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McHales do it again: Haldimand Council votes to dismantle Caledonia blockade


Anti-racial policing protest at gates to Douglas Creek Estates, Caledonia.Last year, Gary McHale shut down the illegal Enbridge Line 9 occupation with a single letter to the Hamilton Police, an accomplishment hailed by SUN TV’s Brian Lilley and recounted in the final chapter of Gary’s book, Victory In The No-Go Zone. Now, he (and his wife) have done it again.

It was a long time coming, but Haldimand Council has announced that it will finally do something to reclaim the Caledonia occupation site–the Douglas Creek Estates subdivision–where so many of us volunteered to be repeatedly arrested for ‘trespassing’ and/or ‘breaching the peace’ simply for trying to walk on the public county-owned roads through the site which have been blocked by native militants since 2006:

CALEDONIA – Haldimand County Council has voted to dismantle a blockage set up by protesters at the entrance of the former Douglas Creek Estates.

Mayor Ken Hewitt said the vote happened in camera Monday night. The county will be hiring a contractor to take apart the barrier – fashioned with metal, concrete and other materials – at Surrey Street in Caledonia.

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For those wondering about Haldimand council’s sudden discovery of spinal strength, it may help to tell the backstory of which the Spectator was unaware:

100421 CANACE

Gary & Christine McHale, entrance to Douglas Creek Estates, April 21/10

Gary McHale recently sent a notice to Haldimand councillors announcing he intended to organize pickets at their homes to dramatize their ongoing failure to enforce the law, a prospect that enraged at least one councillor.

Meanwhile, his wife Christine sent a letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne  advising her of the crimes being committed by the occupiers from provincially-owned land (some is owned by Ontario, some by Haldimand County) and of the safety risks inherent in allowing native occupiers to remain in the one house still standing:

You should be concerned about the issue of safety of both native and non-native people. With Surrey Street totally blocked off, this prevents emergency vehicles vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles from being able to drive down Surrey Street in case of an emergency.” –Christine McHale, June 14/14 letter to Premier Wynne

In truth, the McHales didn’t get council to act because of two letters any more than Gary McHale shut down the Enbridge occupation with one letter: the solutions came as a result of a few letters backed by 8 years of powerful, effective activism by people who say what they mean and mean what they say.

Victory In The No-Go Zone, by Gary McHaleIt was just last November that Gary’s book about our struggle–Victory In The No-Go Zone: Winning The Fight Against Two Tier Policingwas released, a book that documents some of the key aspects of his/our activism in opposing the racial policing of the OPP, and the failure to act by others who rightly could have and should have.

It explains how  we applied Ethical Lawfare and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s methods in today’s environment of cowardly governments that would rather violate the rights of the innocent than uphold the rule of law against the guilty.

What happens next?

Will the natives turn violent again? Will the crisis flare up over an attempt to clean the property and open public roads to the public?

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Caledonia activists McHale, Kinrade, Fleming launch campaign for Haldimand Council seats

Three of the most visible activists in Caledonia/Haldimand County have filed nomination papers and launched campaign websites under the unified theme, ‘HALDIMAND is OPEN for BUSINESS.

In the 2008 federal election Gary gathered 10% of the vote, including 1822 votes in Caledonia alone so this should be an interesting race.

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Bizzare vote by Haldimand Council re election signs shows county’s disdain for Charter

Last night, after Gary McHale complained about potential Charter violations, Haldimand Council held an emergency session to vote on  proposed changes to its election sign by-law which its own lawyer advised would not stand up to a Charter challenge.

[…] The Solicitor’s advice is that a blanket prohibition on election signs from all public property, including road allowances, would not likely withstand a Charter challenge. […] 

  • Haldimand County: ‘Special Council Agenda’ for Sept 08/10 and ‘Report PED-GM-02-2010 RE: Election Signage’ [PDF, 10P]

In a strange twist however, the County did not vote on the proposed ammendment to bring its by-law (partially) into line with the Charter by allowing election signs on road allowances (it did not address the unreasonable limits on sign sizes raised by McHale), but instead voted to enact an even newer last-minute ammendment. The new by-law allows for signs on road allowances under certain conditions which can only be considered to be bizarre, nonsensical and impossible to fulfil.

