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TVO’s ‘The Agenda’ tonight: ‘Christie Blatchford: Helpless in Caledonia’

Randy Fleming poster (arrested for walking down Caledonia road with a Canadian flag)

Randy Fleming poster (arrested for walking down Caledonia road with a Canadian flag)

 UPDATED — Helpless author Christie Blatchford will be appearing on TVO’s The Agenda tonight at 8:00 PM to discuss Caledonia: 

 Revisiting Caledonia with Christie Blatchford: Is there a double-standard of justice for aboriginals and non-aboriginals in Ontario?  

Western Standard on Fantino cabinet post and media’s ‘Caledonia Conspiracy’

Fantino-HarperThe (very conservative) Western Standard recently published a brilliant commentary on Prime Minister Harper’s appointment of former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino to the cabinet post of Minister for State for Seniors, and the author’s belief that Canadian media are part of a ‘Caledonia Conspiracy’ to keep Canadians in the dark about aboriginal-related issues…

Western Standard, Jan 10/11
Julian Fantino: The Minister for Caledonia

[…] Perhaps the greatest scandal of the Caledonia Crisis is not the hypocrisy of our political class (which is to be expected), or the failure of will on the part of the upper branches of the OPP, but the media’s dereliction of duty.


Perhaps Stephen Harper will succeed in winning his majority. If he does, it will be due to the ignorance of the Canadian people. Our corps of investigative journalists, always ready to chase down a crooked used car dealer, seem completely uninterested in how a top level police officer, now a minister of state, failed to do his job.

Omissions of this kind are never accidental. Instead of outraged editorials about Fantino’s Caledonia record, we are treated to semi-coherent ramblings about how the new minister is unlikely to mandate ground floor washrooms in new homes. Had the current Canadian MSM been around in the spring of 1940, they would have been filling detailed stories on how the Blitzkrieg was adversely impacting the wildlife of northwestern Europe, with a small line item about the fall of Paris.

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YouTube restores Palestinian Media Watch channel

UPDATE: Blazing Cat Fur, Dec 20/10: It ain’t over: Youtube continues to cow before Islamists – Palestinian Media Watch videos still censored

Feb 03-06 London, EnglandYouTube has now restored Palestinian Media Watch’s ‘Palwatch’ channel just one day after PMW sent out a Dec 19/10 bulletin announcing the shutdown.

In a new bulletin dated Dec 20/10 entitled ‘Thanks to everyone!’ PMW thanks its subscribers for coming to its defence:

Thanks to everyone!

PMW wants to personally thank our subscribers and supporters. 

In response to your many actions – your emails to You Tube, your blogs, tweets, op-eds, and calls to Google – as of this morning the YouTube “Palwatch” account is once again functional.

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National Post’s Barbara Kay: Caledonia “terrorized…with racist (anti-white) police complicity”

Appeal for help from foreign government by Caledonia resident, 2006. The National Post’s Barbara Kay recently included the treatment of Caledonia residents at the hands of the OPP in a column about recent abuses of power by police.

It is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time a ‘mainstream media’ journalist has pointed out that the people of Caledonia were deemed expendable to OPP brass and the McGuinty government because of the colour of their skin:

[…] Most alarmingly, we saw disgusting underreaction in the years-long nightmare of Caledonia — “the town that law forgot” — when militants from the Six Nations reserve terrorized local inhabitants with racist (anti-white) police complicity. In this case, individual policemen cannot be faulted for directives that came from the top. (Then) OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino’s head should have rolled over Caledonia, and his political credibility been forever shredded. The same goes for Ontario Premier McGuinty. […]

VoC Comment

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International Free Press Society recognizes Bill Jackson & Regional News for Caledonia coverage

Bill Jackson of Regional News takes notes during 2010 municipal election, Caledonia Lions Hall, Oct 13/10

Bill Jackson of Regional News takes notes during 2010 municipal election, Caledonia Lions Hall, Oct 13/10

The Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society (IFPS-Canada) has become the first to recognize the valuable work of reporter Bill Jackson and his employer – Caledonia’s Regional News – in covering the Caledonia crisis.

