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Brantford takes a stand for democracy in Canada against native threats!

UPDATED 1100 EST June 03/08


Brantford and democracy wins big! Yesterday, June 02/08, the judge granted the injunction to the City of Brantford, ordering that there be no more blockades, threats, intimidation, work stoppages. See, ‘Big win for Brantford and for Canada!

Yesterday, the lawyer for Brantford responded forcefully to a threat against Canada and the rule of law from Ovide Mercredi, former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, that was – unbelievably – actually read out loud in a Brantford courtroom on Friday:  

The man who was the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations for most of the 1990s had some dire words of warning for Brantford. Ovide Mercredi filed an affidavit from Winnipeg as part of the defence against Brantford’s request for an injunction against native protesters.

“If an injunction is issued in Brantford in these circumstances, I have grave doubts that the peace will hold. Moreover, I think it is important for the court to understand that organized groups, institutions and leaders with aboriginal nations will not … have the authority to control the actions of the individual members of their communities.

“An injunction employed to restrain the exercise and assertion of aboriginal rights not only threatens the public peace and safety but fundamentally undermines the rule of law.”

Brantford Expositor, May 31/08: Former First Nations chief issues warning to city [REPRINT] [PDF]

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‘End of the beginning’ for struggle against race-based policing

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpg“The Germans have received back again that measure of fire and steel which they have so often meted out to others. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

— Winston Churchill, Lord Mayor’s Luncheon at Mansion House following the victory at El Alamein, North Africa, London, 10 November 1942 [from The Churchill Centre]

For those of us who have invested so much in resisting OPP race-based policing, it was good news indeed to discover that Fantino has been forced to tell Six Nations Confederacy chiefs in an emergency meeting that he will have to enforce court injunctions against native protesters who attempt to extort money from landowners via illegal occupations and blockades. 

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Dramatic developments coincide with CANACE activities

UPDATE 1245 EST May 26/08: Fantino has emergency meeting with Six Nations Confederacy chiefs, tells them he will enforce court orders against native protesters. See ‘End of the beginning’ for struggle against race-based policing.’

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgWhile CANACE can’t take credit for all the dramatic developments that have taken place recently, they do seem to coincide with CANACE activism and education efforts.  

A quick refresher:

  • On May 07/08 CANACE released our latest report, ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations‘ to a packed Cayuga Hall that included business people and developers. MPP Toby Barrett spoke to the crowd and provided an update about Deseronto.
  • On May 08/08 CANACE directors met with two federal MPs at a resident’s home in Caledonia where we supplied them with copies of 4 CANACE reports. We have received confirmation that 20 copies of these reports were distributed ‘broadly’ in Ottawa and are ‘causing quite a stir.’
  • On May 12/08 CANACE was authorized to gather evidence at a construction site in Cayuga for the purpose of laying criminal charges against native blockaders. Charges should be filed via ‘private informations’ by the end of next week. The OPP subsequently advised the builders that their Criminal division was ‘investigating.’

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Motion Record: City of Brantford v. Ruby, Floyd, Hazel, Aaron, HDI and others


In a VoC post of May 15/08 called, ‘Brantford Council takes a stand while Haldimand dithers,’ I commended the leaders of Brantford for uniting to pass two by-laws directed at illegal work stoppages and extortion by native protesters on behalf of the Haudenosaunee Development Instituted (HDI).

Today, Brantford went even further by submitting a document to the Superior Court of Ontario seeking $110M in damages and asking the Court to notify the Attorney general that “the services of the Canadian Forces are required in aid of the civil power because a disturbance of the peace or riot is occurring or is likely to occur;” (p4, item (b)).

City of Brantford Motion Record
May 20/08, 135 pages – PDF

The Corporation of the City of Brantford – Plaintiff
– and –
Ruby Montour, Floyd Montour, Clive Garlow, Charlie Green, Mary Green, David Martin, Hazel Hill, Aaron Detlor, The Haudenosaunee Development Institute, Jane Doe, John Doe and persons unknown – Defendants


Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 

National Post exposes role of corruption, mismanagement, incompetence in reserve misery


UPDATED 1103 EST Feb 27/08: Six Nations ex-councillor charged with theft, fraud, forgery .

Occasionally, when I talk to people about landclaim lawlessness, their reaction is something like, “Yeah, but look at how we (Canada) treat natives on the reserves. They don’t even have safe drinking water for God’s sake. No wonder they’re angry.”

The latest installment in the National Post’s ‘Rethinking the Reserve’ series entitled, ‘Problems of Governance‘ completely destroys  – once and for all – the myth that it is Canada’s lack of compassion or deliberate misfeasance that has led to the problems on reserves. 

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Michael Bryant: Ontario deserves fair inquiry into violence against residents

When Michael Bryant came to visit Caledonia on Nov 26/07 we were handing out a CANACE flyer to journalists and other dignitaries as they arrived at the Caledonia Lions Hall for their private meeting.

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Brantford Expositor endorses violence against civil rights activist

UPDATED Jan 29/10

UPDATE 1425 Dec 08/07: The Managing Editor of the Brantford Expositor has accepted my offer to reprint the entire disputed editorial on VoiceofCanada in place of the short excerpt quoted in the original version of this article. 

UPDATE 1720 EST Dec 07/07: Brantford Expositor responds. See Brantford Expositor: “at no time do we condone violence”


Since last Saturday’s events, we have been busy reviewing evidence, and preparing for yesterday’s news conference at the Queen’s Park Media Studio which was attended by MPP Toby Barrett, Haldimand’s new CAO, Don Boyle (thank you for coming!) and at least one OPP officer.  You can find complete coverage at

Hamilton Spectator, CHTV assist in vilifying Gary McHale 

On November 09, 2007 the Hamilton Spectator published a complete transcript of Susan Clairmont’s interview with OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino in which he accused “McHale and company” of – among many other things – wanting civil war, violence and a Pakistani-style dictatorship. So far, we have written a total of 5 letters to the Spectator, including to Editor-in-Chief David Estok, asking that we be allowed to respond to Fantino’s irrational accusations, and to meet with them to help them understand the truth. So far, the Spectator has not given us the courtesy of a response.

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Fantino – delusional or desperate?


Bad as Fantino’s recent comments about Gary McHale and his ‘interlopers’ were in Susan Clairmont’s Nov 08/07 Hamilton Spectator article called Fantino Takes Aim [reprint], they pale in comparison to other remarks attributed to Fantino in a Nov 09/07 Spectator transcript of the entire interview [PDF].

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BULLETIN: Reinforcements arrive at Caledonia frontlines on D-Day!

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgDear friends, supporters and victims of the awful struggle against Two Tier Justice in Ontario,

I have just called Mary-Lou LaPratte to advise her that the ‘Battle for Truth’ has been won today.

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NEWS RELEASE: Greg Sorbara comments re Caledonia & Ipperwash Inquiry called “shameful”

cwuc_crest.gif2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgJoint Media Release
September 20, 2007


Lead investigator for Ipperwash Papers project calls Greg Sorbara’s use of Ipperwash Inquiry to justify Liberals’ handling of Caledonia crisis “shameful”

Mark Vandermaas, lead investigator for The Ipperwash Papers project, is directing all media outlets to documents proving that the official Ipperwash Inquiry deliberately covered up all evidence related to the suffering of innocent Ipperwash residents due to landclaim lawlessness. He, along with other contributors to the project – long-time Ipperwash resident and activist, Mary-Lou LaPratte, and founder, Gary McHale – provided a summary of this evidence to the Premier’s office on March 14, 2007 following a Queen’s Park news conference where they released 400+ pages of documents ‘overlooked’ by the Inquiry.

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Is suffering of innocent people worth covering up so Dalton can have 4 more years?

UPDATE 1348 EST Sept 21/07: Great article on, Caledonia Shrouded in Silence. Be sure to see Bob’s other article, Caledonia May Bite McGuinty in the Hind-quarters.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgToday, I sent variations of the following message to various media outlets and officials in the Conservative Party today regarding Greg Sorbara’s attempt to defend Liberal negligence in Caledonia using the Ipperwash Inquiry to support their position.

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Supreme Court: “NO duty to consult or accommodate Aboriginal concerns”


In section 78 on page 27 of the Jan 12/07 ‘Plaintiff’s Factum’ for the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit, solicitor John Findlay of Findlay McCarthy offers the following legal opinion based on a 2004 Judgement of the Supreme Court in the case of Haida Nation v. British Columbia:

“The Supreme Court of Canada has made it clear that third parties to Aboriginal treaty claims have no duty to consult or accommodate the group that is making the claim. Further, third parties are not subject to any duty or are required to make any accommodation to enable the Province to obtain a remedy to an Aboriginal claim. It is up to the Province to find that remedy without affecting or compromising third party interests.”

Haida Nation v. British Columbia (Minister of Forests), supra., per McLachlin C.J. at paras 52 to 56

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CHCH TV not only victim of McGuinty intimidation

UPDATE 1517 EST Sept 17/07: ‘CHCH TV not only victim of McGuinty intimidation’ is #57 on list of Top Posts on the Wordpress system that includes 1,496,388 blogs. 


Just days ago, in “McGuinty threatens CHTV – who the hell do you think you are?!?‘ I commented on how the McGuinty campaign office attempted to intimidate CHCH TV into not running a story critical of McGuinty with 3 different threats. CHCH is, however, not the only media outlet to receive such threats from the McGuinty campaign.

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VoC looks back after passing 100,000 page milestone

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAs of today, VoiceofCanada passed the milestone of having 100,000 pages viewed by readers, and I couldn’t help but think back…  

I first began writing about Caledonia back in April (I think) on my first blog called VoiceofLondon just before Gary McHale created CaledoniaWakeUpCall . 

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McGuinty threatens CHTV – who the hell do you think you are?!?


UPDATE 2029 EST Sept 15/07: Link to CHCH video re McGuinty intimidation attempt. See also, CHCH TV not only victim of McGuinty intimidation

In the ‘Who the hell do you think you are?‘ department, McGuinty’s Liberal campaign office today tried to silence and control the media by trying – unsuccessfully – to intimidate CHTV into not running a story about a Brantford developer’s confrontation with the Premier over his government’s refusal to provide assistance for builders suffering landclaim extortion and occupations.

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