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McHale’s Charter challenge forces Haldimand Council into emergency vote re election sign by-law


Haldimand County (which includes Caledonia) council is having an emergency session tonight at 6:00pm to modify their restrictive election sign by-law after Gary McHale warned them twice — in 2008 and again in August 2010 — that it violated the Charter of Rights. McHale will be a candidate running in Ward 2 against Councillor Craig Grice for the Oct 25/10 municipal election. 

The current by-law prohibits election signs from being placed on public property, including road allowances, and it restricts the size of signs to just 1.3 sq. metres. 


Sept 22/08 – McHale warns Council not to remove his federal election signs because election sign by-law is illegal 

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Response to pro-OPP comments by Haldimand councillor/Police Services Board Chair Lorne Boyko in Hamilton Spectator

REVISED July 15/10 — Lorne Boyko, Councillor Ward 6, Chair of Police Services Board, Haldimand CountyHaldimand Councillor/Police Services Board Chair Lorne Boyko has not responded to the questions I submitted to him last week about his comments to a Hamilton Spectator reporter, so I will provide a counter-point to his view that OPP racial policing is legitimate based on his understanding of the Constitution and the Ipperwash Inquiry report.

Councillor Lorne Boyko, chairperson of the Haldimand County Police Services Board, said he was “delighted” when he heard Deputy Commissioner Lewis had become Fantino’s replacement. He said he has always been approachable and believed it was “a plus” in the county’s favour Lewis got the job because he is familiar with the Caledonia dispute. Asked if he believed there was two-tier justice, Boyko cited the Ipperwash Inquiry report and said: “Are (natives) dealt with differently? Sure they are dealt with differently. Does the Constitution deal with them differently? Whether we like it or not, it does. … Anybody who takes the time. It’s there.” He said he “personally liked” Fantino and said, while the county had a couple of bumps with him, “You knew where he stood in a very short time. And he stood behind his decisions.”


1. Boyko “delighted” at appointment of Chris Lewis: Lorne Boyko has expressed his ‘delight’ at the appointment of a man who was once charged with Obstructing Justice in the prosecution of Gary McHale for Counselling Mischief Not Committed, a charge laid after Lewis received instructions from his predecessor Julian Fantino to get Gary McHale and not to “get bogged down with legal nuances” doing it:

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Questions for Haldimand Police Services Chair Lorne Boyko re Spectator quotes on Caledonia, Chris Lewis and Ipperwash Inquiry

Lorne Boyko, Councillor Ward 6, Chair of Police Services Board, Haldimand County

Lorne Boyko, Councillor Ward 6, Chair of Police Services Board, Haldimand County

UPDATE: Response to pro-OPP comments by Haldimand councillor/Police Services Board Chair Lorne Boyko in Hamilton Spectator

The Hamilton Spectator’s Dan Nolan has quoted Councillor Lorne Boyko, chair of the Haldimand Police Services Board – responsible for overseeing policing in Caledonia – as making a number of remarks that long-suffering victims of native extremists there may find extremely distasteful. 

The Spectator published a story today quoting the reactions of various players in the Caledonia crisis to the appointment of Chris Lewis to the position of OPP Commissioner, including Gary McHale, Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer, and Boyko.

