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United Nations map, 1950: Land Ownership by Sub-Districts Arabs vs Jews, 1945 (pre-Israel). Click for full size version.Two items from…

ITEM 1: MYTH OF ‘PALESTINIAN’ LAND LOSS (Give Israel Your United Support) is calling attention to a popular and misleading image they first exposed back in 2008 – a 4-stage progression of maps purporting to show the stages in which Israel supposedly stole land from the Palestinian people.

GIYUS provides a copy of a 1945 United Nations map (above) that exposes the truth.

As one of the commenters to the article points out the Arabs repeatedly combined forces to attempt to destroy Israel after its UN creation – and failed miserably. The successful defence against Arab attempts to exterminate its Jews is the only reason Israel is in possession of the West Bank, Jerusalem, and was in possession of the Gaza strip before returning it and withdrawing all its citizens in 2005:

The subsequent attacks against Israel from Gaza demonstrated clearly that giving land to the Palestinians without any assurances of a cessation of hostilities and incitement of hatred is a dangerous, naive approach to achieving peace.

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VoC apology re ‘Gary Gerofsky: Fatah-Hamas (aka ‘Fatas’) article

Dear VoC readers:
Re: Gary Gerofsky: Fatah-Hamas (aka ‘Fatas’) is no MLK/Ghandi-esque peace movement
I apologize for taking down this post.  When Mr. Gerofsky sent me the article as a carbon copy – without an instruction to publish – I incorrectly assumed he wished it published on VoiceofCanada. I didn’t realize that he had promised another blog outlet the right to publish first. The error was mine, and I do apologize for it.
Once the article has been published I will post an excerpt w/link.
Mark Vandermaas, Editor

VoC away from computer till Nov 14

I’ll be away from my computer working on another project until Nov 14/10. If you are a journalist w/questions about Caledonia please contact Gary McHale:, 289.286.0423.

MPP Toby Barrett gets ‘Ipperwash Inquiry Defence’ in reply to Q: “Is Blatchford’s ‘Helpless’ the final word on Caledonia?”

MPP Toby Barrett speaks at Gary McHale's inaugural March for Freedom, Oct15/06Toby Barrett, Caledonia’s Member of Provincial Parliament (Haldimand-Norfolk) today asked the Liberal government if Christie Blatchford’s shocking book ‘Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, And How the Law Failed All of Us’ – which hit bookshelves today – would lead them to finally call a public inquiry into the matter. Barrett’s email is reprinted below.

The Liberals, once again, told the Legislature they were relying on the recommendations of the Ipperwash Inquiry – even though they (and the Opposition) know full well that it never studied the issue of preventing native violence against innocent residents.

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[5:28pm, Oct 14/10] We have decided to cancel the planned protest for tomorrow at the ‘GTA Rally for Julian Fantino’ event in Vaughan.

We knew that Gary McHale would be unable to speak because of his campaign to win a seat on Haldimand Council, which left Mark Vandermaas and Jeff Parkinson to travel to Toronto to speak. Unfortunately, Mark is too ill to travel from London to attend, so we must cancel the event. We apologize. The event will be rescheduled when key speakers and supporters are available.

We appreciate your understanding, and would be grateful if you would share this with your contacts who may be planning to participate

Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Co-founder, Conservatives Against Fantino
Co-founder, ‘HelplessByBlatchford’

Hamas Helen ‘retires’

Helen Thomas with President Obama (date unknown)

Helen Thomas with President Obama (date unknown)

UPDATE June 10/10: Poignant letter from advisor to Shimon Peres to Helen Thomas. Thanks to Stubble Jumping Redneck for the link.

Politico is reporting that Hamas Helen has ‘retired.’ Hat tip to Dan Cirrucci.

Rabbi Nesenoff, who filmed the shocking Helen Thomas comments discussed in my last article had earlier reported that various individuals and groups had dropped their association with her and/or were calling for her resignation, including two former senior White House staffers.

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Toronto Police learning from OPP?

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