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Vandermaas email to OPP officer re April 21 DCE rally before two ‘breach of peace’ arrests

120421 Sign carried by Mark Vandermaas & other anti-violence/racism protesters onto occupied Douglas Creek Estates, CaledoniaOn April 18/12 an officer from the plain-clothed OPP ‘Provincial Liaison Team’ sent me an email politely inquiring as to what day we would be holding our planned march onto the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia. Gary McHale had refused to disclose the information, and she was hoping I would. I wrote back to her on April 19 explaining why I would not do so. The email is below. But, before we get there…

120421 CANACE/Caledonia Victims Project supporters on Douglas Creek Estates, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

Mark Vandermaas – arrested for being the victim of an assault by a native radical

Keep in mind while reading my message to her that just two days later, on April 21/12, she and her OPP partner (wearing blue/black jackets in photo below) would watch a native occupier (red hat, sunglasses, dark coat) chase after me and assault me by blocking my path and chest-butting me as I carried a sign saying ‘HEALING BEGINS WITH APOLOGIES.’

120421 Mohawk Warrior Ken Greene (red hat, sunglasses, dark coat) starts off after Mark Vandermaas as two OPP officers (blue/black coats) watch, Douglas Creek Estates 'no-go zone,' Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE MCHALE

120421 Mohawk Warrior Ken Greene blocks Mark Vandermaas & chest butts him as two OPP officers (uniformed & plainclothes (blue/black coat)) watch, Douglas Creek Estates 'no-go zone,' Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE MCHALE

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David Strutt cartoon: new logo for ‘ONTARIO PARTISAN POLICE’

UPDATED — This is the second Caledonia-related editorial cartoon by graphic designer/photographer/Freedom Party candidate David Strutt. He created it after watching the video from our Jan 27/12 protest at which Gary McHale was arrested for putting up a sign at the Douglas Creek Estates occupation site.

As David said in his email to me that accompanied his ‘Ontario Partisan Police’ logo design, as he called it: “That video had my blood boiling today.” 

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History of the Mohawk Warrior flag: a legacy of lawlessness

Warrior flag w/masked native, Caledonia, 2006Some native militants have claimed the Mohawk Warrior flag is merely a benign ‘Unity Flag’ of peace with no sinister intent or symbolism despite its long and highly visible association with extreme violence, intimidation and criminal activity in places like Oka, Akwasasne and Caledonia.

Not only is this claim highly dubious on its face, the birth of the Mohawk Warrior flag flag in violence and criminality has been well documented in a Masters thesis by a Concordia University student named Kahente Horn-Miller who “…is Bear Clan Kanienkehaka and lives near Montreal Canada on the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory…”

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JOINT NEWS RELEASE re High Park, Toronto protest Saturday, May 28th

Caledonia Victims Project. Click the image to find out about the dancer.CANACE logo

(references following)

– Joint News Release by CANACE and the Caledonia Victims Project –

City of Toronto approves racially segregated park land

CANACE, founded by Gary McHale, and the Caledonia Victims Project, founded by Mark Vandermaas, are holding an Information Rally in High Park in Toronto on May 28, 2011 in order to inform the public about the dangers to public safety regarding the ongoing illegal occupation of High Park by Native protesters. The illegal occupation in High Park is being conducted under the banner of Six Nations and Mohawk warriors.

The City of Toronto has already decided to fence off the park land where Native protesters have stated they will continue to use the land at will. There is little doubt non-Natives will be banned from the area in order to appease the protesters.

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Caledonia Players: The Mohawk Warriors

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006The Mohawk Warriors played a key role in terrorizing Caledonia:

In the discovery for the Brown/Chatwell lawsuit, Superintendent John Cain, the OPP’s major incident commander in overall charge of DCE from March, testified that this information [presence of “extreme activists” on Douglas Creek Estates occupation site] came from [Superintendent Ron] George in early April [2006]. Cain also said that, in his view, “extreme activists” meant Mohawk Warriors, whom he described as being akin to Hells Angels in that the Warriors deploy themselves in a quasi-military manner and, as he succinctly put it, they “use guns, have guns.”

