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Liberal Bob Speller first federal candidate to offer Caledonia policy statement

Conservatives Against Racism brochure: HARPER: NOT HERE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS

Click image to download brochure

Liberal Party candidate Bob Speller (Haldimand-Norfolk) has become the first federal candidate in the 2011 election to issue a policy statement regarding the breakdown of the rule of law in Caledonia.  

Speller’s statement – which referenced Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless on several occasions – was read at our Conservatives Against Racism townhall presentation held last night at the Delhi Belgian Club by the president of the Haldimand-Norfolk Liberal Electoral District Association, Herb Ibbotson. It was much stronger than any us could have hoped for, and it referenced every aspect of the crisis: land claims; illegal tobacco; the rule of law; property rights; and helping victims (the full text of Mr. Speller’s statement is reprinted below followed by a VoC comment):

“There is nothing more important than the rule of law. We have troops in Afghanistan and our air force flying in the skies of Libya to ensure those countries have the rule of law. You can’t have democracy without the rule of law. We all know what happened in Caledonia. […]  Anyone who has read Christie Blatchford’s book as I have knows what happened. It is not acceptable.”

Empathy for Caledonia’s youngest hero

CANACE founder Merlyn Kinrade emceed the event, opening with a strong condemnation of the Harper decision to appoint Julian Fantino as a candidate.

  • Merlyn Kinrade, Conservatives Against Racism townhall meeting, Delhi Belgian Club, April 14/11: Opening remarks/introductions [PDF]

Most readers know that I and Merlyn Kinrade are ex-military and former UN peacekeepers, and so we were pleased to discover, before the event began, that Herb Ibbotson had served as an officer in the Canadian Artillery Reserve for 21 years.  Later, he explained to the crowd that seven members of his family were killed during World War I defending his ancestral country of Belgium, and asked us all if we knew why Canada’s flag was red and white. I did not know that red and white were colours bestowed on Canada by King George in recognition of Canada’s terrible sacrifice in the Great War. Clearly, he was struck by what he had heard during the presentation, and the importance of defending the rule of law.

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ELECTION TOWNHALL MEETING (Haldimand-Norfolk): Delhi Belgian Club, April 14


Thursday, April 14th at 7pm
Delhi Belgian Club
360 James Street, Delhi N4B 2B4 [MAP]

Hosted by: Conservatives Against Racism

– Keynote Speakers –

Gary McHale
President, CANACE
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Report on lawlessness and failure of government to help victims of crime

Mark Vandermaas
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project
Report on illegal peacekeeping mission on Canadian soil and failure to honour signed U.N. agreements re the Rule of Law

Doug Fleming
Owner ‘Dougs Smokes’
Report on illegal tobacco and current RCMP stats


Law & Order

Helping Victims of Crime – in particular, the residents of Caledonia

Illegal Tobacco 

Candidates have been invited to attend and to speak to issues

The format of this event will be that we will do a 75 minute presentation, then allow each candidate 6 minutes to say anything they want to the public (of course, we encourage each candidate to speak to the issues raised in our presentation). We will then have a Q&A time. Candidates are encourage to bring their material to hand out. There will be a time for people to meet with the Candidates after the Q&A – event ends at 10 p.m.

Gary McHale, 289.286.0423

‘The Mohawk Warriors for Dummies’ – a guide for Stephen Harper

Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 2006It is difficult to know which action by the Stephen Harper Conservatives is more despicable:     

1. Sitting back and watching while Julian Fantino, McGuinty and the OPP allowed the Mohawk Warriors organized crime group to terrorize Caledonia.     

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006In the discovery for the Brown/Chatwell lawsuit, Superintendent John Cain, the OPP’s major incident commander in overall charge of DCE from March, testified that this information [presence of “extreme activists” on Douglas Creek Estates occupation site] came from [Superintendent Ron] George in early April [2006]. Cain also said that, in his view, “extreme activists” meant Mohawk Warriors, whom he described as being akin to Hells Angels in that the Warriors deploy themselves in a quasi-military manner and, as he succinctly put it, they “use guns, have guns.”   

