Randy Fleming arrest photos: OPP Race-Based Policing alive & well

Sachem-Dring Randy Fleming May24-09

Photo by Neil Dring, The Sachem http://www.sachem.ca

UPDATE, Oct 04/19: Supreme Court of Canada rules 9-0 that Randy Fleming was illegally arrested, that the Ontario Provincial Police must pay damages for injuring his shoulder and…that police have no right to arrest law abiding people as a means of preventing violence by others. This is complete vindication of everything we have been fighting for since 2006!

  1. Supreme Court of Canada, Oct 04/19: Judgement (9-0), Case #38087, 2019 SCC 45: Fleming v. Ontario [PDF] [VoC PDF]
  2. Supreme Court of Canada, March 29/19: Oral Arguments, Fleming v. Ontario,  [VIDEO 2:49:26]


  1. National Post, Christie Blatchford, Oct 04/19: Justice At Last For Caledonia Man Arrested For Carrying A Canadian Flag
  2. Hamilton Spectator, Oct 04/19: Supreme Court Sides With Caledonia Protester Over Unlawful Arrest By OPP


Don’t miss the photos of Randy Fleming’s May 24/09 arrest while peacefully holding a Canadian flag in this report just issued by CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale:

The sequence of photos in this report were captured from a video of Fleming’s protest, and clearly shows he did nothing more than calmly walk down the road and then a few feet onto DCE.

He had his back to native occupiers coming towards him; he then retraced his path back towards police when they arrived; and he did not resist arrest.

OPP Race-based Policing alive and well in Caledonia

As the report points out it is outrageous that non-natives holding Canadian flags are arrested in Caledonia while a native man who attacked Gary McHale and police officers on Dec 01/07 got a letter of reference from OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino – who also intervened to drop a charge of Assault Police against him arising from the same incident!

Other info re May 24/09 flag raising protest in Caledonia

VoC Comment

So far 4 Canadians have been arrested for wanting to raise a Canadian flag on public property. OPP officers ripped the Canadian flag from my hands before arresting me on Dec 16/06. Gary McHale was arrested on the same day while standing on the side of the road waiting for a senior OPP officer to arrive to explain why non-natives weren’t allowed to put up flags. The first to be arrested was Caledonia resident Bo Chausse on Dec 02/06.

As I noted in ‘OPP lied to Kinrade at Caledonia flag raising,’ the contrast between the brutal treatment of peaceful non-natives holding Canadian flags and the racist native occupiers who order the police to violate our rights couldn’t be clearer.

Protests are being planned for Caledonia to support Randy Fleming, and I hope you will answer the call to join us when the time comes.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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