  • Helpless, Christie Blatchford, 2010, p55

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006

The officers said the OPP grew more concerned about the possibility of violence after the arrival of militant members of the Mohawk Warriors, a group described as “akin to the Hells Angels.” The Warriors were involved in organized crime and cigarette running and had a reputation for physical confrontation and access to guns, including assault rifles, court heard. “Their flag was raised higher than the Six Nations flag which is symbolic of who controls the site,” Insp. Haggith testified.

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006According to CBC, the Canadian Forces are going to provide a ‘heartfelt’ apology for listing the Warriors in a counter-insurgency manual in 2006:

Military officials are still finalizing the wording of the apology to the society, which was included in the draft counter-insurgency manual. The apology is expected in January or February. A spokesman for the Canadian Forces has called the apology important, and said it will be heartfelt. “We want to make sure that it’s [the apology] delivered in a proper format with a proper amount of respect and from the proper level,” Maj. Martell Thompson told CBC News.

The draft document singled out the aboriginal militant group as an example of “radical native American organizations” that can be “viewed as insurgencies with specific and limited aims.” The mention angered many Mohawks who claimed they were being compared to international terror groups such as Hezbollah and the Taliban.

But, who are the Mohawk Warriors?

CALEDONIA PLAYERS: The mohawk warriors  

1. Cozying up to friends of Hezbollah and Hamas

Native occupiers at Douglas Creek Estates, Caledonia fly the Palestinian flag (red, black, white, green) with the flag of Six Nations (purple, white) and the flag of the organized crime group Mohawk Warriors (red, yellow). CUPE members were on the site supporting the lawlessness since shortly after the failed OPP raid of April 20/06.

Within two weeks of the beginning of the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates members of McMaster University’s Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights were on the site. They were there on May 03, 2006 when the Niagara Palestinian Association raised the Palestinian flag along with the Six Nations and Mohawk Warriors flag (photo, right).

Jamila Ghaddar, a spokesperson for McMaster’s SPHR who was on the occupation site when the Palestinian flag was raised, was also a guest speaker at a Feb 22/08 Toronto protest organized by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid – a group that sent delegates to the 2007 Cairo Conference between March 29-April 01 to meet representatives of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood.

As you can see from the photo (below, right), the Warrior flag was carried beside the face of Hasran Nazrullah, leader of Hezbollah at an anti-Israel rally. Walking beside the Warrior/Hezbollah combination is Ali Mallah, VP of the Canadian Arab Federation – which once petitioned the Canadian government to remove Hamas and Hezbollah from its terrorist watch list:

2. From Dr. Whitney Lackenbauer’s paper, Carrying the Burden of Peace

[p13] During the 1970s and 1980s, the Warrior Society expanded into neighbouring Mohawk communities and engaged in the lucrative cigarette trade to generate revenues. “After hours sales of alcohol, high stakes bingo, and slot machines have operated in defiance of the efforts of both traditional and elected Mohawk governments,” one reporter observed.

[p13] In 1988, two hundred RCMP officers raided cigarette stores at Kahnawake, prompting Warriors to seize the Mercier Bridge for twenty-nine hours.

[p13-14] Rick Hornung describes in One Nation Under the Gun how factional conflicts over the control of gaming and the cigarette trade (and those residents who opposed both activities) led to heavy fighting with automatic weapons and even grenades. The small fifteen-member Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service was overwhelmed following the murder of two Mohawks at Akwesasne and significant property damage. The challenge of policing a diverse First Nation, which harboured “highly sophisticated and powerful organized criminal elements,” became starkly apparent. Order on the reserve was temporarily restored by sizable numbers of Ontario Provincial and RCMP police officers, supported with CF armoured vehicles, secure communications, and engineer services such as rafts and high-speed inflatable boats, and still the violence continued. In early 1990, a Canadian mechanized battalion moved to Cornwall in preparation for an aid to the civil power mission which was subsequently canceled.

Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 2006The Warriors did not enjoy the easy support of all Mohawks and their tactics and approach divided the community. “The anger on the reserve between those opposed to gambling, drug-running and smuggling, and those who feel the natives should be a law unto themselves, will not easily be overcome,” Captain Tony Keene noted in early 1990.30 The Warriors were fiercely opposed by other traditional Mohawks who followed the teachings of the Seneca prophet Handsome Lake. […]

[p17, footnote 36] The Mohawk Warriors claimed publicly that the police fired first, and that Lemay had been a victim of fratricide (killed by a police bullet). Five years after the standoff, a coroner’s report concluded that the shot was fired by a Mohawk warrior, but the report did not identify the killer and no one was charged with Lemay’s murder.

[p20] LGen Kent R. Foster, the commander of the Mobile Force, concurred. “The Sûreté du Québec was not capable of facing the kind of weaponry in the Warriors’ arsenal,” he explained. “My view was that the army would eventually have to confront the natives. No police force in the country could be expected to deal with the circumstances that faced the Sûreté du Québec on July 11. […] This major internal security operation was officially described as “a brigade sized force in a confrontation with a well-armed dissident group whose potential military capabilities exceeded the capacity of civilian law enforcement agencies. […]

[p26] The Mohawk Warriors had impressive military capabilities that exceeded the capacity of civilian law enforcement agencies. A lawyer for the Kanesatake band council confirmed that many of the militant Warriors spearheading the Oka barricade were Vietnam veterans from the US side of the Akwesasne reserve. Their combat training and experience was reflected in the Mohawk positions: their barricades were well-sited and positioned to maximize cover and concealment, and they laid out an effective network of trenches and military obstacles. […]

Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 2006Furthermore, the Warriors established a sophisticated communications network between Akwasasne, Kanesatake and Kahnawake, making use of air raid sirens and fire hall bells, to hand-held radios, cellular telephones, local radio stations, and human patrols. They also possessed a large number of automatic weapons, supplemented by an array of hunting rifles, and had ample stockpiles of rations and ammunition. Overall, they were well organized and disciplined, with various calibre combat weapons “de très bonne qualité,” CWO Réginald Gagnon wrote.

[32-33] On a deeper level, this situation reflected the Warriors’ overarching agenda, which could not accommodate any government or military interests without an explicit recognition of Mohawk sovereignty. Of course, the government could not concede on a point that could jeopardize the integrity of the entire Canadian state […]

[38] With momentum clearly working against them, the Warriors subjected the soldiers to a constant barrage of racial insults, particularly towards French Canadians.

3. From former Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Michael Bryant’s Harvard Law School thesis

In his 1994 Harvard Law School thesis of May 1994 former Ontario Aboriginal Minister Michael Bryant – then a Master of Laws candidate – described the weaponry at OKA thusly:

Contributing to this extensive deployment was the Mohawk’s own fortifications. At the time of the July 11 S.Q. raid, the Mohawks had approximately 75 men armed with shotguns, high powered and semi-automatic pistols, a magnum revolver, assault and semi-automatic AK-47 rifles, a fully automatic machine gun, and several thousand rounds of ammunition. Over time, the Mohawk Warriors made more contributions to their arsenal, including a semi-automatic machine gun capable of firing 450-600 rounds per minute and of penetrating an APC. After a preliminary assessment of Mohawk fortifications and arms, the Army concluded that the Mohawks were “a highly organized paramilitary force.”

Although newspapers reported that Mohawks had as many as 6000 guns, the more plausible figure of 500-600 was reported by Geoffrey York’s text. Guns and ammunition continued to be smuggled in during the crisis, with a shipment of 80 AK-47s arriving in Kahnawake on the third or fourth week of the standoff. A number of decoys were also set, leading to television reports, for example, of a M72 rocket launcher. Similarly, it was never determined whether the wiring located on Mercier Bridge was actually an explosive or a hoax. A number of tank traps were set to halt APCs progress, and the bush in the Pines around Highway 138 was littered with lethal traps, resembling those the Vietnam veteran Warriors had perfected in that war. At its peak, as many as 500-600 Mohawks armed the fourteen bunkers and barricades surrounding the disputed territory.

