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‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares’ presentation notes & videos now available

March 22/11: Free Thinking Film Society & International Free Press Society bring Caledonia to OttawaSpeaker presentation notes and videos shown to the audience during our March 22/11 presentation of ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares‘ in Ottawa are now available at a new feature page at the HelplessByBlatchford project.

Blogger/videographer ‘Vlad Tepes’ videotaped the event and has posted a 15 min video based on my presentation related to the national security aspects of Caledonia.

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VoC thank you note to Iranian embassy re Iranium movie sell-out

Iranium movie[Fred] Litwin said he’s almost grateful for the Iranian embassy’s intervention because it generated buzz for Iranium the film wouldn’t have otherwise received. “I think I should give them some fine Israeli wine as a gift, Litwin quipped.

  • Sunmedia/The Sault Star, Feb 07/11: Delayed screening takes place in Ottawa
  • Thanks to the interference of the Iranian Embassy and the bureaucrats at Library and Archives Canada who caved in to Iranian pressure to cancel the film showing, which was then followed by a strong defence of Litwin’s right to show the film and a dressing down for the Iranians by Heritage Minister James Moore, the screening of the anti-Iran movie Iranium was sold out last night.  Moore himself, as promised, attended the screening to make sure his message was not lost on the Iranians.

    Demand for tickets was so high, in fact, that Fred Litwin, founder of the Free Thinking Film Society, posted a notice on the organization’s website announcing that people could line up on standby for tickets reserved for people who didn’t show up.

    Some fine Israeli wine for the Iranian embassy?

    Israeli wine, photo from KosherWine.comSunmedia reporter Jessica Murphy’s story included Litwin’s tongue-in-cheek expression of gratitude to the Iranians for helping promote Iranium: “I think I should give them some fine Israeli wine as a gift, ” a comment he made a few weeks ago to me in his response to my email suggesting that he send the Iranian embassy a thank you card for all their help.

    Let’s say thanks to the nice folks at the Iranian embassy!

    Anyone who would like to send the Iranian Embassy a bottle of Israel’s finest can source it at one of these links:

    …and deliver it here:

    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    245 Metcalfe St.
    Ottawa, ON  K2P 2K2

    OR, you can send a thank you note via email here (be polite!) to those helpful embassy folks here.

    I took the inexpensive route via this email:

    SUBJECT: Thank you for your assistance

    Dear Iranian Embassy:
    Salam. I would like to thank you very much for helping ensure that the screening of Iranium was sold out last evening.
    Those who seek to stifle free speech in my country will, as you have now seen, only serve to embarrass themselves and help more people understand the dangers posed by Islamic extremists. I am very grateful to you for helping Mr. Litwin aid the rest of us in understanding that danger.
    I will be posting shortly an article at VoiceofCanada.ca giving readers source information for Israeli wine along with the address of the Iranian embassy in case someone wishes to help acquaint you with that pleasure. You have certainly earned it.
    Thank you again!
    Yours Truly,
    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Fred Litwin, Free Thinking Films
    James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage & Official Languages
    VoC Comment

    Free Thinking Film SocietyCongratulations to Fred Litwin and all his sponsors and volunteers at the Free Thinking Film Society. Thank you Minister James Moore for making it happen and for attending to show support.  Last night was a good night for free speech, and you should all be very proud that the Iranium show was such a success.

    The similarities of the terrific, wholly unintended results of the Iranian intimidation with those arising from the intimidation of Christie Blatchford’s appearance at the University of Waterloo simply warms the heart. Not only did the Blatchford incident result in a near-sellout it spurred sales across Canada to the point that Doubleday had to order a reprint of Helpless:

    You’d think the enemies of free speech would learn from their mistakes, wouldn’t you? Well, one thing I’ve learned over the past five years – you can almost always count on people driven by hate, greed or blind ignorance to do the wrong thing. This of course, creates wonderful opportunities for the rest of us to get our own message out as evidenced by the line up for Iranium last evening. 

    P.S. Speaking about free speech, it looks like the British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting the message that ordinary British citizens aren’t going to sit still while the government enables Muslim extremists and silences opposition to their hateful ideology:



    Mark Vandermaas, Editor