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Brown-Chatwell trial: crimes against democracy

UPDATE: The Ontario government chose to end its public relations disaster known as the Brown-Chatwell lawsuit by reaching a mid-trial settlement on Dec 31/09.  National media outlets have issued strongly-worded commentaries on the settlement and the failure of the McGuinty government to  order the OPP to enforce the law equally: 

Please see the feature page for complete media coverage of the Brown-Chatwell trial.


And the government denies it owes any “duty of care” to Mr. Brown and Ms. Chatwell because all its decisions “in relation to the occupation of the DCE lands were policy decisions.”

Effectively, Mr. Brown’s and Ms. Chatwell’s lawsuit alleges the same thing – that the government, as a result of policy decisions taken for improper reasons including “political gain,” actively condoned the unlawful and criminal conduct of the protesters and failed to protect non-natives, denying them “the equal protection that they are entitled to under the law in a free and democratic society.”

Globe & Mail, Nov 10/09: Just how sensitive is Canada’s native file? REPRINT 

Brown & Chatwell trial: crimes against democracy

The $7M trial of Brown-Chatwell v. OPP (Ontario government) is in recess with at least 3 more weeks of evidence to come in the new year.  As part of a group of people who have been trying promote truth, justice and eventual healing/reconciliation on behalf of the innocent victims of racial policing – both native and non-native – I have some mixed feelings about the lurid evidence that has so utterly captivated the national media, and about what should come next.

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Anarchist groups & unions assist native militants to undermine rule of law




This is a reprint of the comment I left on Dr. Frances Widdowson’s blog in reply to her excellent article, ‘Caledonia: A glimpse of aboriginal self-government.’  Widdowson is co-author of ‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry,’ a finalist for the Donner Book Prize.

The comment deals with several issues, including the role of anarchists and unions in destabilizing Caledonia via support for native extremists.


Dear Ms. Widdowson:

Firstly, thank you so much for your ground-breaking book ‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry.’ Thank you also for letting me know about this post and your blog. All bring vital perspectives to the debate about native extremism and racial policing. Thank you also for inviting me to comment. I apologize in advance for the length of my remarks.

Three years ago I gave up my real estate career and exposed myself to bankruptcy, character assassinations, threats, assault and jail (for trying to raise a Canadian flag!) because I am a former soldier and UN peacekeeper who believes that the future of Canada as a peaceful, democratic country is at stake. As the editor of and co-founder of CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality), a group whose founders have a combined 20 years experience in opposing the victimization of innocents during land claim disputes in Ipperwash and Caledonia (you can see our ‘resume’ here: I would like to offer some comments regarding:

1. How native people themselves have been victimized by the Aboriginal sovereignty movement;
2. The role anarchist groups & unions have played in promoting native sovereignty and associated criminality;
3. The use of false accusations of racism against those of us who oppose native extremism; and
4. Why Christie Blatchford’s (excellent!) articles are just the tip of the iceberg.

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‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry’ author comments on Caledonia, cites VoC


Frances Widdowson, one of the authors of the ground-breaking book, Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry, has published two articles about Caledonia.

The first takes a look at the issue of native sovereignty in relation to Christie Blatchford’s coverage of the Brown-Chatwell trial. Ms. Widdowson was kind enough to invite me to comment on this article which I did – at some length, and on several topics  one of which was that native people themselves have been victimized by native extremism and racial policing. I also provided some information and evidence regarding the disturbing role of anarchists in supporting Six Nations extremists.

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McHale gets apology, compensation for Caledonia defamation

UPDATED 1313 EST Sept 17/09

090910-Burgess apology
Mike Burgess, former operator of ‘Caledonia Cafe’ discussion board, apologizes to CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale, Sept 10/09. Click to enlarge.

The former operator of a now-defunct Caledonia discussion board agreed, before a Small Claims Court judge in Hamilton yesterday, to pay CANACE co-founder/Executive Director Gary McHale a total of $3,750 in 25 monthly installments and to provide a written apology [image, right] for defamatory statements which he allowed to be posted on his board.

Mike Burgess was facing three separate Small Claims Court actions seeking a total of $30,000 for allowing false allegations to be published that claimed – among other things – that Mr. McHale and his associates were white supremacists and/or associated with white supremacist groups.

Sept, 10, 2009

I, Mike Burgess, past administrator of the Caledonia Cafe Message Board, issue this apology to Gary McHale for various posts on my board which defamed him.

I am unaware of any evidence that Gary McHale or members of his group have ever shouted out ‘White Power’ or similar types of words. I am unaware of any evidence that Gary McHale or members of his group are associated with any white supremacist groups or have ever invited any white supremacists to any rally.