  • Legal Aspects of Chiapas, Oka & Wounded Knee conflicts: Intranational Armed Conflicts between Indigenous Peoples and States, Michael J. Bryant, LL.M Candidate, Harvard Law School, May 03/94. Table of Contents: [LINK]
  • Bonafide researchers & journalists can contact Gary McHale for a copy of Mr. Bryant’s thesis.

4. More info about the Mohawk Warriors

If that isn’t enough, here’s more, including the role of the Mohawk Warriors in Ipperwash, and the support given them in Caledonia by radical unionists, anarchists and anti-Israel groups:

5. How the federal government funds native supremacist propaganda and a terror how-to guide

Unbelievable but true…


  • Celestial Junk, Dec 23/10: Cozy up to violently militant organizations
    I guess it’s the new CPC plan to attract Liberals.”
  • National Post editorial board, Dec 23/10: No apology for the Mohawk Warrior Society [PDF][…] It was Warrior Society members from the Kanesatake reserve south of Montreal who led the violent 78-day standoff at Oka, Que., in the summer of 1990. Masked and camouflaged Warriors shot and killed a Quebec provincial police officer, Marcel Lemay, in a dispute over the construction of a golf course and homes on land claimed by the Mohawks. The uniforms, language and militant postures they adopted were entirely in keeping with the conceit of an actual insurgency movement.In the spring of 2006, it was allegedly Warriors who incited violence when Mohawks from the Six Nations reserve occupied a residential subdivision under construction near Caledonia, Ont. in 2006. As Christie Blatchford documents in great detail in her new book, Helpless, these are not people who see themselves as bound by Canadian law.And just last summer on the Mohawk reserve at Akwesasne — west of Kanesatake — masked aboriginals claiming to be Warriors encircled a Canada Customs border crossing, which is situated on Akwesasne land. Nearly 200 band members built bonfires, banged drums and uttered threats to the border agents inside until the agents agreed to abandon their post. (Customs officers insist the Warriors were armed; they claim they were not.)The Warriors explain they are “just a militia,” not an insurgency. But what communities in Canada — including peaceful self-governing native bands — have the right to their own “militias?” This is Canada, not the Panjshir Valley.While the Kahnawake longhouse website carries a picture of its Warrior Society that looks more like a slow-pitch softball team than a group of armed rebels, they claim to be in charge of “national defence” of tribal lands. Following the outbreak of violence at Caledonia, the Kahnawake Warriors — officially dubbed the Rotisken’rakéhte or “duty of men to carry peace” — sent a message of solidarity to their Six Nations brothers and sisters demanding that the governments of Canada and Ontario cease “any further plans to invade our territories.”Our military may find value in building better relations with First Nations communities and people, but this apology — to be delivered early next year — will simply reinforce aboriginal leaders’ tendency to wallow in the politics of victimhood. It is politically correct wallpaper covering over the reality of continued aboriginal militancy.
  • The Phantom Soapbox, Dec 26/10: Who’s to blame here, really though?


Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project
Co-founder, Conservatives Against Fantino

Kudos to London Free Press for Worthington’s ‘Truth and Consequences’ feature page re Caledonia, Islamic appeasement

Palestinian flag (red, white, black & green) flies on Douglas Creek Estates occupation site in Caledonia underneath Mohawk Warriors flag (red & yellow)The London Free Press today published a remarkable, full-page feature to highlight Peter Worthington’s ‘Truth and its Consequences’ column which connected the dots between the intimidation of victims in Caledonia, the persecution of Islam critics in Europe and our application of Dr. King’s teachings to confront extremists and their enablers.

London Free Press, page B3 (full page): ‘Truth and Consequences’

The hard copy of the LFP page – which has not been published online – has Worthington’s column in a box on the left side beside a large close-up image of a woman wearing a burka. Underneath, across the full width of the page, is a large photo of the occupation site in Caledonia, and below that is a smaller photo showing a riot in Pakistan.

