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Who’s telling the truth about Mark Steyn cancellation, Part 2

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In my previous article, Who’s telling the truth about Mark Steyn cancellation at London Convention Centre?, I reported on my conversations with both Andrew Lawton of Strictly Right, organizer of the Mark Steyn event, and Lori Da Silva, general manager of the London Convention Centre who clearly led me to believe that the only reason they refused to rent the facility was because they did not want other guests disturbed.

I thought it seemed silly for a convention centre which had hosted the 2009 3-day Sexapalooza event to be worried about how other users might be disturbed by someone  giving a speech, and observed in my commentary that the argument didn’t have what lawyers and judges call ‘the ring of truth’ to it.

‘The Ring of Truth’ – its power revealed…

The National Post today is reporting that London Convention Centre’s GM Lori Da Silva expressed concerns – in part – about security for the event in addition to concerns about “rowdy” Mark Steyn fans.

“London Convention Centre general manager Lori Da Silva said denying next month’s Mark Steyn speech was a “business decision” in part due to concerns for security, and fairness for the centre’s other clients who might not enjoy a “rowdy” crowd at the same time.” Asked if the content of Mr. Steyn’s work had anything to do with the Convention Centre’s decision, general manager replied, “No, we’re looking at the security risk.”

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