  • Helpless, Christie Blatchford, 2010, p55 

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006The officers said the OPP grew more concerned about the possibility of violence after the arrival of militant members of the Mohawk Warriors, a group described as “akin to the Hells Angels.” The Warriors were involved in organized crime and cigarette running and had a reputation for physical confrontation and access to guns, including assault rifles, court heard. “Their flag was raised higher than the Six Nations flag which is symbolic of who controls the site,” Insp. Haggith testified.     

Warrior flag, Caledonia, 2006OR…   

2. Annointing Julian Fantino as the CPC candidate in Vaughan – one of the key leaders of the OPP/Liberal ‘peacekeeping’ force that provided security, legal and PR services to the criminals who terrorized Caledonia.  The same Julian Fantino who cruelly joked recently that he was going to be a voice for victims now that he was an MP:    


Warrior flag at tire fire, Caledonia, 20063. Ordering the Canadian Forces to…I can barely write the words…apologize to the criminals who terrorized Ipperwash, Caledonia, Deseronto and Oka. Oka – where they murdered Corporal Marcel Lemay. Marcel Lemay – the dead police officer to whom Christie Blatchford’s Helpless is dedicated. Blatchford – the award winning author whose book the Conservative Party of Canada refused to wait to read before appointing Julian Fantino as their Vaughan candidate.  Helpless – the book about how Caledonia was terrorized by Mohawk Warriors.     

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Jeff Parkinson releases ‘The Ernie Palmer Story’ on video

Jeff Parkinson interviews Ernie Palmer, October 13, 2010

Jeff Parkinson interviews Ernie Palmer, October 13, 2010

CANACE co-founder Jeff Parkinson recently spent a day with Ernie Palmer, the Caledonia man upon whose land was situated an illegal smokeshack by Steve ‘Boots’ Powless – the same guy who once threatened to turn Brantford into ‘Caledonia Part Two.’ Jeff has just released an 8-part video series of that interview which is now available on his website.  

Here is an excerpt followed by a link to the article and some key references, including an article about the newly-launched $500M class action suit against the federal & provincial governments over illegal tobacco just announced today at Queen’s Park:  

Video: The Ernie Palmer Story

by Jeff Parkinson  

In my early days with CANACE in late 2006 and early 2007, I was on a very regular basis told stories that saddened and repulsed me. I sat and listened to each and every resident who was willing to share with me what they had endured and over the course of 4 years; I thought I had heard the worst of if not all of them.  

Steve 'Boots' Powless's illegal smokeshack on the property of Ernie Palmer, June 29/09.

Steve 'Boots' Powless's illegal smokeshack on the property of Ernie Palmer, June 29/09.

One exceptionally disturbing story unfolded in the summer of 2009, and managed to fly under the radar of many including myself. Many of us heard that a smoke shack had gone up at the farm of Caledonia resident Ernie Palmer, but I didn’t know too much about it at the time. We had a particularly busy year, and by the time we slowed down to catch our breath, the shack was gone.  

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Palmer on October 13 2010 and he generously allowed me to record that meeting. The only things I knew for sure when I arrived were that the facts were largely unclear to me, and that an interview with him would be interesting. The media reports that I had read in 2009 painted him as a collaborator, and the County had charged him with bylaw infractions for hosting the smoke shack.  

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Caledonia Class Action lawyer announces $500,000,000 suit vs. province & feds over illegal native smokes

Caledonia lawyer John Findlay, author of the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit which was certified for trial earlier this year has now filed, on behalf of tobacco growers, statements of claim against both the federal and provincial governments seeking $500,000,000 in damages due to their collective failure to enforce tobacco laws against illegal native cigarettes.

