this mess and hostage taking.

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“Why I’m going to Fantino’s house today”

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgBefore we left Caledonia to go to Fantino’s home on March 02/08, builder Ray Robitaille and I said a few words. Here are the notes for my remarks. You can hear Ray’s comments on a video. My apologies for being a little more longwinded than Ray was. :-))

Why I am going to Fantino’s house today

On the Sixth Line there is a family with a very special daughter we call Dancer because she loves to dance. When I first met 14 year old Pam after reading her Road of Hope project I knew I had met a very special human being.

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Merlyn Kinrade gets ‘personal’ with Fantino

UPDATED 1747 EST Mar 04/08

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgYesterday’s protest at Fantino’s home was, according to those who took part, the ‘best ever.’ Not only did we get some awesome media coverage for Caledonia’s agony, but Fantino was forced into lamely dealing with the fallout of his continued refusal to meet non-native protesters by going to Tim Horton’s in Caledonia for a PR stunt that backfired.

Fantino makes ‘planned’ trip to inspect renovations at Cayuga OPP detachment 

One of our number got a call from a reliable source in Caledonia saying Fantino was in Tim Hortons, so Gary McHale – who was not on site – sent out an email to his very extensive media list. We started getting calls from media who were trying frantically to confirm the Timmy’s siting, the significance of which was not lost on them.

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Details on protest at Fantino’s home

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgYork Regional Police – a breath of fresh air! 

Gary and Christine McHale met with York Regional Police yesterday to work out the details for our protest at Julian Fantino’s home scheduled to take place on Sunday.  They brought with them a copy of the 1993 Supreme Court decision in the case of Ramsden v. Peterborough.

According to Gary, the York officers made it clear that they had two objectives in mind: 1)to ensure that no one will be allowed to “interfere with our Charter rights of Free Speech” (their words, not Gary’s) and 2) Keep the peace.  Apparently, they agree 100% that the Supreme Court has ruled on the issue of hanging objects on public utility poles and citizens’ rights to conduct peaceful protests.

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Message for Fantino’s neighbours re Sunday’s protest

UPDATE 1516 EST Feb 29/07: Details on protest at Fantino’s home

UPDATE 1119 EST Feb 28/07: We offer to cancel protest at Fantino’s home if he agrees to meet. See latest press release.

CaledoniaWakeUpCall feature page: Protest at Fantino’s home + other FantinoGate stories

jeffparkinson-dec01-07.jpgThis is a reprint of a post by CANACE co-founder Jeff Parkinson on the CaledoniaWakeUpCall blog. It was originally published under the title, ‘Caledonia interlopers coming to Woodbridge.’

See below for my message to Fantino’s neighbours regarding Sunday’s planned protest.

by Jeff Parkinson

Feb 26, 2008

Julian Fantino will soon get another chance to use his beloved term “interlopers”, only this time it won’t be Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas, and myself he’s targeting. A convoy of Caledonia residents who have grown tired of being ignored by the Commissioner will be heading to Fantino’s neighborhood this Sunday March 2 to exercise their legal right to peaceful protest.

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