Furthermore, various posts on my board that linked Mr. McHale to any crimes outside of the one he has been charged with are unfounded. I am unaware of any evidence that he had caused any violence to have occurred or desires to have any violence occur.

Finally, I wish to state that Mr. McHale has every right, like any other Canadian, to publicly take up any cause he wants. I apologize without any reservation for any harm caused by my board to Mr. McHale’s reputation.

[Signed] Mike Burgess

The settlement was arrived at the judge’s suggestion after he ruled the actions could proceed, thereby denying Mr. Burgess’s  assertion that they had been abandoned by Mr. McHale. Mr. Burgess had failed to honour a previous tentative out-of-court agreement made with Mr. McHale in 2008 which is why the new agreement was signed before the judge. If Mr. Burgess does not pay as required under the settlement Mr. McHale can return to court and seek a default judgement and begin enforcment proceedings.

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OPP helps CANACE & Deseronto residents expose Race-Based Policing

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 11

Deseronto resident Cindy Welsh tries unsuccessfully to convince Shawn Brant supporters to give Gary McHale a chance to speak.

UPDATE: VoC, July 03/09: Caught on tape: McGuinty cabinet minister insults Deseronto resident

UPDATE JULY 03/09: Napanee Beaver, July 02/09: Raucus meeting defuses with talk  VoC download

UPDATE 2134 EST July 01/09: See, ‘Video of CANACE in Deseronto‘ by Jeff Parkinson for complete coverage in 7 clips. Note: the event was actually held in a Picton park because the town of Deseronto refused to rent resident Cindy Welsh a room where we could speak and the Elks reneged on their rental deal with her.

UPDATE: New story about our visit to Deseronton. See CANACE visits Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, by Jeff Parkinson.

UPDATE: Video added of Mohawks & supporters clapping when Gary McHale talks about attempted murder of police officer in Caledonia. More video clips to follow.

CANACE was invited to speak by Deseronto resident  Cindy Welsh who rented the Elks Hall in Picton for Thursday, June 25 at 6:30 because the Town of Deseronto refused – again – to allow non-natives access to their hall to discuss their rights during a land claim dispute.

Unfortunately, the OPP had earlier convinced the Elks manager to cancel the room rental which forced us to try to speak outside in a remote park with no police presence whatsoever while a large group of Shawn Brant supporters shouted us down and screamed hateful insults.

It seemed as though some – especially one woman in particular wearing a red shirt (photo, below) – were deliberately trying to provoke some kind of fight. Jeff Parkinson filmed the entire event, and clips will be posted when available.

Monsters in Deseronto-Picton?

At one point some of the group actually applauded when Gary McHale tried to talk about how a police officer was nearly murdered in Caledonia!

One resident later said, “Believe it or not, this is a GOOD day!”

CANACE meets with the nice officers of the OPP MELT

We met with 2 MELT (Major Events Liaison Team) members at Cindy’s home prior to the event. We tried to let them know that no one had anything to fear from us. Gary even explained how he was opposed by the Crown when he tried to lay charges for assaults against police officers in Caledonia. 

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CUPE 3903 protests in support of organized crime

UPDATE July 27/10: On July 14/10 the Six Nations newspaper Tekawennake published the first of two ‘clarifications’ and an op-ed series which make it clear the paper had NO evidence that Mark Vandermaas (VoC), Gary McHale, Merlyn Kinrade and Doug Fleming were associated with white supremacist groups:

  • Tekawennake News op-ed series, July 14-21/10: Healing Two Communities [PDF, 7p] (complete series)



by Jeff Parkinson

Admittedly when I first heard that Tom Keefer was bringing a bus load of people to protest against the Caledonia Peacekeepers in Cayuga last night, I wasn’t sure what to think. This is a union after all so I anticipated something different from the usual racist, bigoted, ignorant crowd that gathers in small numbers to protest against law & order in Caledonia. Fortunately I’m not afraid to admit it when I’m wrong and I was very wrong.

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CUPE and criminals work together against Haldimand victims


UPDATE July 27/10: On July 14/10 the Six Nations newspaper Tekawennake published the first of two ‘clarifications’ and an op-ed series which make it clear the paper had NO evidence that Mark Vandermaas (VoC), Gary McHale, Merlyn Kinrade and Doug Fleming were associated with white supremacist groups:

  • Tekawennake News op-ed series, July 14-21/10: Healing Two Communities [PDF, 7p] (complete series)


RELATED: June 05/10: ‘CUPE extremists supporting Muslim extremists supporting Native extremists.’

Unfortunately, I’m too busy preparing some legal documents today to get up a fully detailed post on the protest against the Caledonia Peacekeepers presentation yesterday in Cayuga where members of various locals from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) led by protest organizer Tom Keefer made fools of themselves in so many ways.