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Mr. Findlay issued the following news release advising that he will be holding a news conference in the Queen’s Park Media Studio today at 12:15:


Barristers & Solicitors



 November 1, 2010

BURLINGTON –  Findlay McCarthy LLP and McDonald/Ross will hold a press conference at the Queen’s Park media room at 12:15 pm to announce that, on October 29, 2010, they commenced a class proceeding in the Federal Court of Canada on behalf of tobacco producers who have suffered financial losses [as] a result of the failure on the part of the Canadian government to enforce the provisions of the Excise Act, 2001 and the Excise Tax Act which regulates the production and taxation of tobacco products.

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CUPE now supporting illegal Caledonia smokeshacks



On Sunday April 11/10 Caledonia resident Doug Fleming held another protest against the blight of illegal smokeshacks in his town which sell unregulated tobacco products – sometimes contaminated with insect and rodent feces – to anyone willing to pay, including to children. The protest was held at the ‘Plank Road 1 Stop’ smoke shop located at the intersection of Argyle Street and the Highway #6 Caledonia by-pass.

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Senior OPP officers charged w/Obstructing Justice in McHale case



UPDATE April 14/10: Gary McHale advises that, as expected, the Crown today dropped the charges against Deputy Commissioner Lewis and Superintendent Gentle after fast-tracking the hearing from April 28th to today. The Crown dropped the charge without even consulting the victim of the alleged obstruction of justice – McHale who expects to apply for a judicial review in Superior Court.

(UPDATED July 07/10) Gary McHale has confirmed that in a hearing before a Cayuga Justice of the Peace today (March 16/10), he presented sufficient evidence to convince the Justice to order that charges of Obstructing Justice be issued against OPP Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis and Superintendent Ron Gentle for their role in having him arrested after a Dec 01/07 protest where he and other non-native protesters were attacked by Six Nations people supporting an illegal smokeshack.

139(2): Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner other than a manner described in subsection (1) to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

Criminal Code of Canada, Part IV, OFFENCES AGAINST THE ADMINISTRATION OF LAW AND JUSTICE, Section 139(2): Obstructing Justice

CANACE’s Jeff Parkinson was the first to release this story:

Other media coverage:

The charges of attempting to obstruct justice against OPP Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis and Superintendent Ron Gentle were laid by a justice of the peace in a Cayuga courtroom late yesterday — an occurence observers are calling “unprecedented.” […]

OPP spokesman Dave Ross said he could not comment because the force had not received any information about or confirmation of the charges yesterday.

McHale said Ross issued a summons for the two officers to appear in Cayuga court April 28.

The evidence

The evidence presented came from emails recently obtained by McHale via Crown disclosure after a nearly two year battle for full disclosure of all relevant evidence related to the charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed laid against him in connection with the Dec 01/07 protest where he was viciously attacked.

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Smokeshack arrests follow CANACE warning to Fantino

Illegal smokeshack on Palmer property, June 16/09: STAIRS

I haven’t had time to comment on the recent arrests at the illegal smokeshack on Ernie Palmer’s property (photo, R), but I wanted to post links to the story and make sure readers knew that after the OPP were initially repulsed by Steve ‘Boots’ Powless and his thugs, CANACE founder Gary McHale sent a blunt fax to Julian Fantino, Dalton McGuinty, Rick Bartolucci  and the new Haldimand OPP commander John Periversoff warning that if police discretion endangers the public, then it is a criminal offence.

Given our recent success in the Courts with respect to defining Canadian law for private prosecutions, government officials can no longer simply abdicate their responsibilities without facing the possibility of criminal sanctions.

It is noteworthy, therefore, that the next day a number of arrests were made and some serious charges laid:

Steve ‘Boot’s Powless threatened City of Brantford

Stevie’s disregard for other human beings was perhaps best demonstrated by his outrageous threats against the City of Brantford back in July 2008:

“They’re going to have one hell of a fight now,” said Steve Powless, who spoke on behalf of the protesters. “This is going to be Caledonia Part 2. They don’t understand what they’re in for.”

Brantford Expositor, July 14/08: ‘They don’t understand what they’re in for,’ native says  [PDF]

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What’s that sharp-looking shiny thing sticking out of your back, Ernie?

