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Free Thinking Film Society presents – Salim Mansur, David B. Harris, Bruce Bawer and Hege Storhaug: ‘The Problems of Immigration in Europe’

Free Thinking Film Society

UPDATE: Watch Hege Storhaug’s disturbing presentation in Ottawa about Islamization of Norway (w/Bruce Bawer intro):

  • Free Thinking Film Society video, June 08/11: Hege Storhaug w/Bruce Bawer intro[VIDEO, 1:04:32]

UPDATE June 04/11: The FTFS has advised that, unfortunately, Salim Mansur will be unable to speak at this event after all. 

The Free Thinking Film Society, the people who dared to give you Iranium and Caledonia: No More Nightmares are now presenting an amazing evening of speeches and discussion about the security risks associated with the importation of radical Islam via immigration:

From the FTFS news release…


‘The Problems With Immigration in Europe’

June 08/11, 7pm
Library & Archives Canada, Ottawa
Admission: $20, Students $10

Please join us for an amazing evening when Bruce Bawer returns to Ottawa with his colleague Hege Storhaug to speak on the problems of immigration in Europe.

cover-Bruce Bawer book SurrenderBruce Bawer is an internationally-acclaimed author, whose recent book is “Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom“, and here are some short reviews:

“Bruce Bawer has yet again written an excellent book….I truly hope that it will serve as an eye-opener for everyone.” – Geert Wilders

“Written with an urgency and clarity that makes it hard to stop reading and re-reading it. It should be studied by all who wish to understand the forces at work in the West that make an Islamic ‘House of Peace’ a brewing nightmare.” – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

cover-Hege Storhaug bookHege Storhaug is the information director of Human Rights Service in Norway and the author of several books on immigration and integration, forced marriage, women in Pakistan, and related subjects.

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Free Thinking Film Society: Iranium WILL be shown Feb 6th thanks to Heritage Minister James Moore

UPDATE: VoC thank you note to Iranian embassy re Iranium movie sell-out

UPDATED — Fred Litwin, founder of the Free Thinking Film Society, has sent out a letter explaining his version of the events that led to the recent cancellation of the Society’s screening of the film ‘Iranium’:

Free Thinking Film Society

Iranium will be shown in Ottawa on February 6th!

January 21, 2011

Dear Free Thinking Film Society Supporter:

I want to express my extreme disappointment that Iranium was not shown in Ottawa this week. We are committed to ensuring this film is shown in the capital of Canada – and that our cultural policies are not dictated by the Khomeinist thugs of Iran.

So, I am happy to announce that Iranium will now be shown on Sunday, February 6th at 7:00 PM at the Library and Archives Canada. Clare Lopez will also be flying in to talk at the event. Tickets are $15.00 (Students/Seniors – $8.00) and will be available, in advance, at the following locations:

Compact Music, 785 1/2 Bank Street
Compact Music, 190 Bank Street
Ottawa Folklore Centre, 1111 Bank Street
Ottawa Festivals, 47 William Street

Tickets will also be available at the door, but to ensure you get a seat, please buy your ticket in advance.

What really happened this week

On Monday, January 17th at 2 PM, I was informed by staff of the Library & Archives Canada (LAC) that they had received ‘complaints’ about Iranium and had decided to cancel the film. They offered to find an alternate venue.

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Suspicious package, threats shut down screening of Iranium movie after Iranian embassy complains

UPDATE: VoiceofCanada, Jan 21/11: Free Thinking Film Society: Iranium WILL be shown Feb 6th thanks to Heritage Minister James Moore

Iranium movieUPDATED — From the Ottawa Sun, tonight, 8:37pm, h/t to Vlad Tepes and Blazing Cat Fur…

OTTAWA – A suspicious package and a rash of phone calls threatening protests shut down the planned screening of an anti-Iran documentary at Library and Archives Canada Tuesday night.

Iran’s embassy in Ottawa had tried to censor the film, Iranium, by complaining to the national library, which cancelled it until Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore stepped in.

But after library officials fielded calls they say threatened protests, they reversed course again and re-cancelled the event just hours before it was due to start.

They called in police and shut down the building after somebody hand-delivered suspicious letters, forcing out researchers working in the archives.


“It’s like the Iranians have set something in motion and they’re able to shut down a film in the capital of Canada,” said Fred Litwin. “They obviously thought they could push around some people and they were right.” […]

The ‘Vlad Tepes’ blog is all over this story, apparently from a ringside seat, and has some photos, including one of the notice sign posted announcing the closing of the building:

About ‘Iranium’ – the movie

Free Thinking Films logoFrom… 

January 18, 2011
Library and Archives Canada

7:00 PM

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Fred Litwin on Harper, Caledonia, and Ramadan terror arrest apologies

UPDATE: RCMP denial of Ramadan terror arrest apology vs. Muslim Canadian Congress version

The last story posted on VoC before my Christmas break provided detailed information and commentary on the Canadian government’s decision to issue an apology to the organized crime group Mohawk Warriors for their inclusion in an anti-insurgent manual:  

 Since then, it has become known that the RCMP and Ottawa Police apologized to Muslim leaders shortly after arresting three terror suspects during Ramadan last August. Once that story broke early in the new year Prime Minister Harper issued a quick assertion that Canadian law was to be enforced every day of the year, but I hadn’t had time to comment on the obvious hypocrisy of that statement given his government’s complete non-interest in seeing the law enforced in Caledonia.  

Fred Litwin - Free Thinking Film Society; GayAndRight; The Propagandist

Fred Litwin - Free Thinking Film Society; GayAndRight; The Propagandist

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