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Caledonia has some new friends: Ezra Levant & SUN News TV

UPDATED May 08/11 — Sun News-ezralevantGary McHale appeared on Ezra Levant’s show on the SUN News network this evening and it was clear that Caledonia had found some new – and very powerful – friends.

After putting MP Randy Hillier on the spot by lambasting Tim Hudak’s backtracking on his commitment to eliminate Ontario’s human rights tribunal to put an end to frivolous and abusive prosecutions (Levant was once prosecuted, er persecuted,by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for hate speech himself after publishing the infamous Mohammed cartoons at the Western Standard) he then spent about 12 minutes interviewing McHale. Levant finished with a promise to have McHale back many more times, recognizing that their first interview had “just scratched the surface.”

Hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur and ‘sdamatt2’ for getting the story & video out so quickly.

Levant/Sun News willingness to hold Conservatives accountable is good news!

knight-w-sword.jpgAs much as I was pleased at seeing my longtime associate appear with Canada’s leading conservative advocate for free speech to talk about Caledonia, I was just as gratified to see that the SUN News network is not planning on being a cheerleader or apologist for wimpy, backsliding, spineless Conservative politicians any more than it is for the left-leaning iteration. Watch and enjoy:

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U.S. Supreme Court: race-based decision-making vs. whites unlawful

US Supreme Court buildingUPDATED 1707 EST JULY 17/09

In a decision just released on June 29/09 the U.S. Supreme Court (photo, R) has decided that race-based discrimination is illegal – even when the victims have white skin.

The Court has made clear that no matter how well-intentioned the discrimination might be, it is still illegal.

Ricci v. DeStefano could have an impact on Canadian jurisprudence, not only in the area of employment law, but also for victims of illegal Race-Based Policing practices during land claim disputes. 

White & Hispanic firefighters rejected for promotion because of race

Frank Ricci and sixteen other white firefighters and one Hispanic sued the City of New Haven, Connecticut for racial discrimination after the city threw out the results of examination results that would have seen them at the front of the line for promotions.

The “belief that citizens should be reduced to racial statistics is flawed,” Ricci told the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“It only divides people who don’t wish to be divided along racial lines. The very reason we have civil service rules is to root out politics, discrimination and nepotism. Our case demonstrates that these ills will exist if the rules of merit and the law are not followed.” Watch firefighters testify »

Ricci also criticized Sotomayor’s 2nd Circuit for disposing of the case in an “unsigned, unpublished summary order that consisted of a single paragraph.”


Ricci was one of several witnesses who testified both for and against Sotomayor.

Linda Chavez, head of the conservative Center for Equal Opportunity, which opposes affirmative action, argued that “it is clear” from Sotomayor’s record “that she has drunk deep from the well of identity politics.” It is impossible for Sotomayor to be a fair judge when she has “shown a willingness to let her policy preferences guide her,” Chavez said., July 16/09: Firefighter criticizes Sotomayor ruling 

CNN Frank Ricci_Ben Vargas testify 090716

MUST SEE: Click to watch New Haven firefighters Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas testify at nomination hearing for Judge Sonia Sotomayor re racial discrimination against them, ruled illegal by Supreme Court on June 29/09. July 16/09 (6:15)

MUST SEE: CNN video: Firefighters Testify

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91% of TorStar story readers shoot down Liberal insults aimed at Caledonia Militia

1 d

UPDATED 1924 EST June 19/09: Canada Free Press, June 15/09: Politicized policing, incites call for citizen militias

UPDATED 1529 EST June 19/09: Added LARGE TYPE PDF version of Star story & reader’s comments.

In ‘Proof positive native extremists have lost PR battle’ I laid out the evidence to show how native extremists have lost the support of  the media and – just as importantly – their own communities.

Yesterday’s reaction by readers to a Toronto Star story regarding Doug Fleming’s Caledonia Militia idea shows just how much the public is fed up with the lawbreakers AND the McGuinty government.

After reading the story in which the Premier, Aboriginal Affairs Minister Brad Duguid and Community Safety & Correctional Services Minister Rick Bartolucci called the milita idea “unhelpful;” “dumb” and “shameful” 85 comments were left. Result: 77 positive comments for the militia, Fleming, and Caledonia. 5 negative comments. 3 neutral.

In other words, despite the scathing criticisms by three Liberal ministers 91% of readers who read their words – published by one of the biggest, most liberal newspapers in Canada – think the following:

1. McGuinty’s ministers are a bunch of twits;

2. They’re not buying justifications or tolerance of landclaim lawlessness anymore, and

3. They think the Caledonia Militia is a great idea. If you count the neutral comments, it means 94% of readers were either positive or neutral regarding the militia.

It must have been a tremendous blow to their egos to find out that they were wrong – that the public sees the Caledonia Militia as a legitimate reaction to their interference in policing.