The left-wing lunatic fringe was definitely out in force yesterday and they didn’t disappoint,  making idiotic, false and defamatory statements that left my mouth hanging open more than once. Best of all, we caught it all on tape.

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History in the making as OPP promise escort for Caledonia protest


Last night OPP Sgt. Phil Carter called Merlyn Kinrade to confirm that the force will be providing an escort for the Support Randy Fleming flag march down Argyle Street tomorrow past the occupied Douglas Creek Estates.

If the OPP keep their word, we will make history together by forcing them and the Province to recognize that the rights of non-natives cannot be unreasonably suspended or denied during a land claim dispute simply because they find it easier than confronting the intimidation and threats of native protesters.

Even if we are betrayed this time, even if native gangsters mobilize to block us, it changes nothing but the date that the Rule of Law returns to our province. History is on our side. Justice is on our side. Racial policing will end, we just don’t know the date.

While the struggle against Race-Based Policing is far from over, tomorrow will be a very, very good day, a notable mile marker in the long journey ahead of us. 

Bring your flags tomorrow!

Let’s say ‘thank you’ to the OPP

As we march tomorrow with our flags, can I suggest that you look each OPP officer squarely in the eye when you pass near and say, ‘thank you.’

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More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide

UPDATE 11:55 EST June 17/09: Doug Fleming was interviewed on CHTV today and pointed out to Lawrence Diskin and Donna Skelly that between the time he spoke with Ernie Palmer and the time he announced the Caledonia Militia, Steve Powless had erected signs to announce his new ‘business.’ Obviously, his claim that he was planning to leave at Ernie’s request, but Doug squirrelled the deal was pure, unadulterated bullshit. Gee, who could have known!
In my last post I talked about the attempts to ignore the history of victimization of Caledonia by Six Nations and the disgusting attempts by some to portray residents as ‘inbred’ racists and white supremacists in order to discredit Doug Fleming’s decision to form the Caledonia Militia.
Well, residents should be careful where they walk if they want to avoid the latest steaming piles of bull doo doo being shovelled onto the streets of their fair town thanks to the Hamilton Spectator and Steve Powless:

Pile of BS #1: A tale of two Hamilton Spectator stories

Here are links to two PDF versions of Spectator stories about the Caledonia Militia:

You might be forgiven for thinking these are two different stories with two different titles with two different links, and that Version 2 was a fresh, new story published after the Spec gathered more information.

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Revisionist BS piles up in Caledonia


UPDATE 2004 EST June 18/09: Brantford Expositor corrected a story quoted in this post. See, ‘CORRECTION – $300 Million not $300 Billion needed to bring Six Nations reserve to appropriate standard. REPRINT The article has been updated to reflect the correct figure.

UPDATED 2053 EST June 17/09: Link to Spec article below changed to PDF of original story after Spec rewrites history. For details, see, ‘More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide.

The Canwest News Service published a good article by reporter Jorge Barrera about Doug Fleming’s decision to organize an unarmed Caledonia milita group to help defend property owners in Haldimand County where the OPP refuse to do so.

The Canwest story was picked up by the National Post, Montreal Gazette, and the Hamilton Spectator and the Western Standard. At least one radio station in Toronto is talking about it, and people like Doug Fleming, Merlyn Kinrade and Gary McHale have been interviewed numerous times by other media outlets across Canada.

The revisionist BS just keeps on flowin’…

samgualtieri-sm.jpgA Six Nations councillor quoted in the Canwest story – Claudine VanEvery-Albert – actually had the nerve to say that creating the Caledonia Militia was “anarchy.”  Pardon me? Where was her voice of reason while the nutjobs from her community have been terrorizing innocent residents during the past three years:

Six Nations approve blockade

Six Nations Council votes to endorse Caledonia highway blockade, April 2008. Click to enlarge.

This is the same Six Nations Council who voted to support the Caledonia by-pass highway blockade by the Haudenausaunee Men’s Council in April 2007 who were in turn trying to force the OPP not to enforce the law against Shawn Brant and his gang in Deseronto.

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Gov’t source: Caledonia the only grass-roots resistance to native extremism in Canada

As a former soldier and UN peacekeeper myself (that’s me above, 3rd from the right on parade in Ismailia, Egypt during service with UNEF II in 1978) I always feel sentimental during important military anniversaries that honour Canadians who paid a much higher price than I ever did to defend Canadian values.

Fellow CANACE co-founder Merlyn Kinrade feels as I do – he served with the Royal Canadian Navy on one of Canada’s most famous ships, HMCS Haida, and also did a tour with the United Nations Emergency Force I during the Suez crisis in 1956.

On the eve of the anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on June 06, 1944 Merlyn and I have some encouraging news Randy-Posters2for people of Caledonia who believe that no one in any position of authority cares about the illegal conduct of the Ontario government and the OPP. 