Illegal smokeshack on Palmer property, June 16/09: STAIRS

UPDATE 2235 EST June 29/09: Regional News Comment by Bill Jackson, June 24/09: Getting both sides of the story. I’ve posted some excerpts related to Ernie and the smokeshack at the end of this post.


Let’s take a fun stroll through the ‘Everything That Goes Around Comes Around Department,’ or, if you prefer, the ‘One Knife in the Back Deserves Another Department” and, if you have time, what about having a look at the ‘When You Lie Down With Dogs You Get Fleas Department.” They’re all good when it comes to this story:

I recently ran a post regarding my opinion that 73 year-old farmer Ernie Palmer was an honourable, law-abiding citizen who was bullied by Steve Powless into allowing a smoke shack onto his private property and then insulting Doug Fleming for announcing the Caledonia Militia after speaking to Ernie. (now called ‘Caledonia Peacekeepers.’)

Since running that story, Ernie’s been busy trying to paint Powless as a great guy who had coffee with him all the while insulting Caledonia resident Doug Fleming at every opportunity. I was a little puzzled, but I was pretty sure this story wasn’t finished.

At first, I just couldn’t believe that he wasn’t intimidated. After his numerous backstabbing jabs at Doug Fleming, an honourable man who went to speak with him in good faith to try to offer lawfully permitted assistance if it was desired I began to have my doubts.

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MPP Toby Barrett hammers McGuinty over Caledonia Militia insults

MPP Toby Barrett has absolutely hammered McGuinty and his cabinet ministers over their much-publicized insults regarding the Caledonia Militia in what is his most powerful statement since issuing the extraordinary Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government on Feb 11/08.

As I said in emails to Toby’s Executive Assistant today:

I thought Toby’s letter to McGuinty was the best thing since the Barrett Proclamation. It was gutsy, honest, hard-hitting, passionate, and oh-so-very right on target! I am so bloody sick of politicians and bureaucrats accusing non-natives of being ‘unhelpful’ while they stay silent regarding native gangsters who have terrorized innocent people.

Read for yourself, and then send Toby a well-deserved thank you.

Toby Barrett supports Tim Hudak’s plan for renewed focus on rule of law

Toby Barrett has also issued a news release announcing that he is backing the call by Tim Hudak (candidate for PC Party Leader) for changes to the Trespass to Property Act and the creation of a separate offence for illegal occupations.

Toby was there in the beginning

Toby Barrett was a key-note speaker (photo above) at the inaugural March for Freedom  on Oct 15/06 when every other politician was hiding under their beds and predicting a nuclear holocaust if non-natives peacefully marched in Caledonia.

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More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide

UPDATE 11:55 EST June 17/09: Doug Fleming was interviewed on CHTV today and pointed out to Lawrence Diskin and Donna Skelly that between the time he spoke with Ernie Palmer and the time he announced the Caledonia Militia, Steve Powless had erected signs to announce his new ‘business.’ Obviously, his claim that he was planning to leave at Ernie’s request, but Doug squirrelled the deal was pure, unadulterated bullshit. Gee, who could have known!
In my last post I talked about the attempts to ignore the history of victimization of Caledonia by Six Nations and the disgusting attempts by some to portray residents as ‘inbred’ racists and white supremacists in order to discredit Doug Fleming’s decision to form the Caledonia Militia.
Well, residents should be careful where they walk if they want to avoid the latest steaming piles of bull doo doo being shovelled onto the streets of their fair town thanks to the Hamilton Spectator and Steve Powless:

Pile of BS #1: A tale of two Hamilton Spectator stories

Here are links to two PDF versions of Spectator stories about the Caledonia Militia:

You might be forgiven for thinking these are two different stories with two different titles with two different links, and that Version 2 was a fresh, new story published after the Spec gathered more information.

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Revisionist BS piles up in Caledonia


UPDATE 2004 EST June 18/09: Brantford Expositor corrected a story quoted in this post. See, ‘CORRECTION – $300 Million not $300 Billion needed to bring Six Nations reserve to appropriate standard. REPRINT The article has been updated to reflect the correct figure.