IFPS-Canada – with Bill’s permission – has reprinted his Nov 03/10 editorial ‘Comment’ in the Regional in which he explained his journalistic approach and his feelings about he and his paper being recognized by the founders of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE) with the presentation of a print of Barb Patterson-Tuck’s award-winning painting, Caught in the Middle, at the Cayuga launch party for Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless. Blatchford was also presented with a copy of the print by CANACE.

IFPS-Canada: Defending democracy’s watchdogs

Many people do not know that Bill Jackson was assaulted by native protesters after he took photos of them attacking the elderly Gunther and Kathe Golke in their car in the Canadian Tire parking lot on June 09/06. They stole his camera which was eventually returned to him after ‘negotiations’ through an OPP officer – minus the digital chip containing all the evidence of their crime.

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Gary McHale to CBC: Why conservatives cannot trust the CBC (“I guess the CBC needed a body in the morgue before the story could run.”)

Gary McHale addresses crowd of 2,000 at his inaugural March for Freedom, Caledonia Lions Park, Oct15/06

Gary McHale addresses crowd of 2,000 at his inaugural March for Freedom, Caledonia Lions Park, Oct15/06

UPDATED — Gary McHale has been working with a CBC reporter on a story about the growing dissension within conservative ranks with the candidacy, and now election, of Julian Fantino under the Conservative Party of Canada banner. 

The reporter and editor don’t want to run the story until a sitting CPC MP is willing to speak to the CBC off the record. Gary replied, “I believe you have plenty of evidence that shows there are serious problems within the Conservative Party” and the reporter agreed that Gary had provided him with “lots of material,” but that his editor thinks they are missing some information to “run a story on Fantino and the PC.”       

Gary then sent the following email to explain why the CBC’s bias – egregiously displayed in its Caledonia coverage even to this day – cannot be trusted with our key sources, including the names of Conservative MP/MPPs who may be unhappy with Fantino’s entry into the House:        

Note: all hyperlinks have been added by VoiceofCanada.       

Gary McHale to CBC: Why conservatives do not trust the CBC

 Dec 01/10 12:52 PM       

Part of the problem is conservatives do NOT trust the CBC and that includes me. All you have to do is review any story regarding Caledonia by the CBC in the past two years – I think there have been two stories. During Dave and Dana’s trial the National Post was doing two stories per day for 3 weeks, the Globe did a story a day. The CBC did zero stories and in fact, instead of speaking to Dave or Dana, CBC sent their camera crew out to interview Floyd and Ruby Montour (Native Protesters in Caledonia) – CBC believed the only newsworthy story was how Native Protesters were responding to the trial.        

With such a bias, why would I, or any conservative, trust our sources to the CBC? Why would I give you the names of MPs or MPPs that will speak when the CBC clearly has a bias?        

While virtually every national media has done stories on Christie Blatchford’s book the CBC has been silent. In fact, the CBC is now doing a 4-part documentary series on Natives in Canada – I doubt the CBC will do any documentary on the non-Natives in Caledonia. We wouldn’t want a documentary on the single biggest law and order issue in Canada in 15 years.        

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Vaughan Citizen pulls no punches vs. Fantino’s record – including Caledonia

The Vaughan Citizen – sponsor of the Nov 23/10 debate which Julian Fantino snubbed – has released a scathing editorial about his failure to face voters, and which questions Fantino’s fitness to serve as Vaughan’s Member of Parliament.

This is the relevant excerpt for Caledonia victims:

[…] Mr. Fantino’s contrary decision [not to participate in the debate] is particularly unfortunate because, while his prior career activities have made him the best-known candidate, they have also made him by far the most controversial.

They raise questions that voters should have been entitled to have a chance to put to him at Tuesday’s debate before deciding how to vote.

For instance, it appears indisputable that during the aboriginal occupation in Caledonia, Mr. Fantino as OPP commissioner ordered his officers to stand idly by without enforcing the law while the occupiers committed serious criminal acts.

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