The  title is ‘Truth and Consequences,’ and the tagline reads:

‘PROTESTS: Around the world are people under pressure to watch what they say or face incarceration’

The giant photo of the burka woman contains a quote from Denmark’s Lars Hedegaard:

“Hundreds of thousands of little girls in Muslim majority societies have been sold into marriage with much older men…” Historian Lars Hedegaard

My letter to the Editor of the London Free Press

I submitted the following letter to the editor of the LFP for their consideration. I have not yet been advised if it will be published.

Re: Worthington’s ‘Truth and Consequences,’ Feb 14/11

I am profoundly grateful to Peter Worthington and to the London Free Press – and other media in Canada, Europe and Israel – for running this column, and especially for devoting an entire feature page to it for two reasons:

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‘The Mohawk Warriors for Dummies’ – a guide for Stephen Harper

Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 2006It is difficult to know which action by the Stephen Harper Conservatives is more despicable:     

1. Sitting back and watching while Julian Fantino, McGuinty and the OPP allowed the Mohawk Warriors organized crime group to terrorize Caledonia.     

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006In the discovery for the Brown/Chatwell lawsuit, Superintendent John Cain, the OPP’s major incident commander in overall charge of DCE from March, testified that this information [presence of “extreme activists” on Douglas Creek Estates occupation site] came from [Superintendent Ron] George in early April [2006]. Cain also said that, in his view, “extreme activists” meant Mohawk Warriors, whom he described as being akin to Hells Angels in that the Warriors deploy themselves in a quasi-military manner and, as he succinctly put it, they “use guns, have guns.”   

  • Helpless, Christie Blatchford, 2010, p55 

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006The officers said the OPP grew more concerned about the possibility of violence after the arrival of militant members of the Mohawk Warriors, a group described as “akin to the Hells Angels.” The Warriors were involved in organized crime and cigarette running and had a reputation for physical confrontation and access to guns, including assault rifles, court heard. “Their flag was raised higher than the Six Nations flag which is symbolic of who controls the site,” Insp. Haggith testified.     

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006OR…   

2. Annointing Julian Fantino as the CPC candidate in Vaughan – one of the key leaders of the OPP/Liberal ‘peacekeeping’ force that provided security, legal and PR services to the criminals who terrorized Caledonia.  The same Julian Fantino who cruelly joked recently that he was going to be a voice for victims now that he was an MP:    


Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 20063. Ordering the Canadian Forces to…I can barely write the words…apologize to the criminals who terrorized Ipperwash, Caledonia, Deseronto and Oka. Oka – where they murdered Corporal Marcel Lemay. Marcel Lemay – the dead police officer to whom Christie Blatchford’s Helpless is dedicated. Blatchford – the award winning author whose book the Conservative Party of Canada refused to wait to read before appointing Julian Fantino as their Vaughan candidate.  Helpless – the book about how Caledonia was terrorized by Mohawk Warriors.     

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RedWire Magazine’s blueprint for terror & sabotage by native ‘revolutionaries’ paid for by federal funds?

UPDATE – July 10/13: Ezra Levant/SUN News: Government-sponsored eco-terror [VIDEO, 13:19] (based on evidence supplied by Gary & Christine McHale, including this story and the follow-up.)

130710 SUN News, Ezra Levant, July 10/13: Government sponsored eco-terror (Redwire Magazine+)UPDATE – July 03/10: Gary McHale sent CSIS an email w/links to this story and the follow-up story confirming that federal funds were given to RedWire: Feds gave native supremacist magazine $1.2M

aftercar.jpg(UPDATED July 06/10) Red Power United, the group that has openly announced plans to shut down Highway 403 on June 24/10 lists on its website — among its many radical ‘activist’ associates — an organization called Redwire Media which is also supporting a “call from Defenders of the Land for a day of action on Indigenous rights” on the 24th which includes Toronto.

Redwire Magazine – providing instructions for terror and sabotage

Redwire Media publishes Redwire Magazine. The October 2007 ‘Defending The Land’ edition contains an article – War Against the Machines – with specific instructions on how to commit acts of terror and sabotage against non-natives. The magazine claims to have been federally funded.