UPDATED 2053 EST June 17/09: Link to Spec article below changed to PDF of original story after Spec rewrites history. For details, see, ‘More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide.

The Canwest News Service published a good article by reporter Jorge Barrera about Doug Fleming’s decision to organize an unarmed Caledonia milita group to help defend property owners in Haldimand County where the OPP refuse to do so.

The Canwest story was picked up by the National Post, Montreal Gazette, and the Hamilton Spectator and the Western Standard. At least one radio station in Toronto is talking about it, and people like Doug Fleming, Merlyn Kinrade and Gary McHale have been interviewed numerous times by other media outlets across Canada.

The revisionist BS just keeps on flowin’…

samgualtieri-sm.jpgA Six Nations councillor quoted in the Canwest story – Claudine VanEvery-Albert – actually had the nerve to say that creating the Caledonia Militia was “anarchy.”  Pardon me? Where was her voice of reason while the nutjobs from her community have been terrorizing innocent residents during the past three years:

Six Nations approve blockade

Six Nations Council votes to endorse Caledonia highway blockade, April 2008. Click to enlarge.

This is the same Six Nations Council who voted to support the Caledonia by-pass highway blockade by the Haudenausaunee Men’s Council in April 2007 who were in turn trying to force the OPP not to enforce the law against Shawn Brant and his gang in Deseronto.

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Caledonia Militia seeks volunteers to defend Haldimand property owners

Doug-Merlyn post-flagraising May24-09

Caledonia flag raising protest, May 24/09: Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming (white shirt) and Peter Kamerman following their placing of a Canadian flag on a hydro pole near DCE.

UPDATED 1120 EST June 16/09: Caledonia Militia story goes across Canada thanks to Canwest newswire story, ‘Ontario residents eye ‘milita’ as aboriginal dispute drags onPDF, which was picked up by the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Hamilton Spectator and Western Standard. See links in References below.

This announcement from Caledonia resident Doug Fleming was released this evening:

Caledonia Militia

by Doug Fleming
June 14, 2009

Enough is enough! Due to the ongoing reality that the OPP refuses to enforce the Criminal Code with regards to people’s property rights I am forming the Caledonia Militia to ensure that the criminal code is upheld in Haldimand County.

Section 38 – 42 of the Criminal Code outlines the rights of all citizens to lawfully protect their property against trespassers and against those who would steal private property. Parliament has seen fit to allow citizens the right to use reasonable force to remove trespassers from private property.

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Barrett to Premier: “dangerous for government to abdicate responsibility”

Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty [PDF]

<<Premier McGuinty – illegal occupation of privately owned farmland.doc>> 

June 12, 2009

Dalton McGuinty, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1

Re: Illegal Occupation of Privately-owned Farmland


Further to my communication to you and various Cabinet Ministers on June 11th, 2009, I continue to be contacted by a number of constituents – some too intimidated to reveal their identity – with respect to the construction of the ‘smoke shack’ / ‘information centre’ on a privately-owned farm. The property is adjacent to provincial Highway # 6 just South of Caledonia (911 number is 5350 Highway #6). A white building has been moved to the site beside the driveway of a privately-owned farm not owned by the occupiers.

This occupation of private farmland is without precedent.

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BULLETIN: Natives build smoke shack on private property in Caledonia


Illegal smoke shack on private property in Caledonia. Click for hi-res image.

UPDATE 2117 EST June 29/09: What’s that sharp-looking shiny thing sticking out of your back, Ernie?

UPDATE 1552 EST June 12/09: A very reliable source spoke with OPP today who say they cannot take action against the native occupiers because they have not received a complaint from the owner of the property.

UPDATED 1245 EST June 12/09

We have received several reports from Caledonia that natives have built an illegal smoke shack on private property belonging to an elderly man who has been threatened with violence if he resists. 

OPP may be aiding the natives by trying to convince the owner to allow the shack to remain instead of enforcing the law against the trespassers.

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