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Caledonia: Was the Conservative Party of Canada friend or foe to victims?

Excerpt from
‘Caledonia: An Illegal Peacekeeping Mission on Canadian Soil’
[PDF, 11p]; PowerPoint presentation [PPT, 22.5MB]
presented by Mark Vandermaas,
Delhi Belgian Club, April 14/11

110414 Conservatives Against Racism townhall, Delhi Belgian Club, April 14/11. Clockwise from lower left: Mark Vandermaas, Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming, Gary McHale. Photo by Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer[…] I would like to preface my final set of remarks by saying that I have voted for the Conservative Party all my adult life. In fact, the only party I have ever been a member of was the Reform Party under Preston Manning.

As someone who has volunteered four and a half years of my life to working towards ending race-based policing in Ontario and as someone who holds conservative values I am compelled to ask a question during this election:

What were Diane Finley and the Harper government doing while the Ontario government was undermining Canada’s Charter of Rights and our precious rule of law during the past 5 years?


This picture from Gary McHale’s 2006 March for Freedom shows a resident carrying a sign that was posted around Caledonia to convey the sentiments about their MP’s lack of interest. It says, “Has anyone seen Diane Finley?”

Diane Finley has brushed off Doug Fleming’s attempts to meet with her to discuss the blight of illegal smokeshacks in his community. She has so far rejected our attempts to set up a meeting to talk about Caledonia issues.

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Fred Litwin on Harper, Caledonia, and Ramadan terror arrest apologies

UPDATE: RCMP denial of Ramadan terror arrest apology vs. Muslim Canadian Congress version

The last story posted on VoC before my Christmas break provided detailed information and commentary on the Canadian government’s decision to issue an apology to the organized crime group Mohawk Warriors for their inclusion in an anti-insurgent manual:  

 Since then, it has become known that the RCMP and Ottawa Police apologized to Muslim leaders shortly after arresting three terror suspects during Ramadan last August. Once that story broke early in the new year Prime Minister Harper issued a quick assertion that Canadian law was to be enforced every day of the year, but I hadn’t had time to comment on the obvious hypocrisy of that statement given his government’s complete non-interest in seeing the law enforced in Caledonia.  

Fred Litwin - Free Thinking Film Society; GayAndRight; The Propagandist

Fred Litwin - Free Thinking Film Society; GayAndRight; The Propagandist

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