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BULLETIN: Reinforcements arrive at Caledonia frontlines on D-Day!

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgDear friends, supporters and victims of the awful struggle against Two Tier Justice in Ontario,

I have just called Mary-Lou LaPratte to advise her that the ‘Battle for Truth’ has been won today.

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$12M lawsuit: Mary-Lou LaPratte comments on “astonishing” comparisons to Ipperwash

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgMary-Lou LaPratte has spent the last 15 years of her life trying to tell the true story of what happened in Ipperwash to innocent residents. She was a guest speaker at the inaugural March for Freedom last Oct 15/06, and everyone who is fortunate enough to know her knows just how much her heart aches for the people of Caledonia, and their needless suffering.

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NEWS RELEASE: Greg Sorbara comments re Caledonia & Ipperwash Inquiry called “shameful”

cwuc_crest.gif2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgJoint Media Release
September 20, 2007


Lead investigator for Ipperwash Papers project calls Greg Sorbara’s use of Ipperwash Inquiry to justify Liberals’ handling of Caledonia crisis “shameful”

Mark Vandermaas, lead investigator for The Ipperwash Papers project, is directing all media outlets to documents proving that the official Ipperwash Inquiry deliberately covered up all evidence related to the suffering of innocent Ipperwash residents due to landclaim lawlessness. He, along with other contributors to the project – long-time Ipperwash resident and activist, Mary-Lou LaPratte, and founder, Gary McHale – provided a summary of this evidence to the Premier’s office on March 14, 2007 following a Queen’s Park news conference where they released 400+ pages of documents ‘overlooked’ by the Inquiry.

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Is suffering of innocent people worth covering up so Dalton can have 4 more years?

UPDATE 1348 EST Sept 21/07: Great article on, Caledonia Shrouded in Silence. Be sure to see Bob’s other article, Caledonia May Bite McGuinty in the Hind-quarters.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgToday, I sent variations of the following message to various media outlets and officials in the Conservative Party today regarding Greg Sorbara’s attempt to defend Liberal negligence in Caledonia using the Ipperwash Inquiry to support their position.

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Supreme Court: “NO duty to consult or accommodate Aboriginal concerns”


In section 78 on page 27 of the Jan 12/07 ‘Plaintiff’s Factum’ for the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit, solicitor John Findlay of Findlay McCarthy offers the following legal opinion based on a 2004 Judgement of the Supreme Court in the case of Haida Nation v. British Columbia:

“The Supreme Court of Canada has made it clear that third parties to Aboriginal treaty claims have no duty to consult or accommodate the group that is making the claim. Further, third parties are not subject to any duty or are required to make any accommodation to enable the Province to obtain a remedy to an Aboriginal claim. It is up to the Province to find that remedy without affecting or compromising third party interests.”

Haida Nation v. British Columbia (Minister of Forests), supra., per McLachlin C.J. at paras 52 to 56

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CHCH TV not only victim of McGuinty intimidation

UPDATE 1517 EST Sept 17/07: ‘CHCH TV not only victim of McGuinty intimidation’ is #57 on list of Top Posts on the Wordpress system that includes 1,496,388 blogs. 


Just days ago, in “McGuinty threatens CHTV – who the hell do you think you are?!?‘ I commented on how the McGuinty campaign office attempted to intimidate CHCH TV into not running a story critical of McGuinty with 3 different threats. CHCH is, however, not the only media outlet to receive such threats from the McGuinty campaign.

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Provoking violence in Caledonia

NOTE: Just one day after this article was posted, Sam Gualtieri was viciously attacked by native thugs in a home he was building for his daughter in the new Stirling heights subdivision in Caledonia.  

LAST UPDATED 1831 EST Dec 05/07

cwuc_crest.gifThis article was inspired by a comment from a reader named ‘Cynthia’ who expressed concern about whether or not we should continue with a planned March for Freedom event on Oct 08/07 that includes a peaceful walk along public roads that happen to run through the occupied Douglas Creek Estates. Here’s what Cynthia had to say: 

Cynthia // Sep 11th 2007 at 9:29 am What appears to be most unfortunate about this next event that is planned by yourself and Gary McHale, is the lack of respect that you both seem to have toward the wishes of the residents in Caledonia.

It is the residents and businesses of this town that suffer the consequeces of these continued marches while the organizers get to go home to someplace far removed.

I do not know anyone in Caledonia who agrees with the ongoing occupation, but tensions have subsided to a degree. I would like to ask you to consider for a moment that efforts such as those planned for October 8 will raise these tensions once again. To what end? What will that accomplish? It will not end the occupation – on the contrary. It will bring more supporters to the DCE site. It will not bring any positive media attention to Caledonia, which is what we need to assist in the recovery of our businesses. It will not change the policing struction or tactics. It will not bring the situation closer to a resolution in negotiations.

What is the point? Two-tier? We know! The question becomes how does anybody go about facilitating a change to these policies if all that is being accomplished is picking at a scab to keep the wound open?

I am beginning to seriously question if your intent is to simply try and grab media attention for yourself, because I do not see how this continued pestering of the individuals on the DCE is helping anything.

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John Tory and Toby Barrett speak out on landclaim lawlessness


On September 04/07 the Kingston Whig Standard ran a hard-hitting editorial against native lawlessness in connection with land claims and the OPP’s direct contribution to the degradation of the rule of law and democracy.