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More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide

UPDATE 11:55 EST June 17/09: Doug Fleming was interviewed on CHTV today and pointed out to Lawrence Diskin and Donna Skelly that between the time he spoke with Ernie Palmer and the time he announced the Caledonia Militia, Steve Powless had erected signs to announce his new ‘business.’ Obviously, his claim that he was planning to leave at Ernie’s request, but Doug squirrelled the deal was pure, unadulterated bullshit. Gee, who could have known!
In my last post I talked about the attempts to ignore the history of victimization of Caledonia by Six Nations and the disgusting attempts by some to portray residents as ‘inbred’ racists and white supremacists in order to discredit Doug Fleming’s decision to form the Caledonia Militia.
Well, residents should be careful where they walk if they want to avoid the latest steaming piles of bull doo doo being shovelled onto the streets of their fair town thanks to the Hamilton Spectator and Steve Powless:

Pile of BS #1: A tale of two Hamilton Spectator stories

Here are links to two PDF versions of Spectator stories about the Caledonia Militia:

You might be forgiven for thinking these are two different stories with two different titles with two different links, and that Version 2 was a fresh, new story published after the Spec gathered more information.

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Regional News editorial: Caledonia politicians give your heads a shake!

regionalnews-logoLast week Regional News reporter Bill Jackson ran the editorial below in response to the criticism by Haldimand politicians about our May 24/09 flag raising protest in Caledonia.

  • VoiceofCanada category: Caledonia – May 24/09
  • ———————————————————

    May 27/09

    by Bill Jackson

    Some people see flag raising events in Caledonia as disruptions to a quiet town on a Sunday afternoon. Others see them as driving at the root of two-tier justice that has inhibited economic development and inflicted much bigger wounds than anything occurring last Sunday.

    Sure, cars took it slow to make sure that they avoided a few dozen people who were standing on the shoulders of Argyle Street South. But while frustration and hostility were in the air, acts of violence and major confrontations did not occur.

    After all, why would they? People only wanted to raise a few Canadian flags in Caledonia. In Canada.

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    Regional News letter: Sloat should apologize

    justice_gavel_cdn-flag.jpegMerlyn Kinrade and I are very pleased that Caledonia’s Regional News today published the letter below from us regarding comments by Haldimand Councillors Grice and Sloat about Merlyn’s May 24/09 flag raising protest

    Many thanks to a great newspaper which has decided to give a strong voice to those who struggle for justice. Don’t miss today’s Regional News column by Gary McHale: ‘Of Mice and Men.’


    June 03/09

    Councillor Sloat should apologize
    by Merlyn Kinrade & Mark Vandermaas

    We would like to thank Mayor Trainer for publicly defending our right to peacefully oppose racial policing by attempting to force the OPP to respect our right to raise a Canadian flag across from DCE. I hope she will take comfort in knowing that she is on the right side of history. 

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    Haldimand Mayor Trainer: McHale leading ‘a revolution’

    In a time of universal deceipt, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
    George Orwell

    UPDATED 2027 EST July 25/08

    t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgIn recent weeks both VoC and CANACE have been highly critical of members of Haldimand Council for their refusal to attend CANACE presentations and events while three councillors sat in on the presentation of a bizarre plan by the Haldimand Tract Good Neighbours Coalition to transfer taxpayers’ municipal dollars to appease the HDI extortionists who have been devastating Haldimand and Brantford with illegal occupations and demands for money and land title deeds.

    Last Monday, however, the snubs finally stopped when Mayor Marie Trainer and Councillor Leroy Bartlett stayed for the entire CANACE presentation at the Cayuga Lions Hall to learn about the research revealed in our report, ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations,’ and an update on how we are using private prosecutions to do the OPP’s job for them in charging those involved in illegal occupations.

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    Caledonia – Brantford: Is it time to call in the military?


    Swastika painted on Jim Smith's Caledonia home.

    A reader with native members in his immediate family who has personally suffered at the hands of native lawlessness in Caledonia poses a question that seems to be on a lot of people’s minds after the attacks on Brantford Police and subsequent threats against the city made by Steve Powless when one of his goons was arrested: 

    Should we call in the Canadian Forces?

    “They’re going to have one hell of a fight now,” said Steve Powless, who spoke on behalf of the protesters. “This is going to be Caledonia Part 2. They don’t understand what they’re in for.”

    Is Six Nations going to hire the Mohawk warriors?

    If so learn from Oka, Ipperwash & Caledonia call in the ARMY!!!