Indeed, it must be hard for those living under the threat of landclaim lawlessness every day to see how all of the protests and education efforts during the past 3 years have accomplished anything.

But, let me assure you this is not the case. People in high places are watching everything that is happening in Caledonia with increasingly hopeful eyes.

Caledonia resistance to tyranny is being quietly cheered in ‘interesting’ places 

CANACE has received word through a very reliable source that ‘certain government employees’ are very appreciative that Caledonia is providing the only organized, grass-roots resistance to native extremism in Canada.

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BREAKING NEWS: US Marines shut Akwasasne border, Six Nations threatens Caledonia

I am ashamed of my country today.United States government sources have informed CANACE that the U.S. considers the Akwasasne/Cornwall border to be ‘undefended’ now that Canada has abandoned the post due to threats by Mohawk Warriors and, under international law, has sent or is sending United States Marines to stand guard against criminal/terrorist activity.

Background info:

CANACE assists U.S. authorities

When the Canadian government refused to cooperate with U.S. authorities, CANACE founders met with them to provide evidence to aid in the conviction of Trevor Miller for assaulting a U.S. law enforcement agent in Caledonia in 2006.

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OPP lied to Kinrade at Caledonia flag raising

UPDATE 1627 EST June 02/09: see CaledoniaWakeUpCall May 24/09 protest feature page for links, photos, video and text of speeches.

UPDATED 1000 EST June 01/09: Click on photo below to see video footage of Sgt. Carter lying to  protest organizer Merlyn Kinrade as to why non-natives were not allowed to put up Canadian flags. Also includes a short clip from an illegal Hagersville occupation in which Carter threatens to sue CANACE videographer Jeff Parkinson. Carter was present while two OPP officers – later charged with Mischief thanks to Parkinson and Gary McHale – helped natives build a barricade to keep out the legal owner. See, ‘Thank you, Jeff Parkinson!’

“If I feel that way and I think that way, it makes it so.”

Sgt Carter at Cdn_Tire May24-09
Instead of telling Merlyn Kinrade the truth – that native racists threatened to breach the peace if OPP allowed Cdn flags to be raised, Sgt. Carter tells Merlyn Kinrade non-natives can’t put up flags across from DCE in Caledonia because of the arrest of a non-native man who dared to walk onto DCE holding a Canadian flag. (Video link to follow)

In ‘OPP line up to stop Canadian flag raising,’ regarding the May 24/09 protest in Caledonia, I related how Sgt. Carter blamed the lack of a deal allowing us to put up a flag on the arrest of Randy Fleming, a resident who was brutally taken down by the OPP for daring to calmly walk onto the Douglas Creek Estates (provincially-owned land) holding a Canadian flag. Carter blamed Fleming’s actions on Kinrade, and told him the deal he originally offered (that Kinrade would be allowed to put up a flag on another day) was off because of the arrest.

Not true! The REAL reason for not respecting the rights of non-natives, as it turns out, is that the OPP went, cap in hand, to the natives occupying DCE who outright refused to grant us ‘permission’ to exercise our right to put up flags.

Racists make threats against non-natives to OPP!

The DCE occupiers not only refused to ‘allow’ non-natives to raise flags, but went even further by threatening to directly interfere with our rights by breaching the peace should the OPP allow us to do so against their wishes. How do we know?

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VoC speech: Lessons from Dr. King and the Little Rock Nine


Little Rock Nine, circa 1957-1960 (click on image for citation)


Gary McHale asked Regional News publisher Chris Pickup to publish my speech from last Sunday’s flag raising event  in place of his column in this week’s paper. (Don’t miss reporter Bill Jackson’s coverage of the protest as well):  



by Mark Vandermaas
Caledonia Lions Park, May 24/09 
[Regional News, May 27/09] [PDF] [VIDEO, 9:24] [Dial-up

Why is it so important for us to insist that we be allowed to place a Canadian flag in a place where the OPP do not want it? Are we provoking violence? Are we wrong to oppose the OPP position that we take our protests elsewhere? 

In 1954 the US Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools were unconstitutional. Despite this decision, in 1957 Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus called in the state’s National Guard to stop 9 black students from attending Little Rock Central High. His excuse for ignoring the Supreme Court? He was preventing potential violence threatened by white segregationists. His real reason was to make himself politically popular by appeasing racist voters who supported segregation. 

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White people can apply Dr. King’s lessons, too

CANACE is holding a protest march in Caledonia next Sunday at 1:30 pm to once again try to raise a Canadian flag across the street from the occupied Douglas Creek Estates where 3 Canadians (including VoC) have been arrested while attempting to do so.

If you would like to know why flag-raising events are so important, please see the links at the end of the article.

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