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Victory for Lars Hedegaard, not so much for Danish free speech

UPDATE: IFPS-Canada, May 03/11: SHAME ON DENMARK! Lars Hedegaard found guilty of hate speech

Lars HedegaardThe President of the International Free Press Society Lars Hedegaard was acquitted of a hate speech charge in a Danish court earlier today that was brought against him for the ‘crime’ of offending Muslims (references below).

In political prosecutions (and we have some experience in this area) such as that against Lars Hedegaard the goal is not really to punish the ‘offender’ – it is to gain a conviction (at all costs) in order to justify the persecution and to intimidate the persecuted into silence along with those who might choose to emulate him/her.

While the acquittal of Lars Hedegaard is certainly very good news, it is important to note that the only reason he was acquitted is because the judge found, as stated by Hedegaard afterwards, “that my supposedly offensive comments on the violations against little Muslim girls were not intended for public dissemination” (my emphasis). In other words, he was acquitted on a technicality and not because a Danish court refused to uphold an un-democratic thought-crime law written by neo-Nazis cloaked in ‘anti-racist’ clothes.

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