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‘The Mohawk Warriors for Dummies’ – a guide for Stephen Harper

Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 2006It is difficult to know which action by the Stephen Harper Conservatives is more despicable:     

1. Sitting back and watching while Julian Fantino, McGuinty and the OPP allowed the Mohawk Warriors organized crime group to terrorize Caledonia.     

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006In the discovery for the Brown/Chatwell lawsuit, Superintendent John Cain, the OPP’s major incident commander in overall charge of DCE from March, testified that this information [presence of “extreme activists” on Douglas Creek Estates occupation site] came from [Superintendent Ron] George in early April [2006]. Cain also said that, in his view, “extreme activists” meant Mohawk Warriors, whom he described as being akin to Hells Angels in that the Warriors deploy themselves in a quasi-military manner and, as he succinctly put it, they “use guns, have guns.”   

  • Helpless, Christie Blatchford, 2010, p55 

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006The officers said the OPP grew more concerned about the possibility of violence after the arrival of militant members of the Mohawk Warriors, a group described as “akin to the Hells Angels.” The Warriors were involved in organized crime and cigarette running and had a reputation for physical confrontation and access to guns, including assault rifles, court heard. “Their flag was raised higher than the Six Nations flag which is symbolic of who controls the site,” Insp. Haggith testified.     

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006OR…   

2. Annointing Julian Fantino as the CPC candidate in Vaughan – one of the key leaders of the OPP/Liberal ‘peacekeeping’ force that provided security, legal and PR services to the criminals who terrorized Caledonia.  The same Julian Fantino who cruelly joked recently that he was going to be a voice for victims now that he was an MP:    


Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 20063. Ordering the Canadian Forces to…I can barely write the words…apologize to the criminals who terrorized Ipperwash, Caledonia, Deseronto and Oka. Oka – where they murdered Corporal Marcel Lemay. Marcel Lemay – the dead police officer to whom Christie Blatchford’s Helpless is dedicated. Blatchford – the award winning author whose book the Conservative Party of Canada refused to wait to read before appointing Julian Fantino as their Vaughan candidate.  Helpless – the book about how Caledonia was terrorized by Mohawk Warriors.     

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Proof positive native extremists have lost PR battle


Swastika painted on home of Caledonia resident.

UPDATE 1847 EST June 13/09: Belleville Intelligencer editorial: Six Days too long to end protest no one wanted. REPRINT.

UPDATE 1415 EST June 12/09: Shawn Brant and his gang have been arrested and the Skyway bridge reopened by OPP and Tyendinaga Police:  CP/TorStar, June 12/09:  ‘lAt least 12 held after police end bridge blockadeREPRINT

UPDATE 1404 EST June 12/09: See ‘Thanks to Six Nations women for helping to expose racial policing during highway protest.’ Another PR disaster for native protesters.

UPDATED 1721 EST June 10/09 with additional info/opinion re latest Belleville Intelligencer editorial: Brant hurting innocent people with blockade  REPRINT.

In my last post, ‘Gov’t source: Caledonia the only grass-roots resistance to native extremism in Canada,’ I revealed that government officials have informed us that they see the Caledonia protests by non-natives as the key grass-roots opposition to native extremism in Canada. According to this contact the Caledonia movement is especially important because we have been able to gather evidence and effectively expose the truth to the public.

Native leaders now concerned about public opinion

My key point of the story was that people in positions of authority are watching the Caledonia resistance with a hopeful eye. Now, we have clear evidence that native leaders themselves have realized that public and government opinions are turning against them, and that they ignore it at their peril.

DESERONTO, Ont. — A small group of protesters who continued to block a bridge today between Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and Prince Edward County are undercutting efforts to end the dispute, aboriginal leaders say.

Protesters barricaded the Skyway Bridge, which spans the Bay of Quinte, in support of the Akwesasne Mohawks’ dispute over the arming of border guards in Cornwall.

The Tyendinaga protest, which started Sunday at about 6 p.m., came only days after the head of the Akwesasne Mohawks asked First Nations communities across Canada to lobby politicians in support instead of launching blockades or similar protests.

The Akwesasne council sent an email last Friday to reserves across Canada saying they could lose support from the public and politicians if there are disruptive demonstrations.

“A large part of the reason we are not asking others to blockade or cause harm in our name is because we currently hold a lot of sympathy from our surrounding neighbours and some of the Canadian government leadership,” Grand Chief Tim Thompson’s assistant, Karla Ransom, wrote in the email. “If there are random outbreaks of violence, it would detract from our message of a peaceful solution.”

Hamilton Spectator, June 08/09: Aboriginal leaders condemn protest that shut bridge  REPRINT

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BREAKING NEWS: US Marines shut Akwasasne border, Six Nations threatens Caledonia

I am ashamed of my country today.United States government sources have informed CANACE that the U.S. considers the Akwasasne/Cornwall border to be ‘undefended’ now that Canada has abandoned the post due to threats by Mohawk Warriors and, under international law, has sent or is sending United States Marines to stand guard against criminal/terrorist activity.

Background info:

CANACE assists U.S. authorities

When the Canadian government refused to cooperate with U.S. authorities, CANACE founders met with them to provide evidence to aid in the conviction of Trevor Miller for assaulting a U.S. law enforcement agent in Caledonia in 2006.

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Mohawk Warriors: Canada allows organized crime to seize border crossing


UPDATED 2311 EST June 04/09: Link added to U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security report, ‘Tobacco and Terror.’

UPDATE 1134 EST June 04/09: A criminal organization from the Six Nations reserve known as the Men’s Fire has threatened to attack Caledonia by closing a major highway there should police attempt to enforce the law at Akwasasne.

Mohawk Warriors followed through on their threat to take over the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) checkpoint on the Akwasasne Reserve in an effort to force the Canadian government to abandon its policy of arming border guards.

“We are going to clear them out,” said Thomas Stacy…Sunday night at 12 o’clock (midnight) we have to have an answer. If that answer don’t come, that’s it. Monday is going to be the worst. That’s the crackdown. It’s going to be over. It’s going to be done. No more signing papers, no more negotiations – nothing.”

Canwest News Service, May 30/09: Mohawk Warriors vow to storm border post  PDF  REPRINT

“CBSA is a foreign oppressive force who occupies our sovereign community and territory. (They are) unwelcome, uninvited and now carrying firearms. For lack of a different description, that is considered by some an act of war,” said King. “We cannot be held responsible or control what could transpire. There is a real possibility of unrest.”

Ottawa Citizen, May 29/09: Armed border guards an ‘act of war’  REPRINT

Canada allows Mohawk Warriors to seize border crossing

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