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CUPE extremists supporting Muslim extremists supporting Native extremists

The Real Cuba Store: Murdered by Che

UPDATE: ShalomLife, June 16/10: Anti-Israel Protesters: Canada is Also Occupied Territory

UPDATED June 04/10 — The shutdown of University Avenue and the Gardiner Expressway by Tamils in May 2009 showed just how far the Toronto Police were prepared to go in order to allow supporters of the Tamil Tiger terror group to disrupt the lives of law-abiding people. Micro-Caledonia Redux.   

Now, in a situation which also parallels Caledonia, Toronto Police seem to be operating from the OPP’s racial policing playbook by deliberately downplaying assaults against law abiding, non-Muslim activists/bloggers who are documenting anti-Israel protests.   

Leader of Canadian Union of Public Employees, Canadian Arab Federation  assaults blogger   

Yesterday, blogger Blazing Cat Fur was filming an anti-Israel demonstration when CUPE/Canadian Arab Federation leader Ali Mallah purposefully crossed the street in full view of the camera to assault him. Unbelievably, the Toronto Police treated the victim as though HE were the criminal:   

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Native militants & CUPE try to intimidate Mount Royal University into silence re Caledonia

Nuremberg Laws - guide to determining racial purity. Click to enlarge.

Six Nations militants and their CUPE-organized supporters have begun yet another smear campaign against Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas – this time via an online petition directed at intimidating Mount Royal University into not allowing the voices of Caledonia victims to be heard at the upcoming ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum organized by Dr. Frances Widdowson on May 05/10 in Calgary.       

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Caledonia Players: Tom Keefer & CUPE 3903

RELATED: June 05/10: ‘CUPE extremists supporting Muslim extremists supporting Native extremists.’

CUPE 3903 leader Tom Keefer, June 23/09, Cayuga, ONUPDATED July 27/10 — Links to key references can be found at the bottom. More source docs will be uploaded as time allows. In the meantime, bonafide journalists can contact Mark Vandermaas for supporting docs:

CUPE 3903 leader Tom Keefer first became known to CANACE due to his June 23/09 attempt to orchestrate a vicious smear campaign, with help from numerous other groups, to falsely link CANACE founders and Doug Fleming to neo-nazis and white supremacists. We subsequently learned, from his own words videotaped at a Cayuga protest, that he and CUPE and 0ther groups have been supporting the DCE occupation ever since the April 20/06 failed OPP raid.

Tom Keefer in Caledonia , Brantford and Concordia University

These are the key facts which have been verified thus far. Information came from Keefer’s own oral and written statements (including a key Nov 15/09 report he wrote for CUPE 3903), media reports of OPP testimony at the Brown-Chatwell trial, internet pages, court documents and newsletters published by Concordia University, and extensive email interaction with Mr. Keefer himself:

Tom Keefer & CUPE in Caledonia

1. SUPPORTING ORGANIZED CRIME – Mohawk Warriors: Keefer and his associates have been supporting native militants in Caledonia ever since shortly after the failed OPP raid of April 20/06 on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates – when police were attacked with weapons that included axes, clubs, socks filled with rocks and a chainsaw when they tried to enforce a court order to remove the occupiers.

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Brown-Chatwell trial: crimes against democracy

UPDATE: The Ontario government chose to end its public relations disaster known as the Brown-Chatwell lawsuit by reaching a mid-trial settlement on Dec 31/09.  National media outlets have issued strongly-worded commentaries on the settlement and the failure of the McGuinty government to  order the OPP to enforce the law equally: 

Please see the feature page for complete media coverage of the Brown-Chatwell trial.


And the government denies it owes any “duty of care” to Mr. Brown and Ms. Chatwell because all its decisions “in relation to the occupation of the DCE lands were policy decisions.”