BTW, the TorStar story had a link to the Hamilton Spec’s ‘let’s rewrite history’ story as discussed in my last post, ‘More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide.’  This makes the positive number of comments even more impressive!

CHTV coverage – positively inspired!

1 bCHTV had some positively brilliant coverage featuring Doug Fleming. In an interview by Donna Skelly and Lawrence Diskin, Doug’s common sense and understanding of history shone forth while Skelly firmly announced that she supported Doug 100%. 

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CANACE release: OPP take first steps toward ending Race Based Policing

UPDATED 2050 EST June 13/09


On June 12/09 OPP Sgt. Phil Carter informed CANACE that the OPP was consenting to a planned march by non-natives down Argyle Street past the occupied Douglas Creek Estates with Canadian flags.

Thank you!

Along with every other gutsy Canadian who is making a difference in this struggle (you know you who are!) I would like to give special thanks to Merlyn Kinrade for his tireless work within his beloved community of Caledonia. Thanks also to Pat, Roland, Christine and Debbie. This is your day, too!

Comment by CANACE co-founder Jeff Parkinson

Thank you to Sgt. Carter and Commissioner Fantino

I would like to sincerely thank Sgt. Carter and the OPP, including Julian Fantino for making this important change in policy.

Given how involved the Commissioner is in the affairs of Caledonia, especially where Gary McHale and CANACE is involved I know that it would not have been possible were it not for Mr. Fantino’s approval. Whether that approval was a result of Minister directive or one from the Legal Services Branch of the Attorney General, I don’t know and don’t care. The fact is, someone, has directed the OPP to change its policy in a fundamental way.

To Commissioner Fantino:

This was never personal. Even though we protested at your home it was to bring about changes such as this using peaceful, lawful, democratic means rather than the violent/criminal methods of native extremists. 

I can’t speak for Gary McHale, but I am willing to talk with you or your lawyers about moving on to a better time. You can make my defamation lawsuit disappear by clearing my name with an simple apology for falsely accusation me of being ‘involved’ in violence. As you already know I don’t want any money.

You can also make my OHRT complaint disappear simply with an apology and a directive to your officers that they are to enforce the law without regards to race in accordance with the Police Services Act and the Ontario Human Rights Act. Again, you already know I’m not asking for money in connection with this either.

As for the lawsuit regarding my arrest, have your people call my people.

Readers who are skeptical about OPP commitments are asked to please read this post before commenting. Thanks.

Join us for the “Support Randy Fleming” rally on June 20th

I certainly hope that now the event has been ‘sanctioned’ by police Canadians from inside and outside Caledonia will come to Caledonia on June 20th to march in support of Randy Fleming. Here are the links in case you missed them in the news release:

Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


VoC speech: Lessons from Dr. King and the Little Rock Nine


Little Rock Nine, circa 1957-1960 (click on image for citation)


Gary McHale asked Regional News publisher Chris Pickup to publish my speech from last Sunday’s flag raising event  in place of his column in this week’s paper. (Don’t miss reporter Bill Jackson’s coverage of the protest as well):  



by Mark Vandermaas
Caledonia Lions Park, May 24/09 
[Regional News, May 27/09] [PDF] [VIDEO, 9:24] [Dial-up

Why is it so important for us to insist that we be allowed to place a Canadian flag in a place where the OPP do not want it? Are we provoking violence? Are we wrong to oppose the OPP position that we take our protests elsewhere? 

In 1954 the US Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools were unconstitutional. Despite this decision, in 1957 Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus called in the state’s National Guard to stop 9 black students from attending Little Rock Central High. His excuse for ignoring the Supreme Court? He was preventing potential violence threatened by white segregationists. His real reason was to make himself politically popular by appeasing racist voters who supported segregation. 

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White people can apply Dr. King’s lessons, too

CANACE is holding a protest march in Caledonia next Sunday at 1:30 pm to once again try to raise a Canadian flag across the street from the occupied Douglas Creek Estates where 3 Canadians (including VoC) have been arrested while attempting to do so.

If you would like to know why flag-raising events are so important, please see the links at the end of the article.

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MPP Toby Barrett: Double standard for highway blockades?

I received a copy of the following article from Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett. It dovetails perfectly with CANACE’s planned flag-raising event at 1:30 pm this next Sunday, May 24/09:

May 19, 2009

Hi, Toby here,

Please find attached a newspaper column titled, “Is there a double standard for highway blockades?”, that I have forwarded to our area newspapers.


Is there a double standard for highway blockades?

“You can’t block highways – You endanger others and you endanger yourselves.”

Who said that? – Why it was Premier Dalton McGuinty identifying last week’s Tamil highway blockade as, “unlawful activity.”

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