    Jim Smith

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. I appreciate your sentiments. I think if the police just do their jobs and arrest those committing or encouraging the crimes, the incentive to commit them will disappear. Law abiding native people will also breathe a huge sigh of relief; we’re hearing reports about how embarassed and concerned they are about the sociopaths in their community following the latest attacks on police and threats against Brantford.

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    A reader comments on Haldimand Tract Good Neighbours Coalition appeasement plan

    UPDATED 2123 EST July 14/08

    “An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

    Winston Churchill

    CANACE released three editorials yesterday to aggressively counter an attempt by a coalition of Brantford builders called the Haldimand Tract Good Neighbours Coalition to sell out Canadian justice by urging municipalities to turn over taxpayer’s monies to the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI), an organization that has shut down development sites in Hagersville, Cayuga and Brantford with intimidation and illegal occupations.

    The HDI has been accused of extortion by both MPP Toby Barrett and MPP Bob Runciman:

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    Dramatic developments coincide with CANACE activities

    UPDATE 1245 EST May 26/08: Fantino has emergency meeting with Six Nations Confederacy chiefs, tells them he will enforce court orders against native protesters. See ‘End of the beginning’ for struggle against race-based policing.’

    2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgWhile CANACE can’t take credit for all the dramatic developments that have taken place recently, they do seem to coincide with CANACE activism and education efforts.  

    A quick refresher:

    • On May 07/08 CANACE released our latest report, ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations‘ to a packed Cayuga Hall that included business people and developers. MPP Toby Barrett spoke to the crowd and provided an update about Deseronto.
    • On May 08/08 CANACE directors met with two federal MPs at a resident’s home in Caledonia where we supplied them with copies of 4 CANACE reports. We have received confirmation that 20 copies of these reports were distributed ‘broadly’ in Ottawa and are ‘causing quite a stir.’
    • On May 12/08 CANACE was authorized to gather evidence at a construction site in Cayuga for the purpose of laying criminal charges against native blockaders. Charges should be filed via ‘private informations’ by the end of next week. The OPP subsequently advised the builders that their Criminal division was ‘investigating.’

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    Brantford Council takes a stand while Haldimand dithers

    t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgOne of the saddest aspects of our struggle to restore the rule of law in Caledonia has been the consistent refusal of Haldimand Council as a group to take a stand on the side of justice.

    • They allowed themselves to be manipulated by OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino into being part of a secret ‘mutual understanding’ intended to blame Gary McHale for tensions in Caledonia despite him having committed no crime. (see also, Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations, Myth #3)
    • They allowed Julian Fantino to speak to Council after he threatened them to remain quiet, but refused to allow McHale, Kinrade and I to appear as a delegation in order to clear our names. 
    • On July 09/07 Council issued a silly press release blaming the federal government for the crisis in their community instead of holding McGuinty and the OPP for not enforcing the law – which is a provincial responsibility.
    • They refused to stand with15 year-old Dancer and the brother of Sam Gualtieri to speak at the pre-election October 08/07 ‘Remember Us’ March.
    • They refused to ratify Toby Barrett’s historic ‘Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government.’
    • They recently cancelled a scheduled meeting with CANACE directors because ‘they were too busy’ and because ‘Council has no appetite to go after Michael Bryant’ – even after CANACE helped Mayor Trainer expose how the Ontario government – and Bryant in particular – has knowingly allowed the OPP to lie to landowners regarding the ‘Colour of Right’ myth. (see also, Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations, Myth #1, link below)
    • Not one member of Haldimand Council showed up to see our May 07/08 presentation of ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations.’

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    MPP Toby Barrett encourages Haldimand to demand ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’


    UPDATED 1845 EST Feb 23/08: National Post, Feb 13/08 – Police ignoring native violence, MPP alleges 

    At 1000 this morning I received an email from MPP Toby Barrett (top photo on right) outlining his attempt to encourage Haldimand County to issue a strongly worded proclamation  calling on federal and provincial governments to restore ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’ to their citizens. He even provided a draft proclamation for Council’s “review and action.”

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