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3 Questions for London mayoral candidates re Mark Steyn cancellation by London Convention Centre

UPDATE: As of 1500 Oct 25/10 – Election Day – neither mayoral candidate has responded to the 3 questions herein.

Anne Marie DeCicco-Best - London mayoral incumbentThe issues associated with a city-owned venue restricting the Charter rights of non-Muslims who want to bring in a speaker for a lawful speech are serious ones so, as a London resident, I felt the two leading contenders for the city’s Mayor’s chair should have a chance to make their positions known about the London Convention Centre’s refusal to rent a room for Strictly Right’s presentation of Mark Steyn (see References below). 

Joe Fontana - London mayoral candidateI sent the email below containing three questions to Joe Fontana and Anne Marie DeCicco-Best (incumbent), and then followed up with a phone call to ensure the message didn’t get lost in a spam file.

VoiceofCanada asks London’s mayoral candidates 3 questions about LCC refusal to host Mark Steyn event


From: Mark Vandermaas, Editor – VoiceofCanada.ca [info@voiceofcanada.ca]
To: info@joefontanaformayor.ca; annemarie@votedeciccobest.com
CC: Andrew@StrictlyRight.com
Subject: Q for candidates re LCC refusal to rent room for Mark Steyn event

Dear Ms. DeCicco-Best and Mr. Fontana:

I am a London resident (371 Vesta Place) and I am the editor of VoiceofCanada.ca.
As you may be aware, the London Convention Centre recently refused to rent a room to Mr. Andrew Lawton and his organization Strictly Right for a speech by internationally-known author and commentator Mark Steyn.