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Swedish artist Lars Vilks under death threats, speaks today in Toronto

Lars Vilks- 'Muhammed in Traffic Circle'

Lars Vilks- 'Muhammed in Traffic Circle'

UPDATE: IFPS-Canada, Nov 25/10: How do events get shut down? Let us count the ways…

Lars Vilks is a Swedish artist who drew a picture of Mohammed on the body of a dog serving as the centre of the world as symbolized by circling traffic.

For this he has been assaulted by Muslims, his house set on fire, and is under a death threat with a $100,000 bounty with a $50,000 bonus if he’s killed with a knife.

  • Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct 01/10: Swedish artist, his Philadelphia speech on freedom canceled by threat, meets with media [REPRINT]
  • David Horowitz Center, Oct 02/10: Lars Vilks, Artist, Hero of the Free World [REPRINT]
  • Michael Coren Show, Oct 01/10: Lars Vilks & Lars Hedegaard

Lars Vilks in North America

Lars Vilks in North AmericaA group of organizations worked to bring Vilks to North America: the Danish Free Press Society; the David Horowitz Freedom Center; Ottawa-based Free Thinking Film Society; and the Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society, IFPS-Canada.

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