Effectively, Mr. Brown’s and Ms. Chatwell’s lawsuit alleges the same thing – that the government, as a result of policy decisions taken for improper reasons including “political gain,” actively condoned the unlawful and criminal conduct of the protesters and failed to protect non-natives, denying them “the equal protection that they are entitled to under the law in a free and democratic society.”

Globe & Mail, Nov 10/09: Just how sensitive is Canada’s native file? REPRINT 

Brown & Chatwell trial: crimes against democracy

The $7M trial of Brown-Chatwell v. OPP (Ontario government) is in recess with at least 3 more weeks of evidence to come in the new year.  As part of a group of people who have been trying promote truth, justice and eventual healing/reconciliation on behalf of the innocent victims of racial policing – both native and non-native – I have some mixed feelings about the lurid evidence that has so utterly captivated the national media, and about what should come next.

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Anarchist groups & unions assist native militants to undermine rule of law




This is a reprint of the comment I left on Dr. Frances Widdowson’s blog in reply to her excellent article, ‘Caledonia: A glimpse of aboriginal self-government.’  Widdowson is co-author of ‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry,’ a finalist for the Donner Book Prize.

The comment deals with several issues, including the role of anarchists and unions in destabilizing Caledonia via support for native extremists.


Dear Ms. Widdowson:

Firstly, thank you so much for your ground-breaking book ‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry.’ Thank you also for letting me know about this post and your blog. All bring vital perspectives to the debate about native extremism and racial policing. Thank you also for inviting me to comment. I apologize in advance for the length of my remarks.

Three years ago I gave up my real estate career and exposed myself to bankruptcy, character assassinations, threats, assault and jail (for trying to raise a Canadian flag!) because I am a former soldier and UN peacekeeper who believes that the future of Canada as a peaceful, democratic country is at stake. As the editor of and co-founder of CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality), a group whose founders have a combined 20 years experience in opposing the victimization of innocents during land claim disputes in Ipperwash and Caledonia (you can see our ‘resume’ here: I would like to offer some comments regarding:

1. How native people themselves have been victimized by the Aboriginal sovereignty movement;
2. The role anarchist groups & unions have played in promoting native sovereignty and associated criminality;
3. The use of false accusations of racism against those of us who oppose native extremism; and
4. Why Christie Blatchford’s (excellent!) articles are just the tip of the iceberg.

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‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry’ author comments on Caledonia, cites VoC


Frances Widdowson, one of the authors of the ground-breaking book, Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry, has published two articles about Caledonia.

The first takes a look at the issue of native sovereignty in relation to Christie Blatchford’s coverage of the Brown-Chatwell trial. Ms. Widdowson was kind enough to invite me to comment on this article which I did – at some length, and on several topics  one of which was that native people themselves have been victimized by native extremism and racial policing. I also provided some information and evidence regarding the disturbing role of anarchists in supporting Six Nations extremists.

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MPP Toby Barrett hammers McGuinty over Caledonia Militia insults

MPP Toby Barrett has absolutely hammered McGuinty and his cabinet ministers over their much-publicized insults regarding the Caledonia Militia in what is his most powerful statement since issuing the extraordinary Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government on Feb 11/08.

As I said in emails to Toby’s Executive Assistant today:

I thought Toby’s letter to McGuinty was the best thing since the Barrett Proclamation. It was gutsy, honest, hard-hitting, passionate, and oh-so-very right on target! I am so bloody sick of politicians and bureaucrats accusing non-natives of being ‘unhelpful’ while they stay silent regarding native gangsters who have terrorized innocent people.

Read for yourself, and then send Toby a well-deserved thank you.

Toby Barrett supports Tim Hudak’s plan for renewed focus on rule of law

Toby Barrett has also issued a news release announcing that he is backing the call by Tim Hudak (candidate for PC Party Leader) for changes to the Trespass to Property Act and the creation of a separate offence for illegal occupations.

Toby was there in the beginning

Toby Barrett was a key-note speaker (photo above) at the inaugural March for Freedom  on Oct 15/06 when every other politician was hiding under their beds and predicting a nuclear holocaust if non-natives peacefully marched in Caledonia.

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