“But if the aboriginals succeed in flouting the court, they may never pay directly. Instead, they will damage democracy by reinforcing the wrongheaded notion that courts are a mere convenience, to be ignored when desired. And if the OPP do not enforce the judge’s orders, they will have successfully helped erode the rules that bind this society together. The ultimate end of such scenarios can only be anarchy.

Which means no laws are sacred.”

Kingston Whig-Standard, editorial, Sept 04/07: Aboriginals and anarchy (original story link)

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Earth to Fantino… Earth to Monte… Earth to McGuinty…


UPDATED 1536 Sept 01/07

Re: Fantino’s comments about Greenpeace’s interference with a coal ship bound for Nanticoke…

“nothing but anarchy”

“I would have seized that ship as a result of it facilitating criminal activity”

“Just think of all the resources at great cost we have had to pull in from elsewhere in the province to deal with this nonsense.”

“Using and enticing young people to break the law is mercenary, and it is despicable. it’s using young people and putting them at risk.”

“It terrorized the people on the coal ship…”

“It…put our officers in harm’s way…”

“It…put the very foundation of the provinces power supply at risk.”

“I learned a lot about the critical importance to our lifeline of having uninterupted power…and I can tell you there is serious potential for disaster when you mess with stuff like this. We can’t afford to take a chance on something that important.”

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DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry

UPDATED 1250 EST Aug 20/07: failure of OPP to inform/warn public.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgIn OPP Two Tier Justice policies victimize native people I outlined evidence to support my belief that the race-based policing policies designed by the OPP to favour native lawbreakers are actually responsible for victimizing native people in both Ipperwash and Caledonia in addition to the traumatic impact on non-native residents.

Two rapes and “other unseemly acts” on Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia

Since my article appeared, it has come to light that at least two rapes have occurred on the native-occupied Douglas Creek Estates, rapes made possible by the OPP/McGuinty ‘hands off’ approach that has created a lawless ‘homefree zone’ similar to the one still in existence at the former Army Camp in Ipperwash. 

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The IpperDonia Matrix: History Repeated

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgOn March 24/07, shortly after releasing The Ipperwash Papers at a Queen’s Park news conference, we held a legal workshop for Caledonia’s residents at the Lions Hall in Cayuga during which we presented a matrix showing the chilling comparison between what happened in Ipperwash and what was still happening in Caledonia. This is an updated version.

One of the most common reaction by those who have read The Ipperwash Papers is, “If you just change the names and dates, this could be Caledonia!”

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Two Tier Justice struggle: What has been accomplished?

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgFor many months now we – with the help of some extraordinary fellow Canadians in and outside of Caledonia – have worked full time to vigorously and legally oppose the Two Tier Justice policies of the McGuinty government and the Ontario Provincial Police, and give a voice to those who had none. 

During this protracted and tiring struggle it is hard for people, especially those closest to the continuing occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia to believe that anything at all has been accomplished, especially given that native intimidation of landowners is spreading.

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“We are not terrorists!” Really? Prove it.


When natives occupied the Stirling Woods housing development in Caledonia on Aug 10/07, they brought some very informative signs with them. One, sure to win over many hearts and minds of non-native Canadians said, “KKKANADA COMMITS GENOCIDE” right beside another that said, “We are NOT prepared to give up our RIGHT to EXIST.” Believe it or not, however, these insulting, over-the-top, pieces of hateful propaganda weren’t the most startling messages carried by the gangsters; that honour belongs to the “We are not terrorists!” sign clearly visible in this picture. 


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Conservative MPP Toby Barrett says rule of law “not negotiable”

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgThe Member of Provincial Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk-Brant, the honourable Toby Barrett (right), recently issued the following media release with respect to the importance of preserving the rule of law in Ontario which has been utterly abandoned by both the OPP and the McGuinty Liberals. 

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Haldimand ignores elephants running amok in Caledonia

UPDATE 1901 EST July 10/07: Mayor Trainer stood alone against Haldimand Council in trying to hold province accountable. Don’t miss Donna Pitcher’s, ‘My Chat with the Mayor‘ posted today at Haldimand’s Unheard Voice! See link in ‘References’ below. 

BULLETIN: Haldimand Council said today that, since OPP and Liberal park rangers have preferred to use a ‘peacekeeping’ approach to ensure that only non-native citizens are injured by the herd of wild elephants that has terrorized Caledonia for the past 18 months, they feel the only solution to the problem is ‘accelerated negotiations’ with the elephants. 

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgToday, Haldimand County Council issued a toughly worded news release calling on the federal government to accelerate the pace of land claims negotiations in Haldimand.

The only problem is that council got tough with the wrong party while advocating the wrong solution on behalf of the wrong people. While they did refer, in passing, to the OPP’s refusal/inability to  to enforce the law, Council forgot to mention that it is Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government that ratified the theft of the Douglas Creek Estates by buying it under circumstances that any reasonable person would call extortion. Council also failed to mention that the federal government has repeatedly said that the Douglas Creek Estates ‘claim’ is invalid, and that McGuinty’s Solicitor General has dismissed all complaints against Commissioner Fantino